TEA & TWO SLICES | On Bringing Out The Gimp For Ghomeshi & Galiano Island Brawls

October 29, 2014 


by Sean Orr | To the surprise of no one, Harper Named World’s ‘Worst Climate Villain’ After Damning Report. He’s also been named the World’s Worst Regular Villain, too.

To wit: Bill C-60: Tories Quietly Taking Control Of CBC, Group Alleges. It’s like he wants to “hate fuck” the CBC more desperately than Jian Ghomeshi does.

Related: The real reasons Jian Ghomeshi is suing the CBC. Featuring my new favourite word: opprobrium.

Meanwhile, Canadian humour magazine not even gonna touch this one, no thanks. Not even with a ten foot, um…pole?

Woman stabbed in Vancouver sex assault recovering in hospital. The story comes with a map of reported sex assaults, so nothing about the usual abuse of sex workers on the DTES, because they’re notoriously hard to pin down on a Google map. “He says it appears to police the woman was targeted because the attacker believed she was a sex trade worker”. Because then it would have totally been understandable? And of course, the usual mantra is repeated: “Women be careful out there”. It should be this: “Men stop raping women or we will fucking hunt you down and hurt you.”

Related: Hey Baby: Woman walks around NYC for 10 hours, is harassed 100 times, the supercut.

Meanwhile, in Toronto: Chow slams Toronto Sun cartoon as “racist” and “sexist”. And Doug Ford losing is like “Isis coming to Toronto

The only time you’ll feel proud to get punched in the face: Omar Albach Video ‘Canadians React To Ottawa Shooting’ Ends With Punch In Face. Violence is never okay except when it totally is.

The take-away: Ottawa attack reveals gaping holes in social safety net. “How would a beefed-up national spying apparatus have helped here? Or address the problem of alienated, emotionally incendiary and often addicted Canadians?”

Bad smell shuts down Vancouver’s Cambie Street. Are you sure it wasn’t Granville? (The lowest of low hanging fruit.)

Local band Ken Jennings gets tweeted by the real Ken Jennings:

Meanwhile, on Galiano Island, this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened: Galiano Island pub fight sparks four-hour standoff.

Cue David Cross on Redneck fights.

Vancouverite on the front lines of the fight against Ebola. Attaboy, Kenzie! I’m honoured to have been served a drink by this man, though I had no idea he was part of Zach Galifianakis’ Doctors Without Diplomas. *wink

Best new Twitter: Gastown’s Bill’s Confectionary.

Best Halloween costume: Social Media Professional.

Bonus: A haunting on Cordova Street.

GOODS | New Prix Fixe By Chef Curtis Luk And New Cocktails At Gastown’s Bambudda

October 29, 2014 

Gastown’s Bambudda is located at 99 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-428-0301 | www.bambudda.ca

Gastown’s Bambudda is located at 99 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-428-0301 | www.bambudda.ca

The GOODS from Bambudda

Vancouver, BC | Bambudda is ringing in the Fall/Winter season with a $32 prix fixe menu from Chef Curtis Luk along with a new cocktail list. We’ve added a sentimental favourite, the Suffering Bastard – scotch, gin, lime, house made ginger syrup – to our classics. Additions to our house list include the Post Opium – rum, passionfruit, kaffir lime bitters and a warm white chocolate apricot brandy float, as well as the Powell Street Sour – smoky scotch, lemon, Cab Sauv float with house vermouth air. Reservations can be made at bambudda.ca. Learn more after the jump… Read more

SCOUT LIST | Ten Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now And Next Week

October 28, 2014 


by Michelle Sproule | The main objective of this website is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit. The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week. You can also check it out in the Globe & Mail, from our calendar to theirs…and yours!

