DINER: Gord Martin’s “Go Fish” Concept To Land In Recently Vacated Bin 942 Spot

by Andrew Morrison | Rumours have been swirling around as to what chef/owner Gord Martin has planned for his Bin 942 Tapas Parlour space at 1521 West Broadway ever since he shuttered it on June 11th.

Word has it that it’s going to be the second location of Go Fish, the supremely popular seafood shack on the False Creek seawall next to Fisherman’s Wharf. A lot of people love the original, myself included, so if this goes through it should be interesting to see if the concept translates well to brick and mortar, especially with Gord’s penchant for loud music and wild decor. I’m so used to eating this food outside in the sunshine while fending off gulls. Here’s hoping it works!


DINER: On Being Crippled And Wishing I Could Have Dinner Tonight At “Hawksworth”

The good folks at the brand new Hawksworth in the Hotel Georgia have produced a slick restaurant porn promo video (in HD, natch) that makes me wish for mobility (if I hadn’t broken my leg I’d have had dinner there last night). I’ve been hearing nothing but outstanding things in texts and emails from friends and colleagues, many of whom have gone so far as to state flat out that Hawksworth is the best restaurant in Vancouver, right out of the gate. It’s not hard imagining that anything less would prove a bitter disappointment for the people behind it. Can’t wait to go and wishing they delivered…

NB. If you have a thing against repetitive, synthetic music scores that make you want to punch things, press mute.