Seen In Vancouver #355: Virginie & Bastien’s Fresh Eyes On Vancouver’s Neighbourhoods

Virginie Lamarche and Bastien Desfriches Doria are two photographers from France hosting awesome film photography workshops in Vancouver. Over the next several months, they will be exploring/shooting our neighbourhoods with the fresh eyes of keen imports. Bastien uses black and white films in various formats while Virginie focuses on colour negative films. For their first Seen In Vancouver session with Scout, they began on the backstreets of their own neighbourhood, Commercial Drive…


If you’re into learning more about film photography, they pair offer everything from a basic 4-hour crash course to darkroom skills and intermediate courses in documentary photography. The workshops are held at the Cineworks space in Railtown, so dust off the old manual and get going!


SEEN IN VANCOUVER #343: Old Dude Feeds And Runs Down Pigeons On Granville Street

February 15, 2012 


SEEN IN VANCOUVER #332: Our Favourite 365 Scout Images From The Past 365 Days

January 1, 2012 

If we have our post-dated shit together, this should be the first Scout post of 2012 (scheduled to be published at 12:00am on January 1st). Even if we don’t and it isn’t, we’d still like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our readers, who checked us out over 2 million times (making 2011 our busiest year yet), and to all our 100+ advertisers and GOODS members. We’d also like to thank our many contributors – Nic, Will, Amorita, Claire, Dan, Kim, Sean, Joe, David, Owen, Morna, Emily, Ian, Ellen, Scott – you folks are awesome! Thanks also to our social media manager Kimberley Ong for her @scoutmagazine tweeting; to Phoebe and Aren at Glasfurd & Walker for making us look so damn good; and to Karen Hamilton of Tiny Bites for tricking out our tech. We’re stoked about what we have in store for Vancouver in the coming year, but today we’re looking back on the one that was. Here are our favourite 365 photos from the last 365 days, including the phone shot of Save On Meats above, which was taken mid-lunch earlier today… Read more

Submissions For Second “This Is East Van” Photo Book Start Today And End Sept. 15th

August 15, 2011 

Remember that cool little This is East Van book and community photo project launched this past May by East Vancouverites Erin Sinclair and Jason Uglanica (interview)?

It was a big success; so big and so inspiring that plans for This is East Van 2 are now under way. So, if you’ve been kicking around the east side with your camera snapping shots of this diverse, photogenic and culturally rich neighbourhood of ours, you might consider submitting your images for book 2.

Submissions start today and will be accepted until the 15th of September. Get all of the details here.

Seen In Vancouver #304: Summer Shines On The Park During City’s 125th Birthday Party

Here’s to you, Vancouver! We know your birthday was actually on April 6th, but it was probably raining and we forgot anyway. Cheers! (Scout Flickr Pool shot by Rommy Ghaly)


Seen In Vancouver #303: “Dance, It’s Good For You” By Rommy Ghaly

From the Scout Flickr Pool; shot by contributor Rommy Ghaly.

The View From Your Window #77

Reader “D.B.” | Sunrise, Shangri La Hotel, | Jakarta, Indonesia | 5:53am | SHARE YOUR VIEW

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions after the jump… Read more

The View From Your Window #76

Reader “M.S.” | Woodwards, Gastown | Vancouver, BC | 6:12pm | SHARE YOUR VIEW

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions after the jump… Read more

The View From Your Window #75

Reader “K.C.” | Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park | Vancouver, BC | 10:49am | SHARE YOUR VIEW

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions after the jump… Read more

The View From Your Window #74

April 27, 2011 

Reader “A.M.” | Copacabana Palace Hotel | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | 8:12am | SHARE YOUR VIEW

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions after the jump… Read more

The View From Your Window #73

April 26, 2011 

Reader “L.T.” | Main St. | Vancouver, BC | 8:21pm | SHARE YOUR VIEW

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions after the jump… Read more

5 Minutes With The Creators Of “THIS IS EAST VAN” Photo Book…

April 26, 2011 

Last week we made mention of the arrival of This Is East Van, a new book of photographs from our neighbours in the community. It recently premiered at the MAKE IT! show and is available for sale from our pals over at or at brick and mortar worthies like Sharks + Hammers, Mintage, The Wilder Snail, Les Amis du Fromage and The People’s Co-Op Book Store. The official launch party goes down at the Waldorf Hotel on May 5th, and we hope to see many of you there (get details on their Facebook page). We recently caught up with the pair that put it together – Erin Sinclair and Jason Uglanica – and asked them a few questions…

Where are you from?

