GOODS: “The Granville Room” Welcomes New Keg Cocktail Program By Trevor Kallies

The Granville Room | 957 Granville St., Vancouver | 604-633-0056 |

The GOODS from The Granville Room

Vancouver, BC | The Donnelly Group is thrilled to welcome a new keg cocktail program at the company’s flagship cocktail tavern, the Granville Room. The signature 10 year-old venue is focused on cocktail and beer selections guaranteed to pique the interest of experienced imbibers and novices alike, paired with a boutique dining menu to match the room’s contemporary classic feel.

Adding to the Granville Room’s extensive list of libations are signature keg cocktails, crafted by the Donnelly Group’s Bar & Beverage Director Trevor Kallies. The latest is an iconic Long Island Ice Tea made in collaboration with head bartender Joey Donnelly, using Smirnoff, Cointreau, El Jimador, Beefeater and Havana Club, with a splash of cola and cO2 pressurization.

Roughly every two weeks the Granville Room will see a new keg cocktail on the menu, using a special 20 liter keg draft system. Gather old and new friends for a chance to try the draught Long Island Ice Tea keg cocktail available until April 18th. For more information read Trevor Kallies latest blog post that highlights the history and rebirth of this unique cocktail. Read more

GOODS: The “Granville Room” Readies For Spirited Supper During Tales Of The Cocktail

January 24, 2012 


The Granville Room | 957 Granville St., Vancouver | 604-633-0056 |

The GOODS from The Granville Room

Vancouver, BC | On Monday, February 13th the Granville Room welcomes the 2012 Tales of the Cocktail on Tour with a special Spirited Dinner that is set to explore the relationship between gin & tea in a variety of cocktails and punches, but also combine pacific-northwest cuisine with classic Japanese and Chinese culinary techniques and ingredients. Details and menu after the jump… Read more

GOODS: The Donnelly Group’s “Granville Room” Hosting Innis & Gunn Pairing Dinner


The Granville Room | 957 Granville St., Vancouver | 604-633-0056 |

The GOODS from The Granville Room

Vancouver, BC | This April 28th, the Granville Room will host an exclusive three course Innis & Gunn pairing dinner hosted by Brand Ambassador Nicoli Rennie. This sumptuous three-course dinner has been designed by the talented Granville Room Chef Kye Agrios. As Brand Ambassador Nicoli Rennie shares his knowledge and brand insight, guests will nosh on perfectly paired plates with premium Innis & Gunn ales. Details after the jump… Read more

The Granville Room Crafts New Olympic-Inspired Cocktails…

November 18, 2009 


The Granville Room | 957 Granville St., Vancouver | 604-633-0056 |

News from Scout supporter The Granville Room

Vancouver, BC | As the Olympic torch makes its way across Canada, the Granville Room shows its spirit with the announcement of its Olympic-inspired cocktails, created by resident bar star Trevor Kallies. Available January 1st until the end of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, each cocktail is inspired by a great Canadian Olympic moment and showcases Canadian liquor and ingredients. Trevor created five cocktails in honour of the five Olympic rings, which sell for $9 each. Read more

Vancouver’s Best Bartenders Let Loose With Beer And Booze


Yesterday, local bartenders were asked to craft cocktails incorporating beers from Whistler Brewing Company in a timed competition. Held at The Refinery, the showdown included efforts from fifteen barkeeps in all, which meant my palate was in for something of a rude ride for over three hours (I was judging). Much fun was had, and some of the drinks were very impressive. Here’s what it looked like from my end, a recap of who made what with which ingredient and how it looked through a blender of tasting notes and photos. Thirsty? Giddy-up… Read more

Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver At The Granville Room…


Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Dinner at the Granville Room

News from Scout supporter The Granville Room

image001Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver will bring his book The Brewmaster’s Table to life at a four course brewmaster’s dinner at the Granville Room. On Friday August 14th, beer lovers will flock to the Granville Room for the best beer event to hit Vancouver this summer. Tickets are $75 each, and include a 4 course dinner prepared by Granville Room Chef Kye Agrios (no modifications – vegetarians beware), paired Brooklyn Beer. Full menu and complete details after the jump… Read more

Downtown Cocktail Haven “The Granville Room” Joins Scout…

The Granville Room on the Granville Strip is now a proud member supporter of Scout Magazine. We will be publishing their news and releases on our front page, and hosting individual pages for each in our list of Recommended restaurants. Read more

Trevor Kallies Presents “The 957″ At The Granville Room

June 10, 2009 


The Granville Room launches luxury cocktail, The 957.

News From Scout Supporter The Granville Room


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(Vancouver, BC) The Granville Room Kitchen & Cocktail Bar kicks off summer with the launch of the luxe 957 cocktail, created by resident bar star Trevor Kallies.

