HONOUR BOUND: Last Chance To Hit The Main Street Farmer’s Market Until June ’13

September 26, 2012 

The Main Street Farmer’s Market at Thornton Park only has two days left, today and next Wednesday. It then shuts until June, so be sure to stock up on fresh goodness like Campagnolo chef Ted Anderson is doing in the sweet food porn video above (produced by Michael Sider). The market opens at 3pm and shuts at 7pm. Mmm, fresh local produce looks so good on you!


Honour Bound details the many cool things that we feel honour bound to check out because they either represent Vancouver exceptionally well or are inherently super awesome in one way or another

DINER: A Look Inside The Highly Anticipated Fat Dragon Chinese BBQ Joint On The DTES

by Andrew Morrison | A weekend of dry runs with friends and family have owners Tom Doughty, Robert Belcham, and Ted Anderson all set to open their much anticipated Fat Dragon at 566 Powell St. on the DTES this week. The new restaurant will specialize in Chinese BBQ in a way that we haven’t seen before, as nearly all the items will enjoy a lick of southern spice with a proper bar lending a pairing hand with five original cocktails or 4×4 wines by the glass (plus a reserve list). I took a look yesterday afternoon and there was much to like, including a kaffir lime soft serve ice cream that’ll be making it onto their opening menu this Thursday (so good). Here’s the PR and all of our photos from yesterday afternoon:

Accomplished restaurateurs, Tom Doughty & Robert Belcham of Campagnolo and Campagnolo ROMA, are excited to partner with longtime employee and first time restaurant owner, Ted Anderson, to proudly announce the opening of Fat Dragon Bar-B-Q on Thursday April 5, 2012. Fat Dragon, where Far East Asian flavours collide with American Southern barbecue methods, is the most casual restaurant this team has so far created. Open seven days a week, from 11am – late, Fat Dragon offers both dine-in and take-out options with street parking available at 566 Powell Street. “We have always wanted to open a barbeque joint.” says Anderson, ”We want guests to be able to enjoy a few cocktails and snacks without getting fatigued on heavy barbeque, so we incorporated Asian flavours and techniques to lighten the load.”

The Fat Dragon kitchen team will be led by Chef de Cuisine Adam Johnson in serving delicious food, first seasoned with Asian spices and herbs, then slow smoked over local fruit woods. These techniques will be applied to the best local cuts of pork, beef, lamb, fresh seafood, vegetables, and tofu. “We have a great love for different types of food from all over Asia,” says Ted Anderson. “This is our homage to the many, great, late-night dinners of noodles, barbequed pork and stir fried crab that we have enjoyed in our travels.”

The team at Bricault Design has created a stripped down, open space reminiscent of a 1920’s opium den. Exposed brick and wooden beams are complemented by a silk entry way, resembling the interior of a Chinese lantern, and a dragon-skin inspired ceiling installation made of wooden scales. The focal point of the room is an 18 ft bar housing a variety of local craft brews and imported Asian beers, a small selection of wines by the glass, and an assortment of cocktails derived from classic recipes rejuvenated with smoke and Asian flavours.






DINER: Campagnolo Crew To Open New “Fat Dragon”, A Chinese BBQ Joint On The DTES

by Andrew Morrison | Robert Belcham and Tom Doughty, the owner/sommelier duo behind the two Campagnolo restaurants, are opening a Chinese BBQ restaurant called Fat Dragon in the heart of the Downtown Eastside (566 Powell).

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Joining them as a first time owner is Ted Anderson, long the chef at Refuel and now at Campagnolo Roma out on East Hastings (always nice to see that happen). The concept is interesting – Chinese food with a Southern US “lick of smoke” – and I’m sure they’ll nail it (the menu reads fantastic, and we’ll get to that soon), but let’s be honest; the thing that will define The Fat Dragon won’t be its food, but rather its location, at least in its first couple of years.

