NEVER HEARD OF IT | The Panaderia Latina Bakery’s Magnificent Lunchtime Sugar High

Never Heard Of It is a new series that explores Vancouver’s many informal hole-in-the-wall eateries.

by Ken Tsui | Sitting down for lunch at the highly aromatic Panaderia Latina Bakery means you voluntarily surround yourself with canned peppers, chili sauces, South American sodas, and display cases loaded with cakes, pastries and meringues held together with enough dulce de leche to induce a serious contact sugar­ rush. It’s no small wonder that hungry diners get the anticipatory shakes when they watch the Chilean mother and daughter duo crank out the goods in the small kitchen. But before indulging in a slice of densely rich tres leches, flakey milhoja, or the granddaddy of Chilean desserts, torta hojaldra, temper your sweet tooth with a satisfyingly messy chacarero (a monstrous Chilean beef sandwich loaded with green beans and tomato) that arrives hot off the grill, or at least with a freshly baked empanada. All of the traditional Latin savouries and sweets are made daily from scratch, and everything is brought to the table with pride by people who make you feel right at home.

Panaderia Latina Bakery | 4906 Joyce Street | Vancouver, BC | 604-439-­1414


WELCOME: Robson’s Excellent “Forage” Has Joined The Growing Scout Community


We’ve invited the locally-minded Forage restaurant to join our GOODS section as recommended place for a great meal. They are now proud members of Scout, and as such we will be posting their news in addition to hosting a page for them on our curated list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for their support, and for making Vancouver a more delicious place to be.



AWESOME THING WE ATE #877: The Full Vegetarian Spread At “The Acorn” On Main

October 26, 2012 

Outstanding dinner at The Acorn last night, even if creative chef Brian Skinner forgot the meat. Oh wait…

Chestnut & Potato Soup, Parsnip Chips,  Beluga LentilsPolenta Fries, Wasabi Pea MayoArancini stuffed with Goats Cheese, Okanagan Apples,  Baby MizunaRoasted Pear, Frisee, Blue Cheese,  Preserved Lemon, Caramel Thyme VinaigretteHouse-Made Ricotta Gnocchi, Rapini, Marinara SauceKale, Tempeh, Smoked Paprika Croutons,  Crispy Capers, Olives, Caesar Dressing, Asiago CheeseQuest For Fire Cocktail: Chamomile, Tequila, Lemon, Agave, Cucumber, Sage


DINER: Award-Winning “CRU” On West Broadway Will Close At The End Of June

by Andrew Morrison | Mark Taylor is closing his critically-acclaimed Cru Restaurant on June 30th, almost 9 years to the day after it opened at 1459 West Broadway. The sad news comes just a few months after he opened his second restaurant, the Mediterranean-themed Siena, located nearby at 1485 West 12th.

Taylor doesn’t believe that the coming end of Cru should be seen as further indication of Vancouver’s divorce from fine dining. “Look at Hawksworth, Blue Water, Cioppino’s…they’re all doing buckets,” he told me over the phone this afternoon. “Cru was actually busier after Siena opened, but the hassle to pleasure ratio is just not what it used to be. I know it sounds like politician’s cliche, but I’m really looking forward to spending more time with my family.” Though Taylor has sold the assets within, he’d like to assure Vancouverites that there’s a good chance that he’ll open Cru again somewhere else at some point down the line. In the meantime, however, he has a new baby to enjoy and a marriage/honeymoon on the horizon this Fall.

The wine bar will be fondly remembered for its award-winning small plates, its addictive duck confit, its “Cellar Door” Caesars, its understated elegance, its deep wine list, and its personal, whip-smart service. If you’ve never been to Cru before, you should while you still can.

DINER: Kingyo Izakaya Reported Opening A New Location (It’s Too Bad It Won’t Be Here)

March 31, 2012 

by Andrew Morrison | Denman’s award-winning Kingyo Izakaya is reportedly heading east to open a new spot in The Big Smoke. Via our friends at Toronto Life:

Vancouverites dining at [Toronto's] Bestellen might do a double take when they spot Koji Zenimaru in the open kitchen. Though working under chef Rob Rossi, Zenimaru is actually corporate head chef of Kingyo izakaya and its sister restaurant, Suika, in Vancouver.

Zenimaru, known for dishes such as Chinese poutine and stone-grilled beef tongue (“do not touch the stone” says the menu) is hardly passing through town. “I will bring Kingyo to Toronto this year,” he promises.

