Nu, Raincity Grill & “C” Going The Extra Mile During Dine Out


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News from Scout supporters Nu, Raincity Grill, and C RESTAURANT

Vancouver, BC | The Kambolis Group, never content to just do the “tried and true”, is going the extra mile for this year’s Dine Out. C Restaurant, glowing with new chef de cuisine Lee Humphries comfortable cooking, has forgone the typical three-course menu and replaced it with a five course-tasting menu, still for only $38. (A whimsical “to-go” course, petit fours and chocolates, complete the evening). Nu, reinvigorated by its delicate reimagining of Greek cuisine, does four courses: diners will be welcomed with crisp pita, homous, and olives as they settle in.

Proprietor Harry Kambolis (who’s in chef’s whites a lot these days) has already received strong notices for his deft and breezy handling of the Aegean Sea classics. And while Raincity Grill’s little sisters are going the extra mile, the English Bay-infused bistro is keeping those miles to a minimum: Chef Jennifer Peter’s commitment to the 100 mile diet is as steadfast as ever. “North Arm, Sloping Hills, Rossdown and Hannah Brook Farms are all 25 to 98 miles away from Denman Street,” proprietor Harry Kambolis is pleased to say. “I actually had one of my team Google map each farm.”

“I don’t see Dine Out as downgraded experience,” continues Kambolis, “I see it as an audition. Our patrons are here to see if they’d like to come back during the year, and I’ve imparted that mindset to my kitchen and staff. Guests can expect an experience that’s equal to the rest of the year.” Why did Kambolis decide to add the extra courses and courtesies? “Each new year, Dine Out effectively reinvigorates the hospitality industry, but for me, it’s not a cash grab: it’s a chance to give back. In my experience, our group always shines when it’s giving back.” Read more

Raincity Grill, “C” and NU Ready For Quiet Simplicity On 2011 Eve

December 28, 2010 


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News from Scout supporters Nu, Raincity Grill, and C RESTAURANT

Vancouver, BC | The Kambolis Restaurant Group wants to welcome 2011 with you. We serve nourishing food, render crisp service and offer festive locations. After years of bands, fireworks and bells and whistles, we’ve decided to embrace quiet simplicity. C, Raincity Grill and Nu will be offering our a la carte menu, at regular prices. Come early or come late for a sophisticated meal built with ingredients that are foraged, farmed and fished close to home. C has the freshest seafood in British Columbia, right on False Creek, and Raincity Grill serves Pacific Northwest cuisine, at a dignified distance from the action at English Bay. And our youngest property, Nu, now features a reimagined menu that puts a clean and delicate spin on Greek cuisine. More after the jump… Read more

Concept Change Brings Updated Greek Cuisine To “Nu” Tomorrow

November 30, 2010 

Nu restaurant + lounge is located at 1661 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-646-4668 |

Nu restaurant + lounge is located at 1661 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-646-4668 |

News from Scout supporter Nu

Vancouver, BC | Harry Kambolis dished out food to family and friends at his last Greek Easter celebration, a yearly tradition that has grown in scope and size since it started 15 years ago. It was then that he envisioned the pillars of Greek eating – family and freshness – finding a home at Nu Restaurant on December 1, 2010.

Inspired by the many islands of the Greek Aegean Sea with their fertile valleys, simmering volcanoes and deep waters rife with aquatic delicacies, Kambolis boldly seeks to re-invent Greek cuisine in North America by bringing time-honoured Greek culinary tradition into the 21st Century. Read and the menu and all the details after the jump… Read more

Chef Rob Clark Celebrates Win At The 2010 Gold Medal Plates

November 1, 2010 


C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

News from Scout supporter “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant Executive Chef Robert Clark was crowned the culinary champion at Vancouver’s Gold Medal Plates on Friday night, a competition pairing premier chefs with Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes from coast-to-coast.

“We’ve been participating in Gold Medal Plates for years, but taking home gold with the recent Vancouver Olympics still so fresh in our memories, I’m speechless,” says Clark. “Seeing Alexandre Bilodeau on Friday posing for pictures with his admirers and holding the first gold medal won on Canadian snow, makes this all worth it.”

Clark and his new chef de cuisine, Lee Humphries took the podium for a velvety Fraser Canyon rabbit terrine with spot prawns, pickled chanterelles, with a peppery tuile and a tomato consommé, as a cleanser. C sommelier Kim Cyr matched the dish with a striking Viognier from Black Hills Estate winery.

It has been a great autumn for the Kambolis Restaurant Group. Proprietor Harry Kambolis was inducted into the B.C. Restaurant Hall of Fame in September and was duly invited to Premier Gordon Campbell’s Vancouver office to brainstorm about the industry. Kambolis also took the opportunity to introduce the Premier to C Blue Foundation, a new oceans advocacy initiative he has been building.

