Sharks + Hammers


54 Alexander Street
Vancouver BC V6A 1E7
Telephone: 604.648.2252
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Key People

Owners: Mark Brand & Alex Usow
WERD (Head of Welcome To East Van division)

About The Business

Welcome to Sharks & Hammers.

We sell a little bit of this and a little bit of that because, why not, and because we can. We sell items that we think you’ll enjoy because we know we enjoy them. Some of the clothing and goods that we sell are products that we make, or that our friends make. We evolve and grow and so does our stock.

So drop in on us, crack some jokes, share stories, listen to music, overhear weird conversations, see employees stare at computers, have some candy, cut through to get to our restaurant (Sea Monstr Sushi) and peruse the variety of wares that we have for sale.

We’ll be happy to see you.