Lucky ducks. (hat tip: reader KN)

FIELD TRIP #592: On A Food Porn Safari To The City Of Angels With Some Wildebeests

We recently returned from an R&R trip down to Los Angeles. We were down there at the same time as Josh Pape, James Iranzad, and David Gunawan who were in town doing R&D for their upcoming Wildebeest restaurant on Hastings. We tagged along for several of their meals and got up to many other things besides, the delicious gists of which you can see from the 200 or so shots below…

At ChegoBone Marrow at AnimalNight Bowling in Santa MonicaManhattan BeachThe Post in Manhattan BeachFrontside air in the bowl at Venice BeachHollywood Palm treesFired chicken sammy at Son of a GunHolly scores some takeout pizza at GjelinaShrimp toast at Son of a GunManhattan BeachAt AnimalInside ChegoVenice Beach SkatingLA SucculantsEmpty Table, The Grove, LAOutside AnimalCoffee Commissary, Fairfax, West HollywoodCoffee Commissary, Fairfax, West HollywoodChego (thanks for the recommendation, Jason)Feasting at Son of a GunFish dip at Son of a GunCoffee Commissary in West HollywoodManhattan BeachLA TrafficManhattan BeachManhattan BeachManhattan BeachAt the Gjelina take out shop in VeniceManhattan BeachCruisinManhattan BeachManhattan BeachIndoor bowl at a skateshop on FairfaxOyster sandwich at Son of a GunManhattan BeachAt Ercoles (oldest bar in Manhattan Beach)Andrew at Ercoles (oldest bar in Manhattan Beach)James, Andrew and Josh at Ercoles (oldest bar in Manhattan Beach)Son of a GunChowder at Son of a GunThe Post in Manhattan BeachElvis sightingAVILA'S HEIR margarita w/ corralejo reposado, serrano, manadrin, yuzu at the Post in Manhattan Beach Avila's HeirmargaritaMagnolia BakeryMagnolia BakeryMagnolia BakerySon of a Gun MenuSmoked trout salad at Son of a GunSon Of A GunSon of A GunSon of a Gun busserVenice BeachCountry ham plate at Son of a GunLobster Roll at Son of a GunKale salad at AnimalJosh Pape | WildebeestSon of A Gun AftermathLeaving Son Of A Gun, full and traumatizedLe Labo, LALe Labo (cult fragrance house)Le LaboLe LaboLe LaboJoans on ThirdJoans on ThirdBoysArtGjelina AftermathGjelinaGjelina Housemade Chorizo, Tomato, Cream, Fennel, Chili & BasilAndrew at GjelinaVenice BeachCoffee in Santa MonicaFarmer's Daughter (our hotel)Service at Gjelina on Abbot KinneyBunny rolls at AnimalIn n Out BurgerSanta Monica PierAnchovy & Burrata Toasts  at Gjelina on Abbot KinneySomething sinful at Animal (buffalo pig tails?).ScoutmobileAnchovy & Burrata Toasts at Gjelina on Abbot KinneyGjelina on Abbot KinneyMarinated Beets, Burrata at Gjelina on Abbot KinneyIMG_3401James and David at Son of a GunGjelina on Abbot KinneyBreak time, GjelinaPig ears under fried egg at AnimalTextiles at Heather Heron on LaBreaCoffeeCalifornia FlowersShepard Fairey Misfit Giant on LaBreaLA BillboardChego menuGjelina Take Out, VeniceGjelina Take Out, VeniceManhattan BeachGjelina Take Out, VeniceAbbot Kinney, Venice waiting for pizza from Gjelina Take OutOutside Gjelina Take OutOven at Gjelina Take OutEggslut parked on FairfaxGjelina on Abbot KinneyBoys at AnimalYes!Foie gras at AnimalGjelina Take OutGjelina Take OutRabbit a AnimalVenice houseChego spicy goodnessBrains at AnimalSon of a GunInvert at the Venice Beach bowlBarbecue pork belly sandwiches at AnimalNight Bowling in Santa MonicaVeniceZoltar - Santa Monica PierVenice Tattoo SignVenice BeachVenice BeachJosh, David and James on Manhattan BeachVenice Beach multi-taskerVenice BeachVenice Beach ClownVenice BeachBalsamic pork ribs at AnimalVenice sunsetChego goodnessVenice carvingVenice BeachVenice BeachVenice BeachGjelina Take AwayVenice BeachVenice BeachVenice BeachPelicans of VeniceLate Night Bowling in Santa MonicaOh VeniceVenice BeachVenice Beach, Hank Moody's place?Venice BeachFlagSanta MonicaVenice housePalm treesAbbot KinneyIntelligentsia Coffee & TeaSanta MonicaOn Abbot KinneyOn Abbot KinneyVenice Tree HouseVenice TreesThe Band Cameras Melrose Trading Post Flea MarketWest Hollywood Flea MarketWest Hollywood Flea MarketGlasses Melrose Trading Post Flea MarketRecords Cameras Flea MarketWest HollywoodWest HollywoodTaking a break - West HollywoodLove Me, Fairfax, West HollywoodNeon,  Fairfax, West HollywoodCanters,  Fairfax, West HollywoodCanters Pastrami on RyeRunning for the wavesSanta Monica PierSanta Monica PierSanta Monica PierAwesomeGjelina Take OutVenice BeachManhattan Beach



