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February 4, 2013 


Butter On The Endive | Code/Website | A codeword that cooks in restaurants with open kitchens use to let their colleagues know that they have seen an especially attractive woman sit down for dinner. Also a catering company launched by local chef Owen Lightly, who passed away in 2014.

Usage | “Can I please get some butter on the endive for Table 56!”


Music Direction

What We Do

Music Direction provides Branded Playlists to experience-conscious businesses. We believe that music is an effective marketing tool; the strategic selection of music can help communicate and strengthen a brand’s identity. The right music at the right time can influence consumer behaviour and increase sales.



#210 – 430 Railway Street
Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V6A 1B1
Phone: 1.855.350.2292
Twitter | Facebook
Tech Support: 1.888.279.2292

About Music Direction

In an increasingly competitive market, progressive restaurants and retailers are realizing how important music is. Music Direction is the ultimate music distribution and licensing service. Through a collaborative process we design a custom music profile for each of our clients. We strategically select music to match the personality of a brand. Our full colour touch-screen interface displays album art and gives managers and staff the ability to provide valuable feedback by ‘thumbing up/down’ on a track as it plays.

Current clients include Cactus Club Cafe, Opus Hotel, Donnelly Group, Glowbal Group and Mavi Jeans.


SWAG: Win A Pair Of Tickets To Go See “Portishead” At The PNE This October 24th

October 11, 2011 

We have a double pass to go see Portishead play the PNE on October 24th. Should you want it, be sure to stick close to our little Facebook page over the next 48 hours. It’s where – in addition to posting photos, videos and news tidbits that don’t make Scout’s front page – we often give away concert tickets and other awesome freebies. It’s a bookmark that pays dividends in intel and good times, so “LIKE” it at your leisure. Ahem: we’ll also likely drop a heavy hint on Twitter an hour or so before the giveaway, so you might as well follow us while you’re at it.

City’s Best Restaurants Ready To “Dish n’ Dazzle” This June 17

EVENT GOODS | Mark your calendars! Taste Chile presents Dish n’ Dazzle – a showcase for Vancouver’s dynamic hospitality industry – on June 17th at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Benefiting the BC Hospitality Foundation (helping hospitality professionals in times of critical medical need), this exciting joint fundraiser will feature more than 20 wineries from across Chile’s diverse wine regions, food from a dozen of Vancouver’s best restaurants and a high-stakes Sour-themed cocktail competition featuring several of our best bartenders. In the main “tasting room”, guests will move from station to station in an interactive, informal setting, enjoying food, wines and premium liquors. This “dazzling” night is sure to delight and entertain, just as it did last year!

Taste the Wines of Chile and support the BCHF at this always amazing event! Get your tickets here ($99 via the BC Hospitality Foundation).


If your big night or festival is the right fit for Scout, we’ll reserve the “EVENT GOODS” spot in our front page feature carousel for you to get the word out. Email michelle [at] scoutmagazine [dot ca] for details.


The First Look At Hawksworth Inside The New Hotel Georgia

by Andrew Morrison | So I was given a tour of the most highly anticipated restaurant in recent memory the other day. Yup, the three year wait for the return of David Hawksworth’s food is finally coming to an end. The place was buzzing with saws, banging with hammers and generally giving the clear impression of its happy imminence. Hawksworth in the as yet unfinished restoration of the Rosewood Hotel Georgia should open shortly. It’s a week out at the earliest. Read more

GOODS: Railtown’s Two Chefs & A Table To Plates Cinco De Mayo Feast Over 3 Nights


Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

The GOODS from Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | Two Chefs and a Table are pleased to announce the return of our Cinco de Mayo feast for a second great year. Thanks to last year’s quick sell out, we’re going to be offering the menu for three nights starting on Cinco de Mayo itself and finishing on Saturday May 7th.

This year’s menu again features five courses of regional Mexican dishes made with local ingredients and combined with complimentary drinks true to the spirit of Cinco de Mayo. From Molotes which are a traditional holiday food in Oaxaca to Chiles en Nogada a Pueblan favourite to Pozolé, the traditional soup which is found throughout Central Mexico and whose recipe dates to pre-Columbian times. Like everything made at Two Chefs and a Table, the ingredients being used in our Cinco de Mayo feast are locally-sourced from our favourite farms like Polderside, Pemberton Meadows and Sloping Hills whenever possible to ensure utmost freshness and quality.

The range of drinks to accompany the course ranges from our favourite Mexican beers to tequila-based cocktails and even a delicious Petite Syrah from L.A. Cetto, one of Mexico’s leading wineries, to accompany the main course. Details and menu after the leap… Read more

DINER: A Sneak Peek Inside “Pink Elephant”, New Thai Joint Destined For Alberni Strip…

I took a gander inside the upcoming Pink Elephant restaurant at 1152 Alberni yesterday. Even if you’re not entirely sure about the hot pink and light grey colour palette, it’s nevertheless impressive what they’ve done with their allotted 2,800 square feet, especially considering the address used to be the entrance to an underground parkade (for serious).

So what do we know about it? It’s an 88 seater and the newest province in the Chen Empire, aka Thai House Restaurant Group (see also Urban Thai, Charm, Samba, etc). Split on two levels with the kitchen and an approximation of a chef’s table filling the mezzanine, it’s a voluminous box sound-softened with faux concrete linoleum floors. A communal table runs down the center of the main floor and is flanked by an 8 seat bar backed with flat screen and a series of deuce booths complete with stainless steel foot rests. The straight-lined look comes courtesy of restaurant first-timers Horizon, and as you can see their aesthetes have really tucked the garish brand’s shirt in (this place is freakin’ pink).

