GOODS: “C” Chef Robert Clark Receiving The Year’s First Spot Prawns On Thursday May 3


C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | The Wild BC Spot Prawn season is set to begin again this May and C Restaurant is excited to celebrate this locally sourced and sustainable seafood item for the eighth year. On the evening of May 3, 2012, Executive Chef Robert Clark will receive C’s and Vancouver’s first Spot Prawn delivery.

C will be the only restaurant in Vancouver serving this season’s catch of Wild BC Spot Prawns on Thursday, May 3, 2012 and Friday, May 4, 2012 – days before the 6th Annual Spot Prawn Festival kicks off on Saturday, May 5, 2012. To mark the special occasion, C’s Chef du Cuisine Lee Humphries has created a Wild BC Spot Prawn menu to go with this year’s catch. Served until the end of the Spot Prawn season, this $70 six-course menu will include Spot Prawn Ceviche with crispy head and baby herb salad; Spot Prawn Sashimi with jellied consommé, shaved radish, and smoked albacore tuna. Learn more after the jump… Read more

GOODS: David Suzuki At “C” To Celebrate The Restoration Of A First Nations Fishery

November 1, 2011 

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | On Thursday, November 10th, C Restaurant is throwing a dinner hosted by sustainability titan David Suzuki. The evening is a fundraiser for the DSF and C’s burgeoning not-for-profit, the C Blue Foundation, a grassroots initiative by Harry Kambolis and Chef Robert Clark to raise essential funds to protect lakes, rivers, streams, beaches and oceans. The DSF and C Restaurant collaboration has netted an exceptional partner, the Lake Babine First Nation reserve fishery. Back when Rome was a mere village, the Lake Babine people operated traditional salmon weirs on their lake and river, harvesting hundreds of thousands of sockeye a year. Tragically, their traditional fishery was extinguished in 1906 by the Canadian government, to make room for an industrial coastal fishery. It devastated an entire way of life. This past summer, the Nation recreated their fishery, in partnership with Skeena Wild Conservation Trust, Raincoast Trading of Vancouver, and RiverWild Seafoods of Terrace. It has become the second largest sustainable sockeye fishery in British Columbia. Read more

GOODS: “C” Launches New Autumn Menu Celebrating Fort Langley Cranberry Festival

October 6, 2011 


C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | In the sepia-infused olden days, fortune seekers lured north by British Columbia’s gold rush referred to cranberries as “red gold”. The nutritional properties of the little red orb were life saving in the pioneer days of scurvy and other ills. Today, cranberries have been relegated to watered-down “cocktails” and canned jellies cracked open at Thanksgiving. But C, in its usual way, has decided to embrace this unique fruit, and make it the ruby red star of its very own menu. Read more

GOODS: “C” Proprietor Harry Kambolis And Chef Rob Clark Named Seafood Champions

March 22, 2011 

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | SeaWeb today announced Executive Chef of C Restaurant Robert Clark and CEO of Kambolis Restaurant Group Harry Kambolis as winners of the 2011 Seafood Champions Awards at the International Boston Seafood Show. The annual Seafood Champion Awards honour those who have made significant strides in improving practices and awareness of responsibly produced seafood. Seafood Choices established the award in 2006 to honor those in the seafood industry whose past or present contributions demonstrate a commitment to innovation that leads to change. Read more

Gobbling Food Porn At Canada’s Biggest Culinary Competition…

February 22, 2011 

by Andrew Morrison | This past weekend, the final three legs of the Gold Medal Plates series of national cooking competitions took place in Kelowna. Together, they are known as the Canadian Culinary Championships. Each of the eight competing chefs had won their right to be there on account of their victories against peers in their respective cities from Vancouver to St. John’s late in 2010. They were…

Rob Clark from “C” Restaurant in Vancouver
Duncan Ly from Hotel Arts in Calgary
Andrew Fung from Blackhawk Golf Club in Edmonton
Dan Walker from Weczeria in Saskatoon
Frank Dodd from Hillebrand Winery in Toronto
Michael Moffatt from Beckta in Ottawa
Martin Juneau from Newtown in Montreal
Jeremy Charles from Raymond’s St. John’s

I flew up early on Wednesday to join my colleagues on the judging panel at Sparkling Hills Resort, a stunner of a spa retreat resplendent with millions of Swarovski crystals embedded in everything from chair backs, waterfalls, doors, light fixtures, fireplaces and just about every other facet of the resort that wasn’t edible, drinkable or made of fabric (though I did hear mention of a curtain or two). Because it’s beyond Winfield, over the hills and seemingly in the middle of nowhere, it was a fabulously bizarre and wonderfully exceptional experience anchored by some surprisingly top drawer food (courtesy of their chef, Ross Derrick), a full service spa (including a three minute, -110 degree treatment that I said no thanks to), incredible views, and tempur-pedic beds in our rooms next to infinity tubs (that I said yes please to). It was such a remarkable place that it was rather sad to have to call it quits after just 24 hours, but duty called. We headed back down to Kelowna on Thursday afternoon, and from here I’ll let my photos and my friend James Chatto tell the tale… Read more

Martin Juneau Of Montreal Wins Gold At The 2011 Canadian Culinary Championships

February 20, 2011 

It’s been a grueling weekend up here in Kelowna at the Canadian Culinary Championships (and boy is my palate tired). Here are your winners: with the Bronze medal, it’s Vancouver’s own Robert Clark of “C” Restaurant; winning the Silver is Jeremy Charles of Raymond’s in St. John’s; and taking home the Gold is Martin Juneau of Montreal’s Newtown. I’ll post over 100 photos later and provide some details as to how it all went down soon, but in the meantime it’s time to board a plane for the ride home. Congratulations to all the chef competitors and a big thank you to the people of Kelowna for hosting us and putting on a wonderful show.