Erin: I grew up in Kelowna, and have been in Vancouver for 10 years.

Jason: I’m from Courtenay on Vancouver Island. I’ve been in Vancouver for around 12 years now.

How did you come up with the idea for the ‘This is East Van’ project?

Jason: This was supposed to be just a small project. Individually we approached the idea from very different perspectives. We are both pretty similar in the way we think, its just that Erin has the ability to see a project through from start to finish. I wanted to do a personal photography project. Erin liked the idea and wanted to combine it with her love of community art. After a few meetings (some good, some frustrating, but all including wine) the ideas for what has become This Is East Van were hatched.

Why East Vancouver?

Erin: Most importantly because it is home and it is what I know. I wanted to facilitate a community art project using photography as the creative outlet. What better neighborhood to showcase than East Vancouver? The layers and diversity of East Van are really unlike anywhere else in this city. It is a truly vibrant part of town where art, design, food, culture, ideas and community are moving at a pace that is both exhilarating and inspiring – I wanted to capture this from multiple perspectives. Both Jason and I are really proud to be a part of such a progressive group of people and wanted to share and celebrate this very prominent neighbourhood right now.

Jason: It was kind of an accident for me. While looking for a place to live, I never expected to end up on the East Side. I thought to myself, what was I doing? This was supposed to be the bad part of town. What I found was completely the opposite. Its not to say that this part of town doesn’t have it’s share of issues, but at the same time there is so much art, beauty, character, community spirit, and acceptance laced throughout our neighbourhood. Moving to East Van put me more in touch with the people around me – changing my preconceived notions. East Van is alive. You can feel it when you’re here. Its very tangible!

Describe for us one of your personal favourite East Van photo’s and tell us why it has impact for you?

Both: Oh don’t make us choose just one! We are both incredibly taken by our cover image. The photo captures a bird in mid-flight over East Hastings. We could go on for days about the beautiful juxtaposition of objects, the eeriness of the perspective, the light, conceptually how strong it is – but we won’t. At the end of the day it is just a really great image. From first glance, it captured our attention whole-hearted. For us, this is a strong photograph – something that stops you in your tracks. Show us art that does that and we will show you huge grins.

Favorite East Side place for good, cheap food?

Erin: The Vietnamese restaurant on Fraser and 23rd. I crave it in the middle of the night. For real. Roundel is pretty great as well. Breakfast to die for and amazing service. Anywhere that serves cornmeal, blueberry pancakes is alright by me.

Jason: There are three places. S Squared Cafe, which I live above. $3.50 all day breakfast and Chinese all in one! Dona Cata at 33rd and Victoria. Erin first introduced me to this special little place. We all have our Mexican preference in the city, but l like it here. But my absolute favourite is New Town Bakery on Pender east of Main. If you have a hankering for steamed buns you need to go here.

Favorite East Side bar?

Erin: The Waldorf is the obvious answer. A new cultural center for East Van! Pretty amazing. We are having our book launch/dance party their on May 5th. Stay tuned to our website and FB page for ticket and event details. The Narrow on Main is another one of my favorites. It’s across the alley from my house and oh so dark, mysterious, and convenient!

Jason: I’m constantly finding myself at Alibi Room and Six Acres. Wonderful beer lists! But then again I also like the Country Bar on Hastings, as well as the Legion on Main and 23rd (three dollar pints of who know’s what!).

Favorite East Side building or landmark?

Erin: The Dinosaurs. For as long as I can remember the big orange port cranes that stand tall in the Burrard Inlet have mesmerized me. They look like robot dinosaurs no? And what is more captivating than a robotic dinosaur set against one of the most beautiful views of ocean and mountains?

Jason: The BC Rogers Sugar Refinery. Its been there since about 1890. What you think is just some old crusty, condemned industrial building is actually a fully functioning plant. It looks as though it shouldn’t be standing, but has survived and changed very little while doing so. I see it every day, sitting, framed by the north shore mountains.

Favourite East Side park?

