AWESOME THING WE ATE #926 | Dreaming Of Jerk Chicken At Victoria’s Meat & Bread

October 20, 2014 


Holy good goddam, jerk chicken! It sucks that Meat & Bread only makes the Caribbean staple at their new location in Victoria, but life goes on. They start with their signature bun, smear it with a tang-mellowed cilantro-lime aioli, and then load it up with jicama napa cabbage slaw, pickled red onions, roasted Rossdown chicken thigh meat that’s been jerked both on the bone and off. Great taste peppered throughout. Take a look at the new digs below (and ask them to bring it to Cambie):

$9 | Meat & Bread (Victoria) | 721 Yates Street |


DINER | First Look Inside The Brand New Location Of Tacofino In Downtown Victoria


Tacofino has just opened their new location in Victoria. It’s been pretty awesome to see them grow from just a food truck in Tofino to operations in Vancouver, the Okanagan, and now the capital. We snuck in on opening day and met up with owners Jason Sussman and Kaeli Robinson (and their awesome handful of a daughter, Lenny). They were still waiting on their liquor license, but the kitchen was fully operational. The fish tacos were as good as ever (such a dreamy dual combo of textures and tastes) and the restorative tortilla soup was darker and more complex than the first time we drooled over it years ago in Tofino. Check it out from 11am to 11pm at 787 Fort St. and remember that there’s another location – a big one in Gastown – coming our way soon.


DINER | Downtown Victoria Welcomes New Location Of “Meat & Bread” At 721 Yates St.


The new location of Meat & Bread just opened at 721 Yates Street in Victoria. To be exact, it’s on the main floor of the old Churchill Building just east of Douglas, next door to The Patch. Knowing that designer Craig Stanghetta (see also Blacktail Florist, Pidgin, and the original Meat & Bread) and the killer brand identity folks at Glasfurd & Walker were on board for the project has had us stoked to check it out. Well, that and the menu. The new spot might add the company’s signature porchetta sandwiches to city’s lunch options, but we’re especially looking forward to trying the new Jerk Chicken sandwich that’s special to the shop, much like the meatball option is special to the Cambie St. location. This sucker comes loaded with jicama cabbage slaw, pickled red onion, and cilantro lime aioli. Ever since we saw them testing it out here in Vancouver, we’ve really want to sink our teeth into that action. The photos above and below were taken during the friends and family night, and were kindly supplied by Aren and Phoebe of Glasfurd & Walker. It looks great, but we bet it smells even better. We’re headed over shortly, so expect some food shots to follow soon. 


FIELD TRIP #608 | On Riding Your Bike To Victoria & Back Before The End Of Summer

September 11, 2014 


by Rebecca Slaven | Cycling to Victoria is perfect for a long weekend and even better if you’re able to take a day off and avoid the ferry crowds. The route from Swartz Bay to Victoria is (almost) completely flat and mostly shaded, which makes it a great ride even during the final hot days of summer.

You can either take public transit or cycle to Tsawwassen. Each method has its disadvantages. The route to Tsawwassen is not the prettiest or the most straightforward. However, public transit brings with it a risk of delay. To take public transit, hop on the Canada Line to Bridgeport, and then take bus #620. Each bus has two racks for bikes, so cross your fingers that you’ll be first in line because the #620 only leaves once every 40 minutes.


You’re best off following a Map My Ride route or checking out HUB because I’ve gotten temporarily lost every time I’ve ridden to Tsawwassen. Whichever route you follow, you’ll have to take the George Massey bike shuttle, which is free and large enough that I’ve never seen it fill up past capacity. The waiting area simply has a bench and a small sign and so it’s easy to miss. The driver is very nice about being waved down by latecomers. Nevertheless, check the schedule carefully before leaving and try to get there early because there are large gaps between shuttle times, with not a lot to do in the area.

Once at the ferry terminal, you’ll be directed up to the front and loaded on after the big trucks and before the cars. The ferries have one or two bike racks and when those are full, cyclists simply lock their tires to their frames and prop bikes against the side of the ship.

When you’ve arrived at Swartz Bay, follow the cycling signs off the ferry to the Lochside Trail, which is fairly straightforward the whole way. There’s one point early on at which it looks like you may need to go on a bridge to cross the road but continue on the flat path to the left, instead. The only bridges you should be crossing are the wooden ones close to the city.

If you have time for a break on your route, stop at Sea Cider. The tasting room has a gorgeous view and the ciders are excellent. The completely vegetarian food from Re-bar makes for a perfect end to a long ride and their cookbook is definitely worth picking up while you’re there.