If you thought Salt Tasting Room in Blood Alley was daring back in the day, or really any location remotely worthy of the word in recent years, dinner at Fat Dragon will be – for some – like going to the moon. It’s this section of the DTES around Oppenheimer Park that has been (and still is) considered a bridge too far by restaurateurs, even hungry first-timers with very few funds. There is a community here, and a strong one at that, but it has to face a daily gnarliness that no other neighbourhood in the city has to contend with. I think for most Vancouverites, the idea of dining out hereabouts is repellent, and yet the restaurant, due in under two months, will probably do very well indeed. Read more

GOODS: Tom Doughty & Robert Belcham’s “Campagnolo Roma” Now Open For Lunch

Campagnolo Roma is located at 2297 East Hastings Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-569-0456 | www.campagnoloroma.com

The GOODS from Campagnolo Roma

Vancouver, BC | Restaurateurs Tom Doughty and Robert Belcham opened Campagnolo Roma, the newest addition to their restaurant family, in May of this year. With a warm response from the neighbourhood, ROMA quickly extended dinner service to seven days a week.  Starting Wednesday August 10, guests can add lunch and weekend brunch to their dining itinerary. Campagnolo ROMA is now serving lunch, Wednesday through Sunday from 11:30am – 2:30pm, with brunch features available on Saturday and Sunday. Learn more about the restaurant after the jump… Read more

Five Minutes With Ted Anderson Of Hastings’ Campagnolo Roma

As Chef de Cuisine of Campagnolo ROMA, Ted Anderson is responsible for menu design, kitchen operations, mentoring his team and catering to the wants and needs of his guests. Over the years, he has had the pleasure of working with some very talented cooks who are now becoming amazing chefs in their own right. He is very proud of the home-grown talent that surrounds him. On his down time, he can often be found sharing stories from the kitchen over a pint and a rib-eye with his comrades in white.

Three things about North Burnaby that make you want to live there? The quiet, calm surroundings. I don’t even feel like I’m surrounded by millions. Proximity to all of Greater Vancouver (30 minutes to almost everywhere). The affordability factor. I think we could have bought a studio in Yaletown, and now my son has room to run!

If you could rename yourself? Laser.

Shoe of choice? Birkenstock Boston (by default), or no shoes.

Your ancestry? 25% Irish, 25% Dutch, 50% Anglo/Shitmix.

Under what circumstances would you join the army? If we start fighting aliens in rad space ships.

The thing that you eat that is bad for you that you will never stop eating? CHEESE!

Default drink? Beer.

Drink you’ll never have again? Zima. Maybe once more.

Fashion turn-off in women? “Ironic” anything.

Favourite Vancouver bridge? 2nd narrows. I grew up in North Vancouver, so there are many memories of going over that bridge to come home.

Best Vancouver patio? Whatever beach I am drinking ”cheeky” cans at.

Three things you’d like to change about Vancouver? More support (not just talk) for independent small business. Alcohol at the grocery store, corner store, wherever. Affordable childcare.

Bartender who could sell you anything? Don’t remember his name, but it was at the Minton House Bar in Tokyo. He sold us a grasshopper. Yup.

Cheap place for dinner? Q Go Ramen on West Broadway. Fucking awesome. Read more

Awesome Thing We Ate #840: Black Pepper Heavy Spaghetti Carbonara At Camp ROMA

Spaghetti Carbonara is a staple dish that a lot of restaurants and home cooks fuck up by going easy on the pepper, loading it with cream instead of egg and substituting bacon for guanciale. The new Campagnolo ROMA on East Hastings nails it.