Jason: I like lying in McLean Park. Its good for a glass of wine. Late night jungle gym. And watching hipster soccer. Also it’s a meeting grounds for the community within Strathcona. I suggest taking a walk down on a sunny afternoon and having a hang out. Always something interesting happening. Or something random.

Erin: Ya, McLean is pretty great. Thanks for stealing my answer, Jay.

Best East Side secret.

Jason: This has been here forever! Hastings Sauna and Steam. If you haven’t been you’re missing out. If you like to sauna and need something to do on a cold evening, its the place to be. Get the guys and girls together, book a room and get naked. But just so you know, it’s intense. This isn’t the recreation center’s sauna. I promise you will change your mind once you give it a try.

Erin: Ditto on The Hastings Sauna. For something that still involves nakedness but that you can tell your mom about, I love partaking in the life drawing classes at Basic Inquiry. My favourite thing to do on a day that I am not working is to wake up early, grab a coffee and stumble into a morning life drawing class. Best way to start the day, ever.

Both of you work in the film industry, so why a book and not a documentary film?

Erin: We have been asked this question more than once. The film-making process is a beautiful thing and one that both Jason and I are honoured to be a part of on a daily basis. That said, fictional and documentary film-making are not always as accessible, or even tangible, as photography. Our want has always been to have THIS IS EAST VAN be a broad cross-section of the people and places in our community, and we felt that film would cancel out a large section of those that may otherwise decide to try their hand at taking a picture or two. Photography is like the more approachable, more accessible, better established big brother of film. Plus, we make movies every day. On a personal level, I think we wanted to explore something new.

Jason: The idea of having a printed work in your hands is something that is very inspiring to me. While brainstorming for this project, I never pictured it being a film. For me, it has always been through still images that I wanted East Van to be documented. It’s a very special place that deserves to be enjoyed slowly. Deciding to do this as a book seemed like the ideal way to incorporate imagery and story telling as well as allow us to function as a community-based project allowing everyone to become involved in a process that we hope inspires others. It has been exciting taking on a project and seeing where it has gone…especially when it is something we have never attempted before.


