SMOKE BREAK #1015: Short Film Shows Journey Of BC Oysters From Farm To Plate

Steve Adams and his brethren over at Steamy Window Productions just finished a cool little short for Tourism British Columbia depicting the same-day journey of a plate of oysters from their ocean harvest in the Salish Sea to their presentation in a downtown Vancouver dining room.

We filmed at Sawmill Bay Shellfish Co. up on Quadra/Read Island and ended up filming the restaurant scene at Cibo. We also used a really cool crew of small independent film people and actors to make the thing possible.

Nice work, fellas! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a long fade-in of Steve Edwards facial hair as he sabres the Champagne. Its split second (0:16) cameo was way too short.


SEEN IN VANCOUVER #323: Tasty Food Porn From The “Farms To Forks” Moveable Feast

Farms To Forks went down over the weekend at PICA. The edible fundraiser, hosted by the CBC’s Margaret Gallagher and Fred Lee, saw diners led through PICA’s many classroom kitchens, scarfing dishes from Bishop’s, West, La Quercia and over a dozen other great restaurants. The proceeds from the night went to Growing Chefs!, an amazing non-profit that supports and encourages the development and growth of urban agriculture and provides avenues for chefs and growers to engage with their communities. Coolest of all, though, is how they bring chefs into our local elementary schools to teach kids about cooking and the importance of knowing where their food comes from (ie. not a Doritos factory). We were sad to have had to miss it, but thankfully our friends from Steamy went down and shot some quick, drool-worthy footage for us.

Seen In Vancouver #318: Massive Montauk Store Opens At 228 Abbott St. In Gastown

Family-owned, carbon-neutral Montauk Sofa just opened their sleek new store in Gastown at 228 Abbott. The 6,000 sqft open concept space had been under heritage renovation for over two years, and as you can see the end result is pretty stunning. Scout film-makers Sean Horlor and Steve Adams (of Steamy Window) went and previewed it for us the other day. Click the video above for our exclusive look see…


Seen In Vancouver #317: Scouting In And Amongst The Cool Exhibits At IDSWest 2011

IDSWest came and went over the weekend, and if you were there you already know how awesome it was. If not, our film maker friends Sean Horlor and Steve Adams of Steamy Window were kind enough to have a few words with some of the exhibitors on our behalf, among them Nancy Bendtsen of Inform Interiors, furniture designer Christian Woo, and Stephanie Forsythe of MOLO.