“I also want to feel like we’re moving forward,” Kambolis says, “And with Rob’s win, and with our new initiatives, I feel like we’re doing just that. It’s true: a rolling stone gathers no moss.” Read more

Skeena “Hawkshaw” Salmon And John Szabo At “C” Restaurant


C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

News from Scout supporter “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant received its first shipment of Hawkshaw salmon, recently reeled in from British Columbia’s storied Skeena River. Executive Chef Robert Clark has butchered the first batch, preparing it for clients who will be some of the only diners in the Lower Mainland to sample the succulent catch. “I wait all year for Hawkshaw salmon. It is the absolute best,” says Clark.

It is because of Clark’s personal relationship with fisher-people red and Linda Hawkshaw that he was able to secure this hard-to-get, bracingly fresh fish. The Hawkshaw’s “tangle net” technology, combined with live kill techniques, produces the most environmentally friendly and highest quality wild salmon catch in the province.

Hawkshaw salmon will be on the menu at C for the duration of the summer. Method of preparation and accompaniments will change with depending on fresh market produce. Currently, Hawkshaw salmon is being served with herb cous cous, lovage puree and heirloom tomato for $34. Read more

C Restaurant’s Limited Edition C Food Cookbook Now Available


C Restaurant is located at 2-1600 Howe Street on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

News from Scout supporter “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant has launched a limited edition C Food cookbook featuring a signature laser-cut sleeve designed by Brooklyn tattoo artist Scott Campbell. It is now available for purchase at C Restaurant and Barbara-Jo’s Books to Cooks. Regular edition books can be found in retailers across the city.

Campbell, who has inked an impressive line up of high-profile celebrities ranging from Heath Ledger to Helena Christensen to Vera Wang, claimed he “took a departure from the skulls and flames applied in [his] usual designs to produce something bold and modern that would reflect the look and feel of C Restaurant”.

C Food includes recipes and photography that is just as much a work of art as it is a step-by-step guide to recreating some of C Restaurant’s most popular dishes at home. All recipes were created by Executive Chef Robert Clark, including a Bayne Sound Scallop with Coriander Grapefruit Jelly and Pacific Oven Roasted Halibut with Parmesan Tuile and Arugula Puree. Read more

“C” Restaurant Set to Receive 1st Spot Prawn Shipment of 2010


"C" Restaurant executive chef Robert Clark prawning aboard Steve Johansen's boat, "Organic Ocean"

News from Scout supporter “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant will receive the first shipment of B.C. spot prawns on Thursday, May 6 to kick off the 2010 Spot Prawn season. Boats from local supplier, Organic Oceans, will hit the dock just below C to drop off the first prawns of the season to Executive Chef Robert Clark.

To bring in the new season, C Restaurant is introducing a Spot Prawn Tasting Menu starting on Thursday, May 6. The menu will feature dishes created by Clark, and as he puts it, “will showcase the fresh and delicious flavours that are perfect for the palette of any seafood lover.” Some of the new items include a Spot Prawn Sunomono, Spot Prawn Bisque, and a modern spin-off of the traditional Surf and Turf.

During the six to eight week spot prawn season, C Restaurant will be receiving their prawn shipments directly from local fishermen to the False Creek Yacht Club located below the restaurant. “We take pride in the strong relationship we’ve built with the spot prawn fisherman and particularly with Organic Oceans,” says Clark. “They deliver the prawns right up to our restaurant ensuring our dishes are the freshest in the city and allow us to uphold the sustainable practices we have come to be known for.” Read more

“C” & Canadian Chef’s Congress To Commemorate James Barber


British Columbian chefs to gather for a memorial-fundraiser in honour of James Barber, who passed away last year

News from Scout supporter “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant is set to commemorate culinary icon James Barber. On Sunday, April 18th 2010, C Restaurant along with The Canadian Chef’s Congress, will host a memorial-fundraiser dedicated to Barber with proceeds being donated to his favorite charity, Providence Farm.

The event, created by a team of chef’s all hand picked by Barber’s wife Christina Burridge, will honor cuisine and culinary talent from Vancouver and Vancouver Island. All of the people involved were known to hold a special place in Barber’s heart. Included on the team are:

Bill Jones – Cookbook Author and Food Consultant, Cowichan, B.C.
Edward Tuson – Sooke Harbour House, Sooke B.C.
Maureen Seay – Renowned Pastry Chef, Vancouver, B.C.
Peter Zambri – Zambris Restaurant, Victoria, B.C.
Quang Dang – C Restaurant, Vancouver, B.C.
Robert Clark – Kambolis Restaurants, Vancouver, B.C.

