Get In There With Jackson Zhao, Enterprising Photographer Guy


A friend of a friend is the young photographer Jackson Zhao, who is looking to beef up his portfolio with some high end hotel and restaurant shots. If your place needs a refreshed set of photos at no charge, contact him through his website. I trust he’ll pick and choose, so good luck.

Scout Welcomes Raef Grohne, Architectural Photographer


Architectural photographer Raef Grohne is now a proud member supporter of Scout. Click ahead for a taste of his work, or visit his Scout page hereRead more

Architectural Photographer



Principal: Raef Grohne
Telephone: 604-618-6413


Ambience by Raef Grohne


Raef is a seasoned architectural photographer (that’s seasoned as in ‘experienced’, not ‘well spiced’). For over 15 years he has been shooting interiors and exteriors of restaurants, hotels and homes. He is known for an acute attention to detail that helps him highlight even the subtlest nuance in a subject’s shape, colour or texture. Raef has built his career and reputation by capturing both art and function, and by producing the kind of visual impact that sells his clients’ atmosphere, space or culinary experience.