On A Mission: From Pied-A-Terre To Tableau – Searching For The City’s Best Steak Frites

February 21, 2012 

by Claire Lassam | Setting rare to well aside, there are, in this girl’s opinion, really just two kinds of steak-eaters: those who like their meat tender at the expense of taste, and those who prefer to chew for flavour. If you’re in the first category, you probably spend a lot of money on tenderloins when you go out for dinner, and that’s lovely. Really it is, but this article is not for you. That’s because this piece is about steak frites, and when you get to a proper one you get a thick, juicy, chewy steak. Sure, it will have a bit of gristle and some fat, but it will be well marbled and – if you’re in luck – it will have been marinated long enough so that when you take your first bite, the meat gives way easily.

It should be a hanger steak, but a flank or a skirt steak will do. On the plate (or next to it) will be frites, a sauce of some type, and – hopefully – some freshly made mayo. That’s all you need for perfection.

The frites should be about the width of a pencil, and very crispy; the kind of crispy that comes from double frying so that when you get to the ones at the bottom of the plate they aren’t soggy. That’s very important.

The sauce is also vital, but the type is often left up to you. Any good steak frites will come with a few options, usually a red wine jus, a Bearnaise, a herb butter, a peppercorn sauce or one laden with mushrooms. I’m nearly always a sucker for a mushroom sauce, but sometimes if I’m feeling crazy or, as in the case for this article when I ate 5 steak frites in relatively rapid succession, I’ll mix things up a bit and get the peppercorn. And, as I intimated above, a good steak frites should come with mayo. If it isn’t on your plate when it arrives, you may not be in a very good restaurant.

To find the perfect steak frites on this mission, I only went to French bistros, and by that I mean places with large French wine lists and Boris on the beer list; the small, cozy kind of restaurant where for an appetiser you can get a solid onion tart or freshly shucked oysters (preferably both).

My search started out with a bang at Tableau in Coal Harbour, despite the fact that it broke a few rules. It was a sirloin steak, for starters, and it came with just one sauce (my beloved peppercorn). But it was a beautiful steak – very thick, and perfectly cooked; quite bloody in the middle but nice and charred on the outside. It had a bit of chew and just enough sauce to smear on each cut. The frites came on the side and were a deep golden colour with a big pot of home made aoli. And to really put things over the top, there was also a salad on the plate. That’s not essential, but a very nice perk indeed. For $18, it was also the cheapest steak I’d have on this mission. Afterwards, I suspected that I had already found the best steak frites in town, but I didn’t mind soldiering on to a few other places. Read more

SEEN IN VANCOUVER #334: $10,000 In Fat Black Winter Truffles Land At “Hawksworth”

January 13, 2012 

How do you make a chef happy in January? Bring him black winter truffles of course. Chef David Hawksworth of Hawksworth in the Rosewood Hotel Georgia took delivery of a $10,000 pile of them this morning from Perigord, France, and will be using them in the restaurant starting this evening. Anyone else fancy potato gnocchi with oxtail dusted with black winter truffle for supper?