The menu for the evening will include some of Barber’s favorite recipes and of course, Ocean Wise seafood. Tickets for the event are $250 per person and can be purchased directly from C Restaurant or by phoning 604-681-1164. All proceeds will be donated directly to Providence Farms. Read more

Kambolis Group of Restaurants Going Raw For Earth Hour


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News from Scout supporters Nu, Raincity Grill, and C RESTAURANT

Vancouver, BC | In commemoration of Earth Hour™, Raincity Grill, C Restaurant and nu restaurant + lounge will shut off more than just the lights on Saturday, March 27th. The chefs at all three restaurants will be promoting raw food menus in order to take the event, one of the world’s biggest climate change initiatives, an environmental step further.

The menus created will consume far less energy than normal restaurant fare based on the cooking techniques. C’s Chef de Cuisine Quang Dang defines raw food as, “A diet based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans and for us seafood. By not heating food above 47 degrees Celsius the enzymes can better assist in digestion and absorption. Most cooking techniques diminish the nutritional value and of food as well as burn energy in the process.” Read more

Lindsey Vonn And Vail Resorts Celebrate Achievements At “C”

4367136358_3d5f65ffd8_o(photo: ctankcycles)

News from Scout supporter “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant was selected by Vail Resorts as the location to celebrate U.S. athlete Lindsey Vonn and her Olympic achievements. On Saturday, February 27, 2010, C hosted one of the most exciting and anticipated parties of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Read more

Games Won’t Overshadow Cupid At Raincity Grill, Nu, And “C”

February 9, 2010 


Vancouver's premier waterfront restaurant properties are putting on high value spreads this Valentine's Day

News from Scout supporters Raincity Grill, nu and “C”

Vancouver, BC | Don’t let Cupid’s visit get overshadowed by The Games this Valentine’s Day. Locals in love look no further. C Restaurant, Raincity Grill and nu restaurant + lounge are the perfect fit for a rendezvous for two. And with no traffic restrictions around each restaurant and free parking at C and nu, reservations for Valentine’s Day and the weekend leading up are sensuality made simple. Get all the details after the jump… Read more

Raincity Grill, Nu, And “C” To Cater To Locals During Games

January 13, 2010 

The Kambolis group of restaurants will welcome the world, and Vancouverites, during the 2010 Olympic Games

The Kambolis group of restaurants will welcome the world, and Vancouverites, during the 2010 Olympic Games

News from Scout supporters “C”, Raincity Grill, and NU

Vancouver, BC | Vancouver will be feeding approximately 50,000 officials, media, volunteers and of course hungry athletes during next month’s Winter Games. That figure doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of visitors and spectators who will also be searching for supper. Many restaurants are booked for Olympic business already which means that getting to, parking at and finding a table at your favorite local haunt might be tough come February. So where will Vancouverites go for local gastronomy during the games?

Enter the Kambolis group. Harry Kambolis, owner of Raincity Grill, C Restaurant and nu restaurant + lounge, has set aside parts of each dining room so locals can enjoy gold medal gastronomy throughout the month of February. What’s more is that his culinary teams have created menus to match. Please find attached the Games inspired food (and cocktail) menus for each of the restaurants.

Raincity Grill, C and nu will be open for regular hours throughout the games and will also be serving their respective a la carte menus. As an added incentive simply remember that all three restaurants are in areas with no traffic restrictions and both C and nu have free parking.  Perfect for a story on where locals will dine during the games. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call (778-893-3447) or email. Read more

Peter Burt Lands At False Creek’s “NU” As Chef De Cuisine

November 17, 2009 


Nu restaurant + lounge | 1661 Granville Street, Vancouver | 604-646-4668 |

News from Scout supporter Nu

Vancouver, BC | Nu restaurant + lounge welcomes Peter Burt as Chef de Cuisine. Burt brings with him over 16 years of culinary experience honing his craft across the country from Chateau Lake Louise to finishing his apprenticeship with Maurizio Bertossi in Halifax. He then traveled to Australia, working his way across the country finishing with a chef position at the company kitchen in the Barossa valley before returning to Canada to take a position at Susur Lee’s acclaimed restaurant “Susur” in Toronto. Read more

Naramata’s JoieFarm At “C” Restaurant Next Sunday Night

November 12, 2009 


Six courses on Sunday, November 22nd at 6 pm for $110 (tax and grat included)

News from Scout supporters JoieFarm

We would like to announce an upcoming dinner with Canada’s premiere seafood restaurant, C Restaurant on Sunday November 22nd at 6 pm. We are always especially pleased to stand up with former colleagues and C Restaurant represents a pinnacle in Michael’s restaurant career having served there as sommelier almost 10 years ago. Since our first release in 2005 C Restaurant has been a tremendous supporter of JoieFarm and the compatibility of their cuisine with our wines is absolutely seamless. Read more

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