FEISTY FEAST | Feisty Feast is a pop-up communal table supper anchored by an inspiring guest speaker at a unique locale. This Wednesday, organisers brings together a crew of creative and innovative women at East Van’s Vinegar Factory. Attendees can expect five courses of Mediterranean-inspired food and a presentation by First Nations filmmaker, activist, and curator Elle Maija-Tailfeathers.
Wed, Oct 29 | 6:30pm | The Vinegar Factory (1009 E Cordova) | $55 | DETAILS

NATURE | These last days of October and first days of November see some of the most stunningly beautiful days to hike through local forests. We suggest a few hours on the trails at Pacific Spirit Regional Park. After you’ve done your hike, consider heading to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC (take a mushroom walk on Saturday at 2:15pm, find out about arctic berries on Sunday at 1pm, or ask an expert everything you ever wanted to know about marine bivalves on Sunday between 11 and 3pm).
FORESTS | All Week | Pacific Spirit Regional Park | DETAILS
SCIENCE | Beaty Biodiversity Museum (2212 Main Mall, UBC) | DETAILS

DRINK | The Irish Heather is holding one of their amazing whisky-themed dinners this week. Grab a seat at the table for pours of Ardbeg; their 10-year, Auriverdes, Corryvreckan, and Uigeadail — paired with lamb shank pot pie, colcannon mashed potatoes, maple-glazed carrots and a serving of bread pudding and caramel sauce for dessert. It all sounds like the perfect autumn indulgence!
Thu, Oct 30 | 7pm | Irish Heather (212 Carrall St) | DETAILS

RAINCHEQUE | The Vancouver Design Nerds will be at The Museum of Vancouver this Thursday evening to address a very important city specific issue: “How can we make new social connections in the rain?” Join a crowd of artists, activists, designers, and place-making enthusiasts as they brainstorm some innovative ways to make cool public spaces in a soggy city. Coolest bit: the winning concept will receive mentorship and assistance with prototype development funding. Get involved!
Thu, Oct 30 | 7-10:30 pm | Museum of Vancouver (1100 Chestnut) | DETAILS

LAUGH | Dino Archie has opened for Aziz Ansari, but he’s got his own gig at the Comedy Mix this Thursday night and we’re betting he knows how to crack up a crowd. When was laughing until your stomach hurt anything other than a fantastic thing to do? Read an interview with Archie here, then grab a ticket and get ready to laugh.
Thu, Oct 30 | 8:30p | The Comedy Mix at Century Plaza (1015 Burrard) | DETAILS

MONSTERS | The Fall Tattooing & Artist’s Gallery has a creepy-as-heck group show opening just in time for Halloween. Feature Creature will showcase the works of 12 local artists. Expect drawings, paintings, sculptures and collages of monsters, mutants, and creatures of the dark. This show runs from October 30 – November 13 with an opening reception and cash bar on Thursday night.
Thu, Oct 30 | 8-11pm | The Fall Gallery (644 Seymour St) | DETAILS

BEETLEJUICE | Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice! Catch the midnight movie at the Rio Theatre this Friday night. Extra points for film-related costumes, so dig out that black and white striped suit, pick up a beer from the theatre bar and slide into one of those comfy velvet seats for an evening of Tim Burton magic starring Alec Baldwin, Winona Ryder, Geena Davis and Michael Keaton. “Let’s turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!”
Fri, Oct. 31 | 11pm | Rio Theatre (1660 E Broadway) | $8/$6 | DETAILS

ART | Hustle over to South Granville for a look at Vancouver artist Rebecca Chaperone’s latest show: Eccentric Gardens. This exhibition of recent works bears the artist’s signature style: adorably dark and slightly creepy. Expect to encounter signs of the places we access creativity and imagination hiding in surreal sugar-dusted landscapes with murky undertones.
Now through November 15 | Initial Gallery (2339 Granville St) | DETAILS

HISTORY | Slip back in time at Vancity Theatre this Sunday with Vintage Vancouver: Archival Films from the City of Vancouver Archives and Vancouver – A Progressive City! Movies from the City of Vancouver Archives. These are fantastic compilations of footage gathered together from archival materials such as Parks Board films, home movies, newsreels, ads and television clips. In addition to live musical accompaniment by pianist Wayne Stewart, well known Vancouver historian Michael Kluckner will be on site to offer commentary for images originally produced without sound.
Sun, Nov. 2 | 2:30 & 7:30pm | Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour St) | $11 | DETAILS

