Brand, Mark | Person | A barman-turned-businessman who went from making cocktails at Chambar to co-owning an art gallery (Catalog), a bar (Portside), a shop (Sharks + Hammers), a brewery (Persephone), and a number of eateries (Boneta, Save On Meats, Sea Monstr Sushi). All of his businesses are located within the Downtown Eastside, except for his brewery, which is located in Gibsons, BC.

Usage | “I heard Brand was opening another place in Gastown…”


GOODS: Gastown’s “Sharks + Hammers” Hawking 50% Off Fine Goods Over Weekend

Sharks + Hammers is located at 54 Alexander St. in Vancouver BC | 604.648.2252 |

The GOODS from Sharks + Hammers

Vancouver, BC | We’re blowing out all our high end gear: Maiden Noir, Stussy Deluxe, Perks And Mini, Rittenhouse, Surface To Air, Porter, Rag & Bone, Cassette, Y3, Uppercut, Maharishi, YMC and more! All items are super discounted and priced to clear – tons of deals well over 50% off. Come see us over the weekend through to Monday, April 25th. We’re open from 11am til 7pm every day. Facebook event here, further details about the store after the jump… Read more

Seen In Vancouver #269: Thoughtful J-Caps For Sale At Gastown’s SHARKS+HAMMERS

Available at SHARKS+HAMMERS from the fine creatives at

“Sea Monstr Sushi” To Unleash Tentacles Tonight In Gastown


by Andrew Morrison | The much-anticipated Sea Monstr Sushi opens tonight at 6pm in Gastown (55 Powell). The 16 seater from Sharks + Hammers duo Alex Usow and Mark Brand (co-owner of Boneta, The Diamond, Save-On-Meats) will serve sushi by chef Keith Allison – formerly a fixture at Dan on West Broadway (interview). We poked our heads in for their friends and family dry run, and feasted big. The dynamite rolls were the best, made better with a lick of the house blend of hot sauce and a cold brace of Steam Whistle beers. A cool little space. Check it out the photos… Read more

Keith Allison & Mark Brand Dish On Gastown’s Sea Monstr Sushi

Sea Monstr Sushi co-owner Mark Brand introduced the upcoming Gastown restaurant’s newly appointed chef to me the other day in Scout’s office. In quite the coup, he’s hired on Keith Allison, formerly of Ken Oda’s superlative Dan on West Broadway. What is Sea Monstr Sushi? Read more

Mark Brand & Alex Usow To Open “Sea Monstr Sushi” In Gastown

Boneta/Diamond co-owner and his business partner Alex Usow (in the Powell St. clothing store Sharks + Hammers) are opening a new sushi restaurant at 55 Powell in Gastown. It’ll be called Sea Monstr Sushi, a name (that I love) conjured by his wife Nicole.

The new and very narrow 585 sqft space will hold 30 seats, including a 12 seat bar. No cocktails, I’m afraid, just 10-15 rolls sushi (the only booze on hand will be Sapporo beer on tap). The front will be all glass to expose the rolling station. Take-away traffic and lunch will presumably be huge, as the neighbourhood is starved for sushi. The duo’s shop – rebranded as the “Sharks + Hammers General Store” – will be installed in the Alexander St. side of the new (but ancient) building with a glass wall rising up from the restaurant’s rear banquette, thus separating the two businesses. The original Sharks + Hammers location will be turned into a gallery. Read more

Sharks + Hammers


54 Alexander Street
Vancouver BC V6A 1E7
Telephone: 604.648.2252
Twitter | Facebook


Key People

Owners: Mark Brand & Alex Usow
WERD (Head of Welcome To East Van division)

About The Business

Welcome to Sharks & Hammers.

We sell a little bit of this and a little bit of that because, why not, and because we can. We sell items that we think you’ll enjoy because we know we enjoy them. Some of the clothing and goods that we sell are products that we make, or that our friends make. We evolve and grow and so does our stock.

So drop in on us, crack some jokes, share stories, listen to music, overhear weird conversations, see employees stare at computers, have some candy, cut through to get to our restaurant (Sea Monstr Sushi) and peruse the variety of wares that we have for sale.

We’ll be happy to see you.