When heading back to Swartz Bay, stop at Fol Epi and pick up a sandwich to take on the ferry. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place until my last visit to Victoria. I’ve missed out on so many delicious macarons! Happy late summer cycling…



Bio-PicRebecca Slaven is a librarian, writer, and cyclist. Her subject specialities include law, beauty, and croquet. Her format specialty is the how-to guide. She mostly rides her bike to work but has cycled as far as San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

GOODS | “The Modern Bartender” Hits Road To Host Pop-Up At Victoria’s “Little Jumbo”

December 5, 2013 

The Modern Bartender is located at Unit 28 East Pender Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-684-1747 |

The Modern Bartender is located at 28 East Pender St in Vancouver, BC | 604-684-1747 |

The GOODS from The Modern Bartender

After a successful pop up operation in both Edmonton and Calgary at the end of the summer, Victoria has called on “The Modern Bartender” to be on the move yet again. Shawn Soole from “Little Jumbo” has asked us to set up shop Monday December 9 starting at 4pm and we’re in!

We’ll be taking all manner of barwares and essentials such as a bevy of classic mixing vessels, japanese import bar spoons, piles of jiggers, muddlers, strainers and of course other must haves from our huge selection of books, ice trays and sphere makers, Tiki mugs, assorted syrups and more bitters than you can possibly imagine. Come visit The Modern Bartender at the Little Jumbo in Victoria at 506 Fort Street on Monday December 9 starting at 4pm. Read more

HEADS UP: “Brewery And The Beast” Meat & Beer Fest Coming To Vancouver In June

Here’s some tasty news that will get Vancouver carnivores sharpening their claws for summer: Scott and Amy Gurney, the creators of Victoria’s annual Culinaire food festival, are crossing the Strait in June to put on Vancouver’s first ever Brewery and the Beast. Citizens of Victoria enjoyed their first Brewery and the Beast last summer, and it – by all reports – a lip-smacking success. It’s being billed an “event focusing on education and promotion of local farms and ethically raised meat, while highlighting preparations by local chefs.” There are dozens of restaurants involved, among them Bestie, Wildebeest, Maenam, Cibo, Cin Cin, Lolita’s, Black & Blue, West, Meat & Bread, Peckinpah, Pourhouse, and Hawksworth. It’s sponsored by Phillips Brewing and Two Rivers Meats.

The original concept was simple: a large-scale meat-themed event held in the backyard at The Phillips Brewery, featuring well-known chefs skewering, grilling, and carving their creations for enthusiastic guests. “Overall it was a huge success and it inspired us to bring a fun, unique, and educational event to other markets,” says Scott Gurney, Event Coordinator and Creator of Brewery & The Beast. “We are excited to introduce Vancouver to the concept and showcase local and regional farms through the talent of Vancouver’s top chefs.”

Over 30 restaurants and chefs will be participating in the Vancouver event including Forage, Hawksworth, Maenam, West, and Wildebeest. The award- winning Phillips Brewing Company will be on-location to dispense a premium selection of their signature brews from a one-of-a-kind “Gypsy” wagon. Other libations will include wine on tap from the Vancouver Urban Winery, Left Field Cider, Phillips homemade sodas, and traditional Iced Tea. All will be fit to pair with the themed offerings for the day including; whole pig roasts, classic BBQ, charcuterie, culturally inspired creations, and experimental meat concoctions for the more adventurous carnivores.

It goes down on Sunday, June 16th (Father’s Day, woot!) from 1pm to 4pm at Concord Pacific Place (88 Pacific Boulevard). Tickets are $79 plus tax, and can be had here.


February 4, 2013 

Brow | Slang | Any kind of physically intimidating bully. Originated in Victoria in the mid-1980s. Rhymes with “ow”.

Usage | “That big guy was such a brow.”


HEADS UP: Gentlemen’s Reserve Market Set To Go Down At “Old Faithful” This Weekend

There’s a cool pop-up market going on at Old Faithful this weekend. Gentlemen’s Reserve will showcase clothing and accessories made by folks who are passionate about their individual crafts.  The event has been put together by Free/Man Brand - a Victoria-based online publication hell-bent on promoting clothing and accessory brands borne of a commitment to preserve quality workmanship. It seems in keeping with what we’d expect from Old Faithful, and we’re excited to see what will be on offer.

Sat, May 5, 10am – 6pm & Sun May 6, 11am – 6pm | Old Faithful Shop (320 W Cordova)  | Details

RIP James “Jamer” Lindsay, Who Had About Him All The Airs And Manners Of A Man…

by Andrew Morrison | With last night went James Lindsay, aka Jamer; one of the greatest, most naturally gifted skateboarders and artists of his generation in British Columbia.