ESCAPE | Vancouver is expecting rain every day this week. How nice would it be to press pause on that? As unlikely as that might seem, there is a way. Hide out at the Bloedel Conservatory for a few hours. While the Parks Board website explains that “the Conservatory sits beside the beautiful Quarry Gardens and has a panoramic view of the city’s skyline and mountain backdrop,” you won’t be seeing much of a skyline this week. Instead, go for the artificial temperature, exotic plants and flowers and free-flying tropical birds. With a little imagination (and a few props like sunscreen and a pair of flip-flops), you might just forget how miserable it is outside!
Mon-Sun| 10am – 5pm | Queen Elizabeth Park (4600 Cambie St.) | $6.50 | DETAILS


late-may-2009-169Michelle Sproule grew up in Kitsilano and attended University in Australia and the University of Victoria before receiving her graduate degree in Library Sciences from The University of Toronto. She lives in beautiful Strathcona and enjoys wandering aimlessly through the city’s streets with her best friend – a beat up, sticky, grimy (but faithful) camera.

GOODS | Yaletown’s “Minami” Sets Table For Special Craft Sake Supper On Nov. 12th

October 28, 2014 

Minami is located at 1118 Mainland Street in Yaletown | Vancouver BC | 604-685.8080 | www.minamirestaurant.com

Minami is located at 1118 Mainland Street in Yaletown | Vancouver BC | 604-685.8080 | minamirestaurant.com

The GOODS from Minami

Vancouver, BC | Yaletown’s Minami Restaurant and fine wine and sake importer That’s Life Gourmet have partnered up to present the Ji-Zake Dinner on Wednesday, November 12th at 6pm. Following sake specialist Miki Ellis and Mariko Tajiri’s October travels throughout Japan, the evening features unique Japanese craft sake paired with a menu designed by Chef de Cuisine Alan Ferrer to highlight the flavours of each sip, from the Akita region to Miyazaki. Ellis has been touring around Japan with That’s Life Gourmet’s Tajiri this month, tasting at 10 sake breweries, shochu distilleries, and craft beer houses.

“Ji-zake literally means local craft sake and on this Japan trip, we really wanted to visit those craft sake breweries,” says Ellis, the youngest Certified Advanced Sake Professional in North America. “Each region has its own distinct sake.

Diners are in for a treat at this dinner. There are definitely going to be some sakes never before available in Vancouver. In addition to tasting sake, I’m also collecting ingredients from each region and bringing back to Chef Ferrer to utilize in his dishes.”

The evening begins at 6pm with a reception, followed by an eight-course paired dinner at 6:30pm. The full line-up will be unveiled closer to-the-date. Tickets are $250 (inclusive of tax and gratuity). Limited tickets are available by visiting Minami Restaurant (1118 Mainland Street), calling 604-685-8080, or emailing events [at] aburirestaurants.com. Read more

SEEN IN VANCOUVER #517 | Heady Show Opens At New Serpens Gallery In Chinatown

October 28, 2014 


by Grady Mitchell | The new Serpens Gallery (replacing the Positive Negative Gallery at 436 Columbia St.) opened its first – and very Halloween-appropriate – show this past Friday night. It’s called Sahelanthropus; the name being a reference to the ancient humanoid skull that marks the point when chimps and humans began to diverge some 7 million years ago. It’s curated by artist Colin Moore, who say he’s ”always wanted to do a skull-bawd art show, and what better time than right before Halloween?”

Along with Colin’s work, the show features painter Jose Rivas, black and white illustrations by Peter Ricq, and two ceramic artists, Michael Holler and David M Robinson, whose works jive with the tactile, three-dimensional nature of the show’s theme. “Every artist learns to draw a skull at some point in their lives,” says Colin. “It’s good for learning anatomy.” Sahelanthropus will allow viewers the chance to see these studies first-hand, as well as some interactive aspects that you’ll need to check out for yourselves over the next two weeks.

