WELCOME | East Cordova’s “Pony Salon” Has Joined The Growing Scout Community


We’ve invited Gastown’s excellent Pony Salon to join the Style & Retail section of our GOODS program as a recommended place to get your lid properly sorted. They are now proud members of Scout, and as such we will be posting their news in addition to hosting a page for them on our curated list of independent goodness. We would like to thank them for their support and for making BC a better looking place to be.


FIVE COOL THINGS | A Book, Boots, Local Jewelery, Garmentory, And Dating A Royal

September 27, 2013 


1. These boots. (Native Jimmy Plaid Shoes) | Before it gets really nasty out, it would be wise to grab a good, sturdy pair of boots. These holiday edition Natives are the perfect pair to add to your shoe collection. With their warm plaid lining and waterproof exterior, they are bound to keep your feet toasty and dry for the winter. Get a pair over at the new Still Life boutique on Main Street or find the original Jimmy boot on the Native Shoes website

2. This book. (Seeking Love, Finding Overalls) | You’ve seen her blog and most likely seen her picture. You might have even met her, but Leandra Medine’s newest work is definitely something any Man Repeller fan, fashion lover, and even humour-appreciating reader should read. Many of the essays in the book sub-titled Seeking Love, Finding Overalls are inspired by stories that Medine has touched on in her posts, but they offer more insight and thought provoking prose than before, giving reasons as to how and why her experiences have helped her get to where she is now. Her notorious and crude asides make for a book that is inspiring, funny, and an all around entertaining read on being a girl and finding your way through the fashion world.

3. This nailpolish. (OPI Dating a Royal) | Bring on the dark colours! Gone are neons and pastels! Yup, it’s time to whip out the big guns with hues of grey, deep reds, and of course, navy blue. This beauty was found at a local Winner’s; the perfect nailpolish to bring in Fall.

4. This jewelry line. (Army of Rokosz) | Army of Rokosz jewelry, designed and handcrafted in Vancouver, epitomizes individuality. With inspiration drawn from “environmental observations and childhood memories [these pieces] bridge an East Van perspective with a suburban adolescence”. Available at Cavalier on West Hastings.

5. This service. (Garmentory.com) | There’s no denying it – getting something gorgeous on sale beats the heck out of paying full price for it. If you share this shopping ideology you’re going to love this service. Garmentory.com lets you shop the sale racks of local boutiques and designers from the comfort of your couch, bed, or wherever else you enjoy online shopping. Vancouver boutiques such as Oliver and Lilly’sOne of a FewToday You Are Special, and Holly all have a stake in the site, as well as a few south of the border from Portland and New York. So, support some local shops, get a deal, and grab some gorgeous new fall pieces – all in one place.



Robyn Yager is the style reporter for Scout Magazine. She is enthused by anything out of the ordinary, loving art, striped shirts, macchiatos, classic literature and picking through thrift stores for unique treasures. Her mission is to inspire Vancouverites in their sartorial choices and to see beauty and style everywhere.

COOL THING WE WANT #385: Gorgeous Rains Drawstring Bag At Nouvelle Nouvelle

We love the hell out of this awesome bag. It’s Danish, and the Danes know about rain just as much as we do.

Rains Drawstring Sack | Nouvelle Nouvelle | 209 Abbott St. in Gastown | $75


HEADS UP: The Found & The Freed Set To Launch New Gastown Pop-Up This Friday

We just got word from the found/vintage/antique-curating girls at The Found and The Freed that they will be opening a pop-up this Friday night in the former Chrome Yellow digs at 207 Abbott St. in Gastown. Opening night starts at 7pm, but regular hours will be Monday to Friday 11am to 7pm and from 11am to 5pm on the weekends. The pop-up wraps on May 10th. The shots below (from a previous F&F pop-up) will give you some ballpark idea as the aesthetic in the offing…

LOOKCITY: “Take My Picture” – Short Film On Fashion Bloggers And Street Style Stars

Take My Picture is a excruciatingly interesting short film by Garage Magazine about the emerging subculture of fashion bloggers and street style hangers-on who mill around outside runway shows hoping to get noticed. Shorter version: the revolution will not be televised Pinterested.