The View From Your Window #71

Reader “S.C.” | Hamilton St. | Vancouver, BC | 6:12pm | SHARE YOUR VIEW

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions…

Reader T.R. | Above Coal Harbour | 6pm | Vancouver, BCScout Central (our own view)Main St. Vancouver, BC 811pmHastings Sunrise Vancouver, BC 745pmWest End Vancouver 1030amMt. Pleasant Vancouver 1000amWest End Vancouver 1030amWoodward’s Building, Gastown Vancouver 915amReader W.E. Venables Vancouver 447pmReader F.R. West Vancouver, BC 5pmReader M.S. Mosquito Creek, North Vancouver 5pmReader S.L. Yukon and 27th Vancouver 7pmFrom reader O.L. Paradise Valley Squamish 1024amReader J.M. Sentinel Hill West Vancouver 830pmReader K.M. Hastings East Vancouver 620amReader G.V. Commercial Drive Vancouver 1020amReader G.P. West End Vancouver 200pmReader J.D. Victoria Drive Vancouver 850pmReader A.H. Commercial Drive Vancouver 100pmReader A.F. False Creek Vancouver 805pmReader T.L. Mt. Pleasant Vancouver 545pmReader O.L. Catania Sicily 202pmReader A.M. Long Beach Lodge Tofino 850pmReader M.R. Saanich, BC 1200pmReader J.E. Main and Kingsway Vancouver, BC 500amReader A.H. East Vancouver, BC 932amReader M.S. North Vancouver, BC 300amReader J.M. Mount Pleasant Vancouver, BC 800pmReader M.B. Maple Tree Square Vancouver, BC 107pmReader A.C. South Granville Vancouver, BC 1134pmReader B.B. Strathcona Vancouver, BC 1150amReader W.U. Mt. Pleasant Vancouver, BC 915pmReader T.D.M Naramata, BC 500pmReader J.B Seattle, Washington, USA 915pmReader B.M Richmond, BC AfternoonReader M.P. 15th and Fraser Vancouver, BC 1015pmReader K.K. Naramata Bench The Okanagan Valley, BC 745pmReader M.B. Gastown Vancouver, BC 1230pmReader J.C. East Hastings Vancouver, BC 1230pmReader B.R. Mackenzie Beach Tofino, BC 900amReader G.H. Main at 16th Vancouver, BC 930amReader S.L. somewhere near Calgary, Alberta 930amReader P.H.  Dundarave  West Vancouver, BC  630pmReader S.F.  Whytecliff  West Vancouver, BC  1000amReader E.E.  Oak Bay  Victoria, BC  530pm (2)Reader J.M.  Chinatown  Vancouver, BC  1145amReader A.G.  Gastown  Vancouver, BC  750pmtyjReader "M.S." Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, BC  4:25pmReader G.L. Gastown Vancouver, BC 5:32pmReader LA Tofino BC 1pmReader DD Gabriola Island BC 758amReader MB Outside The Bayside Bistro Parksville BC 430pmReader VL Kitsilano Vancouver BC 345pmReader JG Oakura Taranaki New Zealand 345pmReader SS mid-air over the West Side Vancouver BC 1118amReader CS North Vancouver BC 535pmTC Lok Wah Hong Kong 1034pmReader KF North Burnaby 730amReader LM Ribeirao Claro Brazil 434 pmReader ABR Mount Pleasant Vancouver BC 448pmReader AP South Granville Vancouver BC 100 pmReader MF Marais Rue de Temple Paris France 300 pmReader RG Gastown Fire Escape Vancouver BC 916pmAM St Croix US Virgin Islands 1200pmReader SD Paia Maui Hawaii USA 615pmReader MN Amman Jordan 643pmReader AR Mt Seymour from Deep Cove North Vancouver BC 430pmReader LN Quebec St Vancouver BC 430pmReader HS West Hollywood California USA 430pmReader SC Hamilton St Vancouver BC 612pmReader A Mission BC Dinner TimeReader LT Main St Vancouver BCReader AM Copacabana Palace Hotel Rio de Janeiro Brazil 812amReader KC Lost Lagoon Stanley Park Vancouver BC 1049amReader MS | Woodwards Gastown Vancouver BC 612pmReader DB Shangri La Hotel Jakarta Indonesia 553amReader LV Downtown Cambie St Vancouver BC 2:20pmReader S.Y. Clark at 3rd Vancouver, BC 6:30pmReader J.C. Siena, Italy 6:30pmReader C.W. The Village at False Creek Vancouver, BC 4:25pmReader C.J. | Water & Cambie | Vancouver, BC | 2:00pmReader D.B. The Westin, Paris, France 12:00pmReader T.G. | I am crying. My city is on fire. | Vancouver, BC | 9:30pmReader S.D | Victory Square | Vancouver, BC | 5:30pmReader J.I. | Overlooking the lake | Osoyoos, BC | 7:45pmReader J.R. | East Van Apartment | Vancouver, BC | 7:45pmReader C.W. | English Bay | Vancouver, BC | 6:00pmReader C.L. | Keefer Place | Vancouver, BC | 12:55pmReader S.K. | Looking West towards Lighthouse Park | West Vancouver, BC | 2:37pmReader J.I. | Sooke, BC | 7:30pmReader N.F. | Gassy jack Square, Gastown | Vancouver, BC 12:11pmReader A.L. | Taipei, Taiwan | 6:00amReader P.K. | Railway Tracks, Gastown | Vancouver, BC | 10:47amReader M.N. | Returning from Protection Island | 2:00pmA.M. | Summerland, BC | 9:12pmReader P.D. | Little Elbow Campground, Kananaskis Country | Alberta | 9:02amReader S.H. | Gagliano Aterno, Abruzzo | Italy | 1:00amReader K.M. | Kensington Market | Toronto, Ontario | 1:00pmReader J.I. | Nita Lake | Whistler, BC | 5:45pmReader I.F. | Petrovac, Montenegro | 10:35amReader J.M. | Sakinaw Lake | Sunshine Coast, BC | 10:54amReader M.K. | Crosstown | Vancouver, BC | 3:20pmReader S.C. | Strathcona | Vancouver, BC | 4:15pm | SHARE YOUR VIEWReader G.G. | Yaletown | Vancouver, BC | 11:33amReader S.S. | On a train near Interlaken | Switzerland | 10:21amReader J.G. | Cambie & 17th | Vancouver, BC | 3:10amReader K.P. | Strathcona | Vancouver, BC | 8:30amReader T.V. | Parker St. Studios | East Vancouver, BC | 5:00pmReader L.A. | Hawks & Pender, Strathcona | East Vancouver, BC | 7:16amReader L.A. | Willow's Beach | Victoria, BC | 4:30pmReader I.H. | Regal Kowloon Hotel | Hong Kong | 8:45pmReader B.M. | Blood Alley, Gastown |Vancouver, BC | 10:45amReader C.T. | Fraser River | Vancouver, BC | 8:08amReader V.C. | BC Place Sunrise | Vancouver, BC | 8:25amReader S.W. | Lonsdale Quay | North Vancouver, BC | 1:30pmReader R.W. | Buenos Aires, Capital Federal | Argentina | 6:10amReader D.G. | Gastown, Vancouver | 4:35pmReader H.P. | Main & 5th | Vancouver, BC | 10:00amReader E.S. | Art Department, Mammoth Studios | Vancouver, BCReader A.V. | Harbour Center | Vancouver, BC | 3:48pmReader M.K. | Victoria Drive | Vancouver, BC | 4:10pmR.K. | Eagles eyeing crow's nest | 5th Avenue, Kitsilano | Vancouver, BC | 11:00amFrom Z.H. | West End | Vancouver, BC | 4pmFrom D.P. | West Broadway/Fairview | Vancouver, BC | 4pmFrom K.L. | Hastings & Boundary | Vancouver, BCFrom R.M. | Wailea, Hawaii | USA |E.D. | Graveley & Woodland | Vancouver, BC | 3:06pmS.Y. | Victory Square | Vancouver, BC | 3:39pmFrom D.D. | Carrall & Cordova in Gastown | Vancouver, BC | 11:14pmFrom S.S. | Dunsmuir | Vancouver, BC | 6:30amFrom R.J.R | East Hastings (Hastings-Sunrise) | Vancouver, BC | 6:15pmFrom S.L. | Sheraton Wall Center (31st Floor) | Vancouver, BC | 9:36mFrom K.Y. | Waterfront (Harbour Centre) | Vancouver, BC | 6:15amR.B. | Davie Village | Vancouver, BC | 7:30pmFrom C.W. | Deltascoot Scooter Rally musters | Delta, BC | 12:58pmT.L. | Washroom stall at the top of the Standard Hotel | New York, NY | 2:30pmReader V.R. | helijet traveling from Vancouver to VictoriaReader C.C. | Pendrell Sound, BC | 7:30pmReader M.L. | Somewhere over Canada on a flight from YYZ to YVR | 7:00amReader G.T. | Looking west over Stanley Park from Coal Harbour | 5:00pmReader C.F. | Chancery Place | Vancouver, BC | 10:30amReader K.T. | Beatty Street | Yaletown | Vancouver, BC | 6:30amReader J.S. | Somewhere Over The Rocky Mountains | 7pmReader V.R. | Hotel Vancouver as seen from an office across the street | 3:30pmReader R.R. | Main at 16th | Vancouver, BC | 12:26pmReader A.T. | Seabus crossing Burrard Inlet | Vancouver, BC | 4:30pmReader A.T. | Mount Pleasant | Vancouver, BC | 8:20amReader A.T. | Mount Pleasant | Vancouver, BC | 8:29pmReader C.C. | Mustique Island | St. Vincent & The Grenadines | 9:30pmReader S.B. | Wall St. | East Vancouver | 4:00pmReader K.K. | Early morning flight from Vancouver to Kelowna | 8:00amReader C.W. | East 4th Ave. at Commercial Drive | 3:29pmA.M. | The Marais (with peekaboo Pompidou Centre) | Paris, France | 9:00amA.N. | Fairview Slopes | Vancouver, BC | 9:30pmI.F. | In a small cottage in the village of Topola, Serbia | 12:00pmA.M. | State Line, Oregon & California | 8pmReader K.Q. | Waiting for my float plane | Ganges Harbour, Saltspring island | 7amReader W.U. | Canmore, Alberta | 7:30amReader K.K. | Lighthouse Pub | Nanaimo Harbour, BC | 4:58pmIMAG0678Reader T.R. | Flying into Vancouver from Victoria | 8:00amReader A.J. | Above Coal Harbour |  9:14am | South Granville | Vancouver, BCphoto-(37)

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