Crafted in three parts, the ultra-chic 957 blends Hennessy XO and Belvedere vodka and is topped with an aromatic vanilla foam. Adding further personality, the cocktail is crowned with a ‘GR’ monogram in the Granville Room’s trajan typeface, which is achieved by spritzing whiskey-barrel aged cocktail bitters through a stencil onto the foam. This elegant cocktail has caused quite a stir for Granville Room patrons shelling out $45 to sip on this luscious concoction. Read more

The Kentuckablog Video: 5 Days In 17 Bourbon-Soaked Minutes

Huzzah for video! The above was compiled from over 1000 photographs and over 40 minutes of raw footage from my little camera (some of it too raw). If you missed last week’s main Kentuckablog (live-ish reporting from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail with several Vancouver bartenders), click here for the daily damage assessments. Read more

Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA)


The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA)
#900–555 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC
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Established: 2009


Our Committee

President: Danielle Tatarin, The Keefer Bar
Vice-President: Simon Odgen, Veneto Lounge at the Hotel Rialto, Victoria
Vice-President: Brad Stanton, Hawksworth Restaurant
Treasurer: David Wolowidnyk, West Restaurant
Secretary: Robyn Gray, the Hotel Georgia
Director: Lauren Mote, Kale & Nori Culinary Arts Inc.
Director: Jay Jones, Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver
Director: Trevor Kallies, The Donnelly Group
Director: Colin Turner, Cin-Cin Ristorante
Director: Shaun Layton, L’Abattoir
Director: Gerry Jobe, Raudz Regional Table, Kelowna
Director: Cooper Tardivel, Hawksworth Restaurant
Director: Shawn Soole, Clive’s Classic Lounge at the Chateau Victoria, Victoria

(biennial elections process by paid CPBA members)

About The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association

The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association was formed in 2009 in order to standardize professional Bartending across Canada. Our monthly meetings and events provide our members and supporters with a forum to exchange news, techniques and innovative ideas. We involve liquor brands and other related businesses to help forge lasting connections with the bartending community, using nothing less than passion and cooperation. We are a Non-Profit organization registered in BC (S-55806); all funds received go towards events and educational programs for Bartenders across Canada.

The CPBA is an amplified voice for bartenders. Through national solidarity, our dialogue with provincial liquor licensing agencies becomes more approachable, making the products we need readily available for all bartenders. Our website aims to be a virtual hub to connect bartenders across the country, and provide an educational platform for our members. Through this network we are able to evolve as a community, and become the best ambassadors in our profession.

The CPBA was created to build bonds between Bartending professionals across our nation – working together to raise Bars and Bartending quality in every community. Further to these goals, the CPBA looks to make Canada an active country member of the IBA (International Bartenders Association). Currently, the CPBA has provincial chapters in British Columbia (est. 2009) and Ontario (est. 2011). Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Quebec chapters are in development.

About Our Memberships

Individual Membership:

The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association is a group of Bartenders formed to exchange of news, techniques and ideas between members to encourage high standards and advancement of the profession of Bartending in Canada. We are a Non-Profit organization registered in BC (S-55806) all of the funds we raise go towards events and education for Bartenders across Canada.

Our head office is BC based and we will work to form Provincial chapters. The CPBA is working to become a member of the International Bartenders Association (IBA) with the goal of giving Canada international representation in the global Bartending community. If you are a Bartender in Canada you are an eligible member.

Current Benefits

• Subscription to Imbibe Magazine
• Knowledge, Education & Career Opportunities
• News and Updates from the industry
• Yearly Competition + exclusive competitions throughout the year
• Health / Benefit Plan: Health & Dental, Travel Insurance, Critical Illness
• Apprenticeship program (in the works)
• The opportunity to guide and influence the craft of Bartending in the Canadian community


1 Year Membership: $75 ($0.21/day)
3 Year Membership: $150 ($0.14/day)

Associate Membership:

The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) invites all interested liquor brands and other companies to join our community of industry professionals as an Associate Member. Associate Membership to the CPBA provides a direct link to the people who sell your product, the bartenders themselves. This partnership will further strengthen relationships between liquor suppliers and purchasers while connecting the people behind bars with the brands and products they pour. Associate Members are given an opportunity to co-host official CPBA events and invite Brand Ambassadors, distillers and company representatives to speak directly to the community of committed bartending professionals.

Current Benefits

• Logo placement on CPBA website, links to your brand website
• Access to the CPBA website resources
• Invitation to monthly CPBA meetings hosted by the CPBA committee and attended by CPBA members, guest speakers and fellow industry professionals
• Opportunity to invite your brand ambassadors, distillers, winemakers to speak at monthly meetings
• Opportunity to showcase products by sponsoring a vendor table at monthly meetings
• Receive monthly newsletter from the CPBA
• Opportunity to participate in the annual CPBA cocktail competition, plus several events & exclusive competitions throughout the year
• Work one-on-one with a CPBA event planner

Fees: $250 Annually per brand for CPBA BC Chapter Associate Membership.

The Granville Room



957 Granville St., Vancouver | MAP
Phone: 604-633-0056
Facebook | Twitter
Hours: 4pm – 3am daily

The Team

General Manager | Tony Heaney
Trevor Kallies | Bar & Beverage Director
Kye Agrios | Head Chef

About The Granville Room

The Donnelly Group’s flagship cocktail tavern has a well-appointed and casually elegant design. The venue’s expansive back bar is over 9 feet high and constructed of red oak, well-stocked with the makings for the cocktails that inform the room’s drink selection. Antique seltzer bottles, classic novels and assorted oddities sit behind glass while the smooth black bartop is dimly lit by limited edition Art Deco-inspired pendant lamps. This signature 10 year old venue is complemented with exposed-bulb light fixtures that hang above the dining areas, where guests can choose between comfortable booth seating or beautiful antique chairs, restored and brought back to life from their original 1940s finishings. For more information please visit:


The Donnelly Group values guest experience above all. With an emphasis on locally sourced, quality products, impressive entertainment and interesting interior design, the Donnelly Group owns and operates public houses, cocktail taverns and nightclubs of note in Vancouver BC.  For more information please visit