LOOKCITY: A Half Dozen Easy Presents For Fashion Conscious “Hard To Buy For” Types

December 13, 2012 

by Robyn Yager | With less than two weeks left before Christmas, the panic is starting to nibble. Fret not, though. There is still plenty of time to find the perfect gift for that special someone, even if they are especially hard to buy for. Here are seven suggestions…

For the Man in Your Life Who Returns Everything

He returns or exchanges just about everything you buy him? Will Leather Goods makes amazing, high quality accessories that no man in his right mind would ever turn down. This wallet and tray combination in particular is a perfect way to keep him on track and organized. Loose change? Receipts? Swiss Army Knife? Lint? No problem. Just toss them all into this leather tray and organize everything in the wallet later. Easy.

Will Leather Goods Leather Wallet/Tray - $85.00 available at Lark on Main Street.

For the High-heeled Caffeine Girl with Expensive Tastes

Shoes, coffee, and a bold proclamation of combined affection? This coffee mug says “I love shoes” as much as it says “I love my coffee” but without the shoe price tag. For extra present potency, pair it with a bag of coffee from Revolver and you’re golden.

I Heart Shoes Mug - $12.00 from Front and Company on Main Street.

For the Stylish Locavore

There are people out there who want to express their love for this city without having to sport an oversized Kevin Bieksa Canucks jersey. That’s where Dream in Gastown comes in. They carry lovely accessories and apparel by Vancouver designers, such as this adorable British Columbia ring made from an antique spoon. Love it.

British Columbia ring - $36.00 from Dream Vancouver in Gastown.

For the Little Fashionista

Bloch makes ballet slippers and pointe shoes for elite ballerinas, but they also come have baby ballet slippers for that up and coming shoe lover. They come in a variety of different colours: black, pink, white, and more. My pick? The little sparkly silver ones, of course!

Bloch Ballet Slippers for the baby - $95.00 from The Cross Design in Yaletown.

For the Fashion Loving Book Nerd

Grace: The Grace Coddington Memoir is one of the biggest books to come out this year, according to fashionistas. Grace Coddington began her career in the fashion industry as a model, and through various career changes, began working with Anna Wintour at American Vogue as their creative director. This book chronicles all her experiences and would make for informative reading for anyone including, but not limited to the fashion enthusiast.

Grace: The Grace Coddington Memoir - $45.00 available at The Cross Design in Yaletown.

For the Seasonally Ill-Equipped

Hats are cool. Porkpie, Trilby, Derby, Newsboy, you name it – it’s cool, especially when obtained from a specialty hat boutique, like Goorin Brothers in Yaletown. The Goorin family has been making hats since 1895 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is currently run out of San Fransisco by the founder’s great grandson. They have incredible hats and the staff in the shop are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. A hat during the holidays is both practical and stylish, so get one.

Goorin Bros. Gift Certificate - $65 – $150.00 at Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in Yaletown.


Robyn Yager is the style reporter for Scout Magazine. She runs The Rain Season blog and is enthused by anything out of the ordinary. She loves art, striped shirts, macchiatos, classic literature and picking through thrift stores for unique treasures. Her mission is to inspire Vancouverites in their sartorial choices and to see beauty and style everywhere.

LOOKCITY: On Local Looks, New Fall Styles & Dressing Like Richard Dreyfuss In “Jaws”

by Jenny Bachynski | A small peek into Vancouver’s awesome Know Show. The next one is coming in January, 2013.

A consolation for the end of summer? Soon it will be time to wrap ourselves up in Kove’s beautiful 2012 Fall collection. I’m absolutely loving the inspiration photos. #1 and #2 make me want to ferry up to the Sunshine Coast come October…

Textstyles is a great Canadian fashion website where you kind can tons of interesting photography, interviews with designers and lots of giveaways. I especially love this article about dressing for yourself and no one else.

Some of the new Dace Fall 2012 collection is now available at her online shop. For a perfect Fall look, throw on the Lawson dressPatchett jacket, and a pair of tights.

This Vice piece is still making the rounds. While I don’t agree with everything on the list of reasons why Vancouverites can’t dress themselves properly (there are some pretty nice messenger bags out there), I’d nevertheless like to see us tone down the coloured bras with white t-shirts and hockey jerseys. Fat chance.

