TEA & TWO SLICES: On Lazy Ideological Rhetoric And The Abuse Of Goya’s “Saturn”

by Sean OrrCanadian state devouring its citizens. Oh, I get it. I love the painting and I love Goya. I also despise the Conservatives, but I could give this many fucks whenever writers get lost in the wilderness of their own hyperbole.

Ending the False Debate about Save-On-Meats (a Mainlander story served up with a “frank” quote from our publisher, Andrew Morrison). Why is the current situation in Gastown still being described as gentrification? The truth is, as I mention here often, the neighbourhood was actually saved from a different sort urban renewal in the 70′s – that of freeway development. I guess when you’re a Marxist (and I wish I had the education to be one), pragmatism is just dismissed out of hand. I have lived in Gastown for 6 years working as a part-time dishwasher in one of these “fancy” restaurants. I am on the cusp of poverty (hence my recent “joke” about taking your sandwich tokens), and I have bi-polar depression. And yet I’m treated like a king by my peers in the restaurant industry. There is genuine benevolence down here. Every day I witness a desire amongst small, independent businesses to do right and good by the community. The Save On Meats program is just another example of this, and yet it’s completely misunderstood by the people who claim - by words much more than action – to ideologically represent those who stand to benefit.

Canada’s tax dollars aid Israel’s divide and rule tactics. “The Canadians are organized in teams we call road warriors, and they move around the West Bank daily visiting Palestinian security leaders, gauging local conditions”. I wonder where they learned that?

I guess it doesn’t help that I slept in and missed the Right to Recovery march. Oops.

A story no more: Vancouver beats NYC as most expensive city in North America. I’m more concerned with the horrible writing than dour and obvious truths: “despite the cost of items in the cost of living basket increasing.” Shudder.

What is not in Wally Oppal’s report on the missing women inquiry. Which leads to the Tweet of the Day, which is actually more of a heckle of the day, c/o Mike Kieltyka:

But it’s ok, the market will take care of it. Thanks Kevin O’Learly! You can crawl back into your cave now.

Meanwhile, Wente offers this bit of not satire in the Globe: Consumerism is good for the soul. I can pick this article apart in the title alone: a) there is no such thing as a soul, and b) consumerism is an ideology, not the act of buying things.