(Regarding the gallery’s name change: former curator Adam Lupton has left for New York and grad school and handed the gallery off to his friend Steffen Quong. Steffen has given the gallery a rebrand and opened up much of the back area into a lounge-like zone complete with art and a long, communal table. He’s looking to keep a healthy variety of weekly events up in the space, including things beyond art exhibitions.)


GOODS | Blue Mountain’s Newest Sparkling Releases Met With Praise From Wine Critics

October 28, 2014 

Blue Mountain is located at 2385 Allendale Rd. in Okanagan Falls, BC | 250-497-8244 | bluemountainwinery.com

Blue Mountain is located at 2385 Allendale Rd. in Okanagan Falls, BC | 250-497-8244 | bluemountainwinery.com

The GOODS from Blue Mountain

Okanagan Falls, BC | Our recently disgorged 2010 Brut Rosé R.D., 2006 Reserve Brut R.D. and 2007 Blanc de Blancs R.D. are now available! Here’s what the critics have to say: the 2010 Brut Rosé R.D. ($32.90) “…perpetuates the clear and concise house style, shared in common excellence with the Reserve Dry bottle. The smells of strawberries are key, the texture so important to character and aridity the driving force behind its level of elegance.” (Michael Godel, Reviewed October 2014, winealign.com).

The 2006 Reserve Brut R.D. ($39.90) is “exceptional, complex, silky. Recently disgorged (RD) refers to the fact that this sparkling aged on its lees to add complexity, until just months prior to release. Renowned for elegant and often intricate bubbles, this one is no exception. Made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and a splash of Pinot Gris, it suggests patisserie aromas of warm buttery croissants and nutty brioche slathered in pear compote alongside golden apples, field berries, orange zest and white flowers. Expect a fine bead (bubbles) and a mosaic of fruit, exotic citrus, nuts and bready toasted flavours. It is silky and undeniably elegant with exceptional power balanced by mouthwatering acidity.” (Daenna Van Mulligen, reviewed October 2014, winediva.ca).

And regarding the 2007 Blanc de Blancs R.D. ($39.90): “This lovely chardonnay-based sparkler shows some real class and finesse. Generous, complex refined aromas of lemon, mashed apple, vanilla and almond biscotti. It’s slim, focused, juicy and mouthwatering, with excellent to outstanding length.” (David Lawrason, Reviewed October 2014, winealign.com). Learn more about the winery after the jump… Read more

TEA & TWO SLICES | On Rough Trade & The “Donnelly Group” Not Being So Bad After All

October 27, 2014 


by Sean Orr | A chance, perhaps, to gloat: Ottawa attack highlights differences in Canadian-American media coverage. It’s pretty depressing how we get super excited whenever the media does its job properly. “There was a deplorable lack of political opportunism, and a dreadful dearth of doomsaying”.

Counterpoint: Never let the facts get in the way of a good Cronkite moment:

History. Context. Perspective. Understanding. Skepticism. Thoughtfulness. Canada’s so-called media and political “elites” abandoned them all. In their stead, we got a week-long diet of chest-thumping patriotic clichés, cheap, meaningless hyperbole and tropes that, taken together, have already manufactured widespread consent for what will surely be another assault on our rights and freedoms engineered by a cynical Conservative government.

Without further ado: MPs Pass Anti-Terror Bill. Including such fun provisions as the Philip K. Dick-sounding “preventive detention” and “investigative hearing” in which someone suspected of having knowledge of a terrorist act can be forced to answer questions. But not to worry, I pressed “Apple + F” to search the bill and found no mention of the word torture…

Mad LoVe quotes Padme Amidala, “So this is how liberty dies…to thunderous applause”: Young cadet continues to stand guard for Nathan Cirillo at Port Coquitlam cenotaph.

