Five Minutes With Ted Anderson Of Hastings’ Campagnolo Roma

As Chef de Cuisine of Campagnolo ROMA, Ted Anderson is responsible for menu design, kitchen operations, mentoring his team and catering to the wants and needs of his guests. Over the years, he has had the pleasure of working with some very talented cooks who are now becoming amazing chefs in their own right. He is very proud of the home-grown talent that surrounds him. On his down time, he can often be found sharing stories from the kitchen over a pint and a rib-eye with his comrades in white.

Three things about North Burnaby that make you want to live there? The quiet, calm surroundings. I don’t even feel like I’m surrounded by millions. Proximity to all of Greater Vancouver (30 minutes to almost everywhere). The affordability factor. I think we could have bought a studio in Yaletown, and now my son has room to run!

If you could rename yourself? Laser.

Shoe of choice? Birkenstock Boston (by default), or no shoes.

Your ancestry? 25% Irish, 25% Dutch, 50% Anglo/Shitmix.

Under what circumstances would you join the army? If we start fighting aliens in rad space ships.

The thing that you eat that is bad for you that you will never stop eating? CHEESE!

Default drink? Beer.

Drink you’ll never have again? Zima. Maybe once more.

Fashion turn-off in women? “Ironic” anything.

Favourite Vancouver bridge? 2nd narrows. I grew up in North Vancouver, so there are many memories of going over that bridge to come home.

Best Vancouver patio? Whatever beach I am drinking ”cheeky” cans at.

Three things you’d like to change about Vancouver? More support (not just talk) for independent small business. Alcohol at the grocery store, corner store, wherever. Affordable childcare.

Bartender who could sell you anything? Don’t remember his name, but it was at the Minton House Bar in Tokyo. He sold us a grasshopper. Yup.

Cheap place for dinner? Q Go Ramen on West Broadway. Fucking awesome. Read more

Nine Candid Minutes With Star Chef & Restaurateur Vikram Vij

Vikram Vij is a man requiring little in the way of introduction, but here goes…

The owner of Vij’s and Rangoli (with another on the way) is inarguably one of the most celebrated (and coolest) chefs in North America. He is the co-author (with his amazing wife Meeru) of two superlative cookbooks, a board member and past president of the Chefs Table Society of BC, and an all-around ambassador of everything that is fine and good about this excellent city of ours. Dare I say Knighthood?

Dear Elizabeth II…get on it.

Scout Q&A

Three things about the Cambie & 14th area that makes you want to live there? I can walk to my restaurant, walk downtown to the Canucks games, and it’s a cheap taxi ride so I do not have to drink and drive. I live on Cambie and 14th Ave.

The thing that you eat that is bad for you that you will never stop eating? I eat cheap Indian snacks in the car while driving to Surrey.

Default drink of choice? Johnny Walker’s “Blue Label” Whiskey.

Drink you’ll never have again? As long as it has alcohol, I shall drink it.

Fashion turn-off? Indian clothes with running shoes.

Fashion turn-on? Cleavage.

The Vancouverite that you admire most? I do not admire ONE person only, but rather a lot of people for small and big accomplishments.

What is your favourite local patio? I do not get time to go on patios, but I think “C” has a great one.

What trend have you followed that you now regret?
I set trends, not follow them.

Your major character flaw? Arrogance. Read more

VANCOUVERITES: Thirty Eight Questions With New Diva At The Met Chef Quang Dang

We like Quang Dang. He is short and good tempered, owning a cool name that few know how to pronounce (we’ve been calling him “Wang” to his face for years). He’s also a terrific cook, currently masquerading as the executive chef at the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver and its posh little restaurant, Diva At The Met.


Four things about Kitsilano that make you want to live there: Good restaurants, nice people, the beach, and the quiet. Even if I start disliking the ‘hood, I can’t stand moving.

The thing that you eat that is bad for you that you will never stop eating: Chips with sour cream, and bacon…I’m addicted.

Default drink? Beer.

The thing that you really dig about working at Diva: Great kitchen with space to cook just about anything, and the crew.

The thing that you miss most about working at C Restaurant: Chef [Robert] Clark and Harry [Kambolis]. Ah, the adventures…

Bartender who could sell you anything? All of them.

What makes you angry? Cars that keep trying to run me over. Read more

Start Salivating Now For The Fourth Annual Spot Prawn Fest!

The Chefs’ Table Society of BC is pleased to announce the Fourth Annual Spot Prawn Festival. Lasting for the duration of the season, the six to eight week Spot Prawn Festival will kick off on Saturday May 8th from 12pm – 3pm with a community and family-friendly event at False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf.

This rain or shine launch will feature delicious spot prawn dishes, spot prawn specials at the award-winning Go Fish, a gathering of Vancouver’s chef and restaurant community, and the arrival of the season’s first spot prawns as local fishermen return to the wharf with their catch. Get all the details after the jump… Read more

Production Company Searching For Chef To Host New Food Show


Word is there’s a production company sniffing around looking for an engaging Canadian male chef (30-45ish) to host a new nationally televised food program called Route 66. The right candidate for the job should say “what he feels, doesn’t hold back, is dynamic, yet down to earth and has humour.” If that sounds like you, click after the leap for all the details… Read more

“Growing Chefs!” Lands Helen Stortini As Executive Director

January 24, 2010 


A press release from our good friends over at Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture

Vancouver, BC | Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture welcomes Helen Stortini as its new Executive Director. Stortini, formerly of the David Suzuki Foundation, takes over for founder and current Executive Director Merri Schwartz.

“I’m thrilled to be part of such an important and innovative organization,” says Stortini. “What better way to empower and excite children about what they eat than involving them firsthand in the growth of their own vegetables. It has such potential to positively affect their health and their relationship with food. And it’s a wonderful opportunity to a build community among children, parents, chefs, and growers.” Read more

Name That Restaurant: “Only Nerds Will Get This One” Edition

July 20, 2009 


This was sent over by a regular reader. Do you know which Vancouver restaurant this is? Submit your guesses and check for the answer in the Name That Restaurant thread over at Chef’

Hitting Howe Sound Early On The Hunt For Sweet Spot Prawns

I woke up at just before 5am to meet up with “C” Restaurant executive chef Rob Clark to go fishing for the first spot prawns of the season. We climbed aboard the Organic Ocean with fishermen Frank and Steve, and raced out to pull up the 300 traps they’d set the night before. After six hours on the Read more