“Campagnolo ROMA” On East Hastings Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

We’ve invited the new Campagnolo ROMA on East Hastings to join our GOODS section as a recommended local restaurant that is well worth checking out. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we’ll be publishing their news front and center and hosting a page for them on our list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support of Scout, and hope you’ll take this chance to get to know them a little better…


DINER: “Campagnolo Roma” Nears End Of Construction With Aim To Open Next Week

by Andrew Morrison | I spent some of the morning taking a look at the almost-finished Campagnolo Roma restaurant. If all goes according to plan, they aim to be open at some point next week. We broke the news of its coming back in March:

Tom Doughty and chef Rob Belcham of Refuel and Campagnolo took possession of 2297 East Hastings this afternoon. The pair aim to open a new restaurant in its place called Campagnolo Roma. It will be based on the original Campagnolo concept and brand, only the fare will be more regionally specific to the Eternal City of Rome (expect a battery of flatbreads, real deal Amatricianas and Carbonaras, et cetera). The 35 seat space (plus another 8 on the patio) will replace the now defunct Caribbean Hot Pizza Express (no loss there) and is directly opposite Red Wagon. It will go under the reno knife immediately, and will open in May at the earliest. Ted Anderson (currently at Refuel) will be the opening chef.

Take a look at the menu here and here and the shots below. Lovely wooden paneling reminiscent of the original Campagnolo on Main, plus the green of Refuel. They also picked up the two cushy banquettes from DB Bistro and the sweet leather chairs from Lumiere. Looking good!


GOODS: Chefs Anderson & Belcham Ready For Industry P.I.G. Out At Kitsilano’s Refuel

February 14, 2011 

Refuel Restaurant is located at 1944 West 4th Ave in the heart of Kitsilano | 604-288-7905 | www.refuelrestaurant.com

The GOODS from Refuel

Vancouver, BC | Chef’s Ted Anderson & Robert Belcham are throwing another late night P.I.G. Out! P.I.G., which stands for Pig Industry Gathering, is a late night feast served family style at communal tables, often attended by cookers, servers, other members of the restaurant biz and pork fans in general. Details after the jump… Read more

West 4th’s “Fuel” To Fire Up Fat Suckling Pig Supper This Sept…


Dinner details for September 16th at West 4th's Fuel Restaurant...

News from Scout supporter Fuel Restaurant

Fuel Restaurant invites you to a Suckling Pig Dinner prepared by Chef Robert Belcham and Chef de Cuisine Ted Anderson, showcasing produce from Stoney Paradise Farms and Wines from Blackwood Lane Winery.  Milan Djordjevich, AKA the Tomato Man, is the passion behind Stoney Paradise Farms. Milan is most famous for his incredible tomatoes and grapes but farms a medley of other exceptional produce that you will discover with us on September 16th. Sommelier Tom Doughty and Winemaker Charles Herrold have hand selected wines from Blackwood Lane Winery to pair perfectly with this homegrown feast. Full details after the bump… Read more

Campagnolo ROMA


2297 East Hastings Street | Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-569-0456
Email: info@campagnoloroma.com
Web: www.campagnoloroma.com
Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Roma is open seven days a week serving dinner from 5pm – 10pm and lunch from 11:30am – 2:30pm, and weekend brunch from 10:30am – 2:30pm. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis with reservations only taken for parties of eight or more dining with one of ROMA’s alla famiglia group menus.


Key People

Chef de Cuisine | Joachim Hayward
Restaurant Manager | Giovanni Giardino
Director of Operations |Tim Pittman
Proprietor| Robert Belcham
Proprietor| Tom Doughty

About Campagnolo ROMA

Located in the old Italian district of Vancouver’s East Village, Campagnolo ROMA serves rustic dishes inspired by the classics of Rome. The menu is simple, focusing on antipasti, pasta and pizza complemented by an extensive features board showcasing the freshest seasonal ingredients available. Quality, value and flavour drive the cocktail and wine program. The small yet comprehensive wine list offers Italian and B.C. options, while locally brewed beer and hand crafted cocktails round out the bar. The room is intimate and adorned with the familiar & eclectic, including damask wallpaper, a touch of lace, wood accents and a few of Nona’s lampshades.


“The Hired Belly is always impressed when a restaurant hits the ground running. That’s the case with Campagnolo Roma.” – Tim Pawsey, The Vancouver Courier.

“Campagnolo Roma cuts to the chase: the food.” – Mia Stainsby, The Vancouver Sun.

2009 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards – Chef of the Year, Robert Belcham

“An ego-free chef who’s making some of the best food this city has seen.” – Vancouver Magazine