GOODS: Moda’s “Cibo Trattoria” Celebrating Venetian Food And Culture This April 26th…

April 20, 2011 


Cibo Trattoria is located in the Moda Hotel at 900 Seymour Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-602-9570 |

The GOODS from Cibo Trattoria

Vancouver, BC | Cibo Trattoria plays tribute to Venice, Italy for a special Venezia (Venice) Dinner on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011, from 5pm into the night. This special and fun-filled evening is one of Vancouver’s “must attend” events for those who love Italian food, wine and history.  Guests will enjoy an evening of romance where violin musicians will set a lovely mood with the entire room solely lit by candles and Cibo’s inviting staff appropriately dressed in attire from the 1600’s. Details after the jump… Read more

GOODS: Schwartzbier & Bock Combine At “Red Truck” For Big Black Black

February 21, 2011 

Red Truck Beer Co. is located at 1015 Marine Dr. in North Vancouver | 604-682-4733 |

Red Truck Beer Co. is located at 1015 Marine Dr. in North Vancouver | 604-682-4733 |

The GOODS from Red Truck Beer Company:

Vancouver, BC | The fine brewing minds at Red Truck have come up with our latest limited release, based on two styles of German beers, Bock (Strong Munich Lager) and Schwartzbier (Black Lager). The colour is black…sooo black, with a tan head. Rich coffee liquor, dark caramel, burnt sugar, dried raisins and plums, dominate the flavours of this beer. It has a sweet malt finish, a subdued hop character, yet despite the colour, is surprisingly clean flavoured. This should go very with any char grilled meats, sausages, wild game, smoker BBQ, blackened food, mole sauces, sweet sauces, sweet roasted vegetables, custard flan desserts, and anything chocolate… Read more

GOODS: Dockside Restaurant & Brewing Company Joins The Scout Community

February 4, 2011 

We’ve invited Granville Island’s Dockside Restaurant & Brewing Co. to join our GOODS section as a recommended local company. They are now proud members of Scout, and as such we will be publishing their news on our front page and hosting a page for them in our list of local and independent goodness. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support of our little website!

If you think your business would be a good fit for Scout, we want to know.

Chef Neil Taylor Plating Special Three Course Taste Of Tuscany At Cibo Trattoria

January 25, 2011 


Cibo Trattoria is located in the Moda Hotel at 900 Seymour Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-602-9570 |

News from Scout supporter Cibo Trattoria

Vancouver, BC | Cibo Trattoria, the award-winning Italian eatery in downtown Vancouver’s chic Moda Hotel, is serving a taste of Tuscany. Executive Chef Neil Taylor and his talented kitchen brigade have used fine, fresh ingredients to craft a three-course menu that promises to transport guests to the idyllic Italian region.

Available until February 6 in addition to the regular a la carte menu, guests will savour three courses beginning with a choice of ribolita – soup of cannellini beans, bread, kale and extra-virgin olive oil — or chicken-liver Toscana served with house-made pickles and bruschetta. The main course features include: cacciucco, a Tuscan fish stew of rock cod, mussels, clams, octopus, tomato and chilli; tagliata di manzo, a marriage of skirt steak, cannellini beans, rosemary and green peppercorns; and pici, hand-rolled Tuscan spaghetti with pork ragu and pecorino. The grand finale is panforte – spiced fruit and nut cake — or chocolate nemesis river café.

Cibo Trattoria’s three-course Tuscan menu is $35 + tax per person, available in addition to the regular a la carte menu until February 6, 2011. Learn more about Cibo after the jump… Read more

“Refinery” Continues Cocktail Kitchen Series Through January

January 10, 2011 

The Refinery is located at 1115 Granville St, Vancouver BC | 604-687-8001 |

The Refinery is located at 1115 Granville St, Vancouver BC | 604-687-8001 |

News from Scout supporter The Refinery

Vancouver, BC | The Refinery’s Cocktail Kitchen Series welcomes four “bartender finalists” in January, 2011. As the competitors quickly approach the wood for their chance to win the first ever Cocktail Kitchen at The Refinery and a trip to California, we can’t help but look back at the highlights from the four finalists’ performances over the past 6 months.

During July’s launch month, David Bain of South Granville’s West Restaurant caught guests off guard with his cocktail “The Triple Threat”. This well thought out and super creative cocktail used several different techniques and components. Guests were impressed by the fresh-foam which sat atop a simple four ingredient cocktail, including a homemade triple-chili infused heated agave nectar, The Refinery’s chocolate sweet vermouth, citrus and raw cacao nib Hornitos Reposado Tequila. This cocktail was an instant winner with its pairing of Driftwood Whitebark and Achiote marinated flank steak. Read more

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