SMOKE BREAK #1013: Tiny New York City Apartment Divides 420 Sqft. Into 8 Spaces

Making the internet rounds today was a Gizmodo video depicting a miniature apartment in New York City that is so modular that it can be split into as many as 8 different spaces. Oddly enough, there’s a BC connection to the innovative use of space that goes beyond the fact that it’s “420″ square feet (puff puff, har har). The Soho digs were designed by one of the coolest people in the universe, Graham Hill. He’s the founder of the always informative, brother to famed BC outdoorsman Greg Hill, and son to awesome Revelstoke parents (who, by sheer coincidence, sold us their kickass van last year). Small place. Small world.


All We Can Do To Keep Growing Pinor Noir Instead Of Cabernet


From a Treehugger slideshow piece on Sokol Blosser, the “greenest” winery in the United States.

In 2008, for the first time, the winery started tracking its overall carbon emissions with help from The Climate Registry. Sokol Blosser is one of 27 Oregon wineries participating in the Carbon Neutral Challenge Initiative, a project headed up by the Oregon Environmental Council. While the wine industry isn’t a big carbon emitter in the region, they’re going to be very adversely affected by climate change. As [winery co-president] Alison [Sokol Blosser] told me, “We’re interested in doing everything we can so we can keep growing pinor noir instead of cabernet sauvignon.”