Teaching The Sweet Art Of Food Styling (AKA Food Porn) At PICA


When is it ok to play with your food? When you are studying the art of food styling!

News from Scout Supporter The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

(VANCOUVER) – Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts is pleased to bring back recognized culinary professional and food stylist Lisa Golden Schroeder along with Vancouver food photographer Tracey Kusiewicz for an intensive Master Food Styling and Photography Workshop.

With both demonstration and hands-on work, participants will learn the nuts and bolts of what it takes to become a successful food stylist, ready to collaborate with professional photographers. Students will develop a commercial assignment, from concept and pre-production planning to the final execution of a polished food photograph. Read more

Foodie Photography


Artiste Building, 113-2050 Scotia Street, Vancouver B.C.
Telephone: 604-708-4343
Email: tracey@foodiephoto.com
Web: www.foodiephoto.com

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About Foodie Photography

Foodie Photography is Tracey Kusiewicz, a freelance photographer specializing in food and beverage, product, still life and “epicurean” lifestyle. Since 1997, Tracey has been impacting the culinary and hospitality sectors in creating captivating food photography for cookbooks, magazines, advertising, product packaging and stock. A dedicated Foodie, Tracey is known for her hands on approach with food styling.

Professionalism, experience and insight to style, design, lighting, budget guidelines and most importantly client satisfaction, is what distinguishes Tracey from the rest.