As for the food, the plan is tapas-style Thai street chow priced in the $5 to $15 range with nothing over $20 (menu 1, 2). The chef is Parichat Poomkajorn stable poached from cousin Thai House on Robson. Expect opening day before the end of the May.


GOODS: Jenny Shearman Appointed Head Chef At Strathcona’s “Au Petit Chavignol”

Au Petit Chavignol | 845 East Hastings St. (between Hawkes & Campbell) | 604-255-4218 |

The GOODS from Au Petit Chavignol

Vancouver, BC | We’re excited to announce the promotion of Jenny Shearman to the position of Head Chef at Au Petit Chavignol. Jenny comes to us via Bruno Marti and his restaurant La Belle Auberge in Ladner. With the season change upon us, come taste some of our new menu items, including dishes utilizing our first shipment of the season from the SoleFood Farm on East Hastings St in Strathcona. Learn more about the restaurant and wine bar after the jump… Read more

Seen In Vancouver #284: A Sneak Peek At The Upcoming “Ki” Restaurant’s Interior…

It may look like a hive of construction mayhem on the outside, but the interior of Ki Restaurant appears to be very nearly finished (shot taken this morning). This is the bar/lounge area at the building’s glass prow that juts toward Market in the Shangri-La.

On All The Awesome Things We Saw, Ate Or Did In February 2011

Smoke Break #817: Because A Confidently Unemployed Family Is Where The Heart Is

An 8 month old gets a kick of out of Daddy destroying the latest evidence of the times in which they both find themselves.

“McArthur says he’s finishing up his doctorate at SLU and applying for professor jobs. When he received yet another rejection letter he ripped it in half and baby Micah started laughing uncontrollably, so he started ripping credit card statements and the sweet sounds of laughter continued.”

Via LikeCool

Gastown’s Award-Winning “Boneta” Set To Re-Open With Chef Jason Leizert At Stoves

Mark Brand (left) and his partners at Boneta have hired on former Corner Suite chef Jason Leizert (right)

I’ve been jonesing for a drink at Boneta since Valentine’s Day, but you may have noticed that it’s been closed. You may have also noticed that back at the end of July we broke the news that the Gastown icon would close at the end of February and re-open in a space nearby. I’ve been asked if that is what’s going on, and the answer is yes and no. The restaurant is moving, but not for a couple of months at the very least. In fact, Boneta will reopen on Thursday evening in its original address, complete with new chef.Jason Leizert, who has been picked up off waivers after the closure of The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe early last month left him out of work. As for chef and co-owner Jeremie Bastien, he is taking a lengthy sabbatical traveling around Asia and Australia. For how long? Maybe over a year. He remains a partner, and it is his privilege to return at his leisure. Many of his original dishes will stay on the new menu, which is to be introduced as a work in progress on Thursday. The concept remains an idiosyncratic hybrid of French bistro and West Coast modern, and the drinks…well…they’re the drinks.


GOODS: “Adesso Bistro” Serving Romance In The West End Over Valentine’s Weekend

Adesso Bistro is located at 1906 Haro Street, Vancouver, BC. | 604.568.9975 |

Adesso Bistro is located at 1906 Haro Street, Vancouver, BC. | 604.568.9975 |

The GOODS from Adesso Bistro

Vancouver, BC | A romantic oasis nestled in Vancouver’s West End with a cozy garden-level dining room, Adesso Bistro is the natural lovey-dovey destination for Valentines. Its Italian-inspired dishes speak the language of love every day. But this Friday, February 11 to February 13 (along with the regular menu) and exclusively on Monday, February 14, a new three-course menu pulls out all the stops to let love flow. Full details after the jump… Read more

Um, The Reason Why Sales Are Down Is Because BC Restaurant Patrons Are Bored?

A little bit of morning WTF from the Vancouver Sun

“It would appear the restaurant consumer in B.C. is much more sophisticated than restaurant consumers across Canada,” Carter said citing a theory that B.C. consumer expectations are so high that consumers are now bored. Although B.C. is the culinary apex of the country, most full service dining restaurants (think Cactus Club and Earl’s) are now serving very similar menus — menus which are successfully expanding across the country, but no longer appealing to B.C. consumers who seek ever greater innovation and variety.

I get the sophisticated part, but bored? It’s a nice idea – that the BC public has grown weary of the culinary ubiquity found in the Fuller family’s yawn-worthy boob palaces chain restaurants – but it seems entirely far-fetched. Perhaps I read it incorrectly…

B.C. diners are eating out less and spending less, but not because of the economy, the HST or even strict liquor laws — the problem is they are bored.

Cough-cough, sputter-sputter…

…while the introduction of the HST and strict liquor laws do have an impact on the marketplace, B.C.’s unemployment rate is lower than the national rate, and consumer confidence is higher than the rest of the country, Carter said. So while economic impacts play a role, they are not a key driver to full service restaurant traffic declines. [my italics]

Is that so? Well then allow me to posit that an elephant can hang off a cliff with its tail wrapped around a daisy and that newspaper circulation will recover when they stop printing dumb stuff.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the “international consumer and retail market research firm” that is making the point – the NPD Group – is just plain wrong on this one. Economic factors are the key cause of these receipt declines. The HST and strict liquor laws have done more damage to the industry’s bottom line than the public’s inability to stay enthralled by chicken wings served by high-heeled robots. To me, it sounds as if the NPD Group either landed some major outlier results in their research or that they’re actually from planet Dorkfrap and this is just a ploy to confuse us prior to invasion. Either way, I’d take it with a grain of salt and a bourbon chaser.

PS. Typical of any Sun/Province story, the real gold is in the reader comments, where you’d think a wasp’s nest has been power-washed with vinegar and repeatedly poked with sharp sticks.

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