Meanwhile, Peter de Groot’s sister says, ‘He was executed’. Yeah, but it was to protect us, so never mind.

Moxy Frivolous: Fifty shades of Ghomeshi. Maybe he forgot that the D in BDSM stands for discipline. Maybe the lyrics to that Moxy Fruvous song should be “Once I was, the King of pain, Now I eat, humble pie”. Meanwhile, HuffPo reminds us that Liking ‘Q’ Isn’t a Good Enough Reason to Side With Jian while a ‘sex geek‘ wonders if the “don’t hate me for being kinky” defence will be used by people who perpetrate non-consensual violence.

Related: What goes on inside 8×6 isn’t the city’s business, licencing officials say.

Meanwhile in Whistler: Dumb, drunk and Dangerous: Idiots throw sleeping friend from 2nd story balcony.

Related: On the Twilight of the West.

Oh, and just in case you needed a reminder to not take a drug used in date rapes: Three people hospitalized in North Vancouver after taking GHB.

Via the Westender (with a straight face): Maybe the Donnelly Group isn’t so bad, after all. Money quote:

“…the look and feel of their pubs has always been an attempt to reflect the neighburhoods [sic] and clientele they’re serving…”

Hmm, even though it looks super realistic, Mordor isn’t a real neighbourhood.

AWESOME THING WE ATE #927 | A Puzzle Of Delicious Pork Schnitzel At “Wildebeest”

October 27, 2014 


A shout out to one of our staple faves, the sharable pork schnitzel appetizer at Wildebeest. These salty, crunchy-to-tender morsels are really long on flavour, especially when dipped in the supplied spiced beer mustard. Available at dinner and during weekend brunch service.

120 West Hastings St. | Vancouver, BC | 604-687-6880 | www.wildebeest.ca | $9


COOL THING WE WANT #448 | The Pop-Up Cocktail Menu From London’s Beaufort Bar

October 27, 2014 



(via) This beautiful pop-up book is actually the cocktail menu at the Beaufort Bar in London’s super swank Savoy Hotel. Collaboratively designed by paper engineer Helen Friel and illustrator Joe Wilson, it opens up to reveal elaborate constructions of the available drinks, complete with glass-type and a list of ingredients. A great (if prohibitively expensive) idea; one seen through to gorgeous fruition.


LEXICON | Defining Guilt Pylon, Drizzlepiss, Gasclown, Tip Boner, Citidiot & Many More

October 25, 2014 


The Vancouver Lexicon – our A-Z dictionary of local slang, myths, legends, and such – might appear to be complete, but we mean to keep adding to it every week. Today we aim to highlight five more localisms that everyone in British Columbia should know about, that is if they don’t already. They are Gasclown, Tip Boner, Drizzlepiss, Guilt Pylon, and Citidiot.


GOODS | “Cannery Brewing Co.” Breaks Ground On Brewery In Downtown Penticton

October 25, 2014 

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 | CanneryBrewing.com

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 | CanneryBrewing.com

The GOODS from Cannery Brewing Company

Penticton, BC | After 14 years in the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton, Cannery Brewing will be moving to a new location. They are building a new brewery at 198 Ellis St. in downtown Penticton. This week, in a special ceremony with dignitaries, media, suppliers, supporters and staff, they broke ground on their new brewery building.

Patt Dyck, co-owner of Cannery Brewing thanked those for attending the groundbreaking ceremony and for being part of their journey. She explained, “Today marks an important milestone for us as we celebrate the groundbreaking of our new brewery. We started this journey in 2000, brewing our first batch of beer on April Fools Day, 2001. We’ve come a long way in the last 14 years, brewing our 1,555th batch of beer this week. We have grown and expanded and as much as we love our current location in the Cannery Trade Centre, we’ve simply outgrown it. We are building a new brewery that will be larger and better suited to our needs. And we are thrilled to be moving to downtown Penticton.”