We first met while at a summer party on Willows Beach at some point in the mid-80′s. We were both 13 or 14 years old and part of a crew of about 10 to 15 kids who were more interested in skateboarding than anything else. Jamer was the wildest among us, and the most talented by far. I can still vividly remember his skateboard being an absolute piece of chipped up, water-logged shit (he was nicknamed “Jamer” because the graphic on the bottom of it said “Jammer”), but of course it didn’t matter. He could have been riding a donkey and his style still would have eclipsed ours. He was one of a kind in that respect. Read more

The View From Your Window #113

December 12, 2011 

Reader “L.A.” | Willow’s Beach | Victoria, BC | 4:30pm | SHARE YOUR VIEW

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or while on the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions below… Read more

enRoute’s Best New Restaurants In Canada Include BC’s Hawksworth, L’Abattoir, Ulla

October 27, 2011 

enRoute magazine’s Canada’s Best New Restaurants issue is on way to press this morning. The results are the findings of Sarah Musgrave, who flies around Canada sussing out the recommendations of a select group of advisors from coast to coast (in BC, that’s chef/winemaker Heidi Noble of JoieFarm, writer and photographer Chris Mason Stearns, and Scout editor Andrew Morrison). Here’s the enRoute feature in pdf with some gorgeous art, but without further adieu…

The Score

1. Raymond’s | St. John’s

2. Hawksworth | Vancouver

3. L’Abattoir | Vancouver

4. Les 400 Coups | Montreal

5. Ici Toronto | Toronto

6. Van Horne | Montreal

7. Campagnolo | Toronto (unrelated to the Vancouver restaurant)

8. Le Comptoir | Montreal

9. Ulla | Victoria

10. Corsa 32 | Edmonton

Big congratulations are in order to all. I’m a huge fan of Jeremy Charles’ cooking, and the recognition for his Nfld restaurant, Raymond, is very much deserved. Big ups go without saying to worthy Hawksworth and L’Abattoir here in Vancouver, and to wee, well served Ulla in Victoria’s Chinatown, which supplied me with one of the best meals I’ve had so far this year. Each needs to prepare for the bumrush that is about to ensue.

The Pullquotes

On Hawksworth:

“Having spent a decade in Michelin-starred kitchens in Europe, David Hawksworth is aiming to bring one home here. Equal parts romance and risk, this gambit is an ambitious chef’s love letter to a city that has grown up alongside him. This could be Paris or London, yes, but the point is this is Vancouver right now.”

On L’Abattoir:

“For all the kitchen’s derring-do, GM Paul Grunberg sets a high standard for service: It’s girl-next-door sweet but ultra-smart, ready to make suggestions or send over the sommelier. It may be barman Shaun Layton you want, though, whose exceptional cocktail program includes the namesake Slaughterhouse, a take on the Sazerac that’s delicately misted with green Chartreuse. They kill you softly here.”

On Ulla:

“On the Island, where healthy eating doesn’t always come with a catch and talking about “ethically raised proteins” (also a mandate of Ulla’s menu) can be pleasurable as well as political, Left Coast cuisine has a new home.”

The Trends

As per usual, the enRoute issue also singles out other new restaurants that are doing it right in one way or another. Miradoro gets kudos for its view; Meat & Bread is lauded for its porchetta; Save On Meats gets a nod for the best dessert name (“Chocolate Chocolate Awful Awful”); Ensemble is celebrated for its bread; and so on.


GOODS: “Inoui” Ladies Renovating Victoria’s Parsonage Cafe For Fernwood Coffee Co.

Inoui Interior Design & Project Management | Vancouver 778.590.0705 | Victoria 250.590.7378

The GOODS from Inoui

Victoria, BC | Fernwood Coffee Company, 2010′s Canadian Barista Champions and local artisan coffee roasters, are giving the Parsonage Cafe in their namesake neighbourhood an overhaul. Inoui Design Collective has collaborated with the owners to come up with a new space that will be as welcoming as ever with a modernized look in line with the cafe’s expanding popularity and menu. Regulars and newcomers alike can expect the same friendly and bustling atmosphere, amazing coffee and espresso (as per!) as well as their great menu of breakfast, lunch and any-time-in-between goodies (including the greatest chocolate chip cookies ever!). The ladies at Inoui offer these “before” (see above) and “midst-of-construction” (see after the jump) shots and promise more pics before the grand opening. The space will still have an abundance of wood, pieces from other local designer/artists and interesting touches from Inoui’s creative re-use repertoire… Read more