Get a kick out of Nerd Boyfriend, a fun site that teaches you how to dress the part of your favourite film icons in character (helpful for Halloween costume accuracy). My favourites include Richard Dreyfuss in JawsPeter Ostrum in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and John Candy in Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

Kids need autumn knits, too, right? Oeuf’s new Fall collection is the perfect mix of simple with a bit of silliness. Loving the muted colours!

Herschel’s Fall 2012 collection is available now and it doesn’t disappoint. With new styles, colours and some killer prints it makes it hard to decide what you want to be carrying this season. Inspiration here.

Check out some local looks after the jump… Read more


December 21, 2011 

Welcome to restaurant section of The GOODS. It’s our curated collection of local and independent boutiques, salons and shops that we are always poking our heads into. We are therefore proud to help promote each and every one of them here and by sharing their news and employment requires on our front page. If you think that your company would be a good fit for Scout, you can learn more about joining Scout here.

Style & Retail

Heartbreaker Salon

Heartbreaker salon is a direct extension of its owner, Deandra Vaughn – a welcoming, unpretentious, no nonsense zone where you can expect to get quality service and a unique…EXPLORE HEARTBREAKER SALON


#217-207 W. Hastings St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 | cavaliergastown.com | As owners with significant connections to the local music industry, Dane and Keith enjoy using a musical analogy…EXPLORE CAVALIER


2205 West 4th Ave. | Vancouver, BC | 604-731-7673 | gravitypope.com | Over the last 24 years gravitypope has built up an extensive footwear brand listings that ranges from popular sport, comfort…EXPLORE GRAVITYPOPE

Inform Interiors

50 & 97 Water St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-682-3868 | www.informinteriors.com | Inform Interiors owner Niels Bendtsen has been working with contemporary furniture all his life. In 1963, he opened…EXPLORE INFORM INTERIORS

Modern Bartender

28 East Pender St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-684-1747 | themodernbartender.com | The Modern Bartender is Vancouver’s first and only brick and mortar location for all things Drink!…EXPLORE THE MODERN BARTENDER

Pony Salon

73 E Cordova Street | Vancouver BC | 604-620-9260 | www.ponysalon.com | Pony Salon opened its doors in late November 2012 in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown area and is home to a team of hand-selected…EXPLORE PONY SALON

Much & Little

2541 Main Street | Vancouver, BC | 604-709-9034 | www.muchandlittle.com | Much & Little opened its doors in October 2011. It grew from a desire to create a personal shopping experience that offers…EXPLORE MUCH & LITTLE

Old Faithful

320 W Cordova St., Vancouver, BC | 778-327-9376 | oldfaithfulshop.com | Old Faithful Shop, located in the Historic Gastown district of Vancouver, BC, opened its doors in May of 2010. We feel a close kinship with…EXPLORE OLD FAITHFUL

River Market

810 Quayside Dr. | New Westminster, B.C. | 604-520-3881 | rivermarket.ca | The concept — food-led revitalization centred on local, independent businesses — has proven to be successful since…EXPLORE RIVER MARKET

Lukes General Store

126 E Pender St. | Vancouver BC | 604-875-0450 | www.lukesgeneralstore.ca | Lukes General Store was started as a pop-up shop branch of the family owned and operated…EXPLORE LUKES GENERAL STORE

Rowan Sky

334 West Cordova | 604.568.2075 | www.rowansky.com | Situated alongside some of Vancouver’s top apparel boutiques and hip café’s in the Gastown neighborhood, Rowan Sky focuses on…EXPLORE ROWAN SKY

Still Life

2315 Main St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-876-5659 | stilllifeboutique.com | With thirty years in business serving the needs of the fashion savvy of Victoria, and now Vancouver, the Still Life brand has never looked better…EXPLORE STILL LIFE

Union Wood & Supply Company

503 Railway St | 604-675-9033 | www.unionwoodco.com | Founded in 2009, Union Wood & Supply Company is a retail and on-site furniture-making/interior design shop located in Strathcona North…EXPLORE UNION WOOD & SUPPLY


Cool Thing We Want #256: Retro Vancouver Bobby Pins From Simple To Enchant

January 27, 2011 

For those days when you want to subtly work a little civic pride into your look (find ‘em on Etsy for $10).