GOODS: The New “Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary” Joins The Scout Community

We’ve invited the new Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary on The Drive to join our curated GOODS section as a recommended local business. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we’ll be posting their news in addition to hosting a page for them on our awesome list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for their support of Scout, and for making Vancouver a tastier place to live.


Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary


485 Commercial Drive, Vancouver BC
Telephone: 604-681-0660
Web: | Twitter | Facebook


The People

Owners: Tyson Reimer & Ryan Murfitt (above)
Chef: Anatoli Belov

About Woodland Smokehouse and Commissary

Designed and conceptualized by restaurateurs’ Tyson Reimer & Ryan Murfitt [Cobre, Peckinpah], Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary is the proverbial, food factory and market. Nestled on the corner of Commercial Drive and Hastings Avenue, (Just off of Woodland Avenue), the 6500 square foot complex provides every necessity needed to produce, package, sell and ship fine food to virtually anywhere in the lower mainland.
Providing both the studio and gallery space, Woodland S&C has a seemingly endless canvas for any culinary artist to reach their full their full potential. Chefs & Restaurateurs have access to a retail storefront, which is branded and designed to take restaurant quality meals, back into the home. An entirely new concept for the Vancouver culinary community, Woodland S&C focuses on the professional chefs & food artisans providing meal solutions. Set to launch in early February Woodland S&C is destined to brand its logo on the Hastings-Sunrise community. Come in for a tour anytime, we are always interested in what others can, bring to the table.


DINER: Reimer & Murfitt Of “Peckinpah” To Open Commissary On Commercial Drive

September 23, 2011 

by Andrew Morrison | In this week’s issue of WE, my column targets five mentionable eateries that are currently under construction in Vancouver. One of these was Tyson Reimer and Ryan Murfitt’s new roll of the dice, a massive commissary kitchen anchored by store/deli frontage on Commercial Drive (formerly Pine House Bakery).

Tyson Reimer and Ryan Murfitt of Gastown’s Peckinpah have taken over the old, 10,000sqft Pine House Bakery location at 485 Commercial and are planning on turning it into a multi-tasking, one-stop shop for a range of unique suppliers to peddle to foodies. The front of the space will pull triple duty as a cafe, delicatessen and butcher shop offering up cured meats soups, salads, sandwiches, sausages, turkeys and a plethora of prepared foodstuffs (think branded restaurant retail sauces, marinades, etc. from Peckinpah, Cobre, Deacon’s Corner and more). The rear of the space – the part we don’t get to see – will act as a massive commissary kitchen that Reimer and Murfitt have built with local food cart operators in mind (to be rented out as micro-commercial kitchens). Aside from burners and ovens, the commissary comes equipped with everything a budding street foodist could need, from curing rooms and deep freezers to smokers and dry storage. They haven’t picked out a name for the project just yet, but with so many local products and opportunities to small businesses being tabled here, branding is something of an afterthought to what sounds like an amazing concept.

They still haven’t nailed down a name, though I’m told they’re leaning toward “Peckinpah Commissary”, which sounds vaguely socialist (ie. a good fit for the community). The pair hope to have in up and running before Fall is through. Take a look…


On Accidentally Stumbling Into The Most Delicious Luck Ever…

by Andrew Morrison | I took my kids out for dinner at Sea Monstr Sushi in Gastown last night and the chef, Keith, told us that they boys and girls at Peckinpah down the street were testing their brand new meat smoker for the very first time. So we paid the bill and split pretty quick. Popping our heads in, we could smell the work in progress. If you can imagine a flower – the best flower ever with an aroma so intoxicating that it made your knees weak – then imagine a glorious field of them in full bloom. That was the smell when we walked in.

The smoker, a big metal beast behind the bar, would open in 30 minutes. Can we come back and watch? “Sure. You can try some too if you want.” So we went over to L’Abattoir for dessert (awesome) and then returned just in time for the christening. I didn’t have a proper camera to record the occasion, only my iPhone. We stuck around and ate some ribs and sausage, and I’m still reeling from the unexpected joy.

“Daddy, when will it open?” Patience, my son. Peckinpah is still very much under construction, but they aim to unleash shortly, as in before Christmas. So be good for goodness sake.


Inside Gastown’s “Peckinpah” As It Gets Closer To Opening Day…


by Andrew Morrison | I took a gander inside the Peckinpah space yesterday to see how they were coming along. They’ve suffered some delays but it appears as if they’re back on track. As you can see from the photos below, the bar has taken shape, and much of the kitchen equipment has been installed (the brand new smoker looks and smells amazing). Cooler still are the archaeological finds. Behind a false wall downstairs where the washrooms are being built they discovered a Georgia Straight wallpaper job dating back to the year I was born (1973), a series of antique bottles, a dusty book of mint condition vinyl (still in their yellowing sleeves) and much more. Take a look:

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Tyson Reimer & Ryan Murfitt To Open “Peckinpah” In Gastown…


Restaurant builder Ryan Murfitt (Bao Bei, Calabash, and many more) and restaurateur Tyson Reimer (Cobre, Deacon’s Corner) have secured a lease of the ground floor at 2 Water Street. If you’re not familiar with the address it’s the beautiful Italianate-style Byrnes Block (1887) next door to Six Acres. It’s a heck of a corner location, facing out on on both Carrall and Water. Photos and more after the jump… Read more