Patt assured attendees that although the physical location of the brewery will be changing, their name and their commitment to producing premium quality craft beer will remain the same. “We will still be the Cannery Brewing Company. The Cannery Trade Centre was our beginning and our roots. Our name will remain the same to reflect our history. And we’ll continue to produce great craft beer that will make us and Penticton proud.”

The new 12,000 square foot brewery is being designed by local architect Matthew Coady and built by Penticton-based Greyback Construction. Patt continued, “The existing building, previously ANJ Automotive Service, will become our tasting room and retail store. It will also be the location of our Growler filling station and a spot to buy beer merchandise like hats and shirts. Plus we’ll expand to have a more robust food menu than we can currently offer. In our new space, guests will be able to enjoy our beer alongside some great local food selections.” Read more

GOODS | La Mezcaleria & Chinatown’s El Kartel Pairing Up For “Dia De Los Muertos”

October 24, 2014 

La Mezcaleria is located at 1622 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-8226 | www.lamezcaleria.ca

La Mezcaleria is located at 1622 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-8226 | www.lamezcaleria.ca

The GOODS from La Mezcaleria

Vancouver, BC | On November 1st, El Kartel, La Mezcaleria and Tribe Collaborative are bringing Mexican tradition to Vancouver with a party in honour of “Dia de los Muertos”. Tribe Collaborative endeavours to foster creative collaboration amongst local artists and companies to produce innovative events. Produced in partnership with La Mezcaleria and El Kartel, with sponsorships from Jose Cuervo and Pabst Blue Ribbon, Tribe’s first major event will take place on the iconic Mexican holiday, “el Dia de los Muertos”: The Day of the Dead.

One of the richest and most ancient traditions in Mexican culture, “el Dia de los Muertos” is observed on Oct. 31, Nov. 1 and Nov 2. This holiday is a gathering of family and friends to commemorate their deceased loved ones. Held at the freshly revamped space in the 1903 heritage building that is El Kartel’s new Chinatown location, this event will feature music by DJ Hubbz, Mr. Pablo, El Garzita and DJ Fantastico; live trumpet by Kristy Lee Audette and percussion by Daniel Ruiz; visual projections by Skunk; cinematography by Daniela Flor; and professional make-up application for party-goers that care to revel in the theme provided by Nara Vazco and Fa Mercado.

Highlights include an altar, face painting, traditional music and drinks, spooky vibes and lots of surprises! And of course, no true Mexican party is complete without the holy trinity of tequila shots, Palomas and Margaritas. Celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead with a community of local creatives who continue to bring culturally diverse events to Vancouver. Dressing-up is highly encouraged but not necessary. Details after the jump… Read more

VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #242 | It Had The Greatest Bookstore In The World


(via) Can Vancouver honestly claim to be a “world class” city without a great bookstore? By great we mean one that stops people in its tracks, ensnaring and enchanting all who enter it with the way in which it is artfully arranged. We don’t think so. It might have a handful of bookstores worthy of mention, but none are gobsmackingly massive or iconic (the stunning main branch of the public library notwithstanding). Chain behemoths like Chapters don’t count, and tangled labyrinths Powell’s in Portland or the Strand in New York are old hat. We believe that Vancouver should have something different and more modern — something like the voluminous, open-concept Livraria Culture in São Paulo, Brazil. Designed by Studio MK27 “to encourage shoppers to stay and read the books they’ve purchased or to simply hang out with friends”, it’s sexy as hell. Accordingly, we imagine it occupying the ridiculously over-sized Victoria’s Secret location on the corner of Robson and Burrard, which is no stranger to books in the first place.


ZULU REPORT | All Of The Awesome Sounds That You Should Be Listening To Right Now

October 23, 2014 


by Nic Bragg | From Kitsilano’s Zulu Records, we once again present our monthly Scout feature, the Zulu Report. Within, you’ll find The Track – the song on heavy rotation in the shop this week; The Playlist – our selection of videos; and The Gig – the “must-see show” on the horizon. From our ears to yours, enjoy… Read more

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