GOODS: Harry Kambolis And Robert Clark Of “C” To Speak At Seafood Summit

January 27, 2011 


C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant proprietor Harry Kambolis and Executive Chef Robert Clark have been called to present at panels during Sea Web’s Seafood Summit, January 31st – February 2nd, at the Westin Bayshore. The Seafood Summit brings together global representatives from the seafood industry and conservation community for in-depth discussions, presentations and networking, with the goal of making the seafood marketplace environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

Robert Clark will be speaking on a panel called “Gatekeepers to Cuisine Consciousness” – an exploration of chefs’ influence on sustainability (January 31st at 3:30pm.) Harry Kambolis has been invited to share his experience on a panel titled “Consumer Confusion to Confidence” (February 1st at 9:00am), which studies business’s role in creating clear choices to sustainable seafood. Read more

Nu, Raincity Grill & “C” Going The Extra Mile During Dine Out


Visit the Kambolis Group of restaurants online at,, and

News from Scout supporters Nu, Raincity Grill, and C RESTAURANT

Vancouver, BC | The Kambolis Group, never content to just do the “tried and true”, is going the extra mile for this year’s Dine Out. C Restaurant, glowing with new chef de cuisine Lee Humphries comfortable cooking, has forgone the typical three-course menu and replaced it with a five course-tasting menu, still for only $38. (A whimsical “to-go” course, petit fours and chocolates, complete the evening). Nu, reinvigorated by its delicate reimagining of Greek cuisine, does four courses: diners will be welcomed with crisp pita, homous, and olives as they settle in.

Proprietor Harry Kambolis (who’s in chef’s whites a lot these days) has already received strong notices for his deft and breezy handling of the Aegean Sea classics. And while Raincity Grill’s little sisters are going the extra mile, the English Bay-infused bistro is keeping those miles to a minimum: Chef Jennifer Peter’s commitment to the 100 mile diet is as steadfast as ever. “North Arm, Sloping Hills, Rossdown and Hannah Brook Farms are all 25 to 98 miles away from Denman Street,” proprietor Harry Kambolis is pleased to say. “I actually had one of my team Google map each farm.”

“I don’t see Dine Out as downgraded experience,” continues Kambolis, “I see it as an audition. Our patrons are here to see if they’d like to come back during the year, and I’ve imparted that mindset to my kitchen and staff. Guests can expect an experience that’s equal to the rest of the year.” Why did Kambolis decide to add the extra courses and courtesies? “Each new year, Dine Out effectively reinvigorates the hospitality industry, but for me, it’s not a cash grab: it’s a chance to give back. In my experience, our group always shines when it’s giving back.” Read more

Raincity Grill, “C” and NU Ready For Quiet Simplicity On 2011 Eve

December 28, 2010 


Visit the Kambolis Group of restaurants online at,, and

News from Scout supporters Nu, Raincity Grill, and C RESTAURANT

Vancouver, BC | The Kambolis Restaurant Group wants to welcome 2011 with you. We serve nourishing food, render crisp service and offer festive locations. After years of bands, fireworks and bells and whistles, we’ve decided to embrace quiet simplicity. C, Raincity Grill and Nu will be offering our a la carte menu, at regular prices. Come early or come late for a sophisticated meal built with ingredients that are foraged, farmed and fished close to home. C has the freshest seafood in British Columbia, right on False Creek, and Raincity Grill serves Pacific Northwest cuisine, at a dignified distance from the action at English Bay. And our youngest property, Nu, now features a reimagined menu that puts a clean and delicate spin on Greek cuisine. More after the jump… Read more

Concept Change Brings Updated Greek Cuisine To “Nu” Tomorrow

November 30, 2010 

Nu restaurant + lounge is located at 1661 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-646-4668 |

Nu restaurant + lounge is located at 1661 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-646-4668 |

News from Scout supporter Nu

Vancouver, BC | Harry Kambolis dished out food to family and friends at his last Greek Easter celebration, a yearly tradition that has grown in scope and size since it started 15 years ago. It was then that he envisioned the pillars of Greek eating – family and freshness – finding a home at Nu Restaurant on December 1, 2010.

Inspired by the many islands of the Greek Aegean Sea with their fertile valleys, simmering volcanoes and deep waters rife with aquatic delicacies, Kambolis boldly seeks to re-invent Greek cuisine in North America by bringing time-honoured Greek culinary tradition into the 21st Century. Read and the menu and all the details after the jump… Read more

Chef Rob Clark Celebrates Win At The 2010 Gold Medal Plates

November 1, 2010 


C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

News from Scout supporter “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C Restaurant Executive Chef Robert Clark was crowned the culinary champion at Vancouver’s Gold Medal Plates on Friday night, a competition pairing premier chefs with Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes from coast-to-coast.

“We’ve been participating in Gold Medal Plates for years, but taking home gold with the recent Vancouver Olympics still so fresh in our memories, I’m speechless,” says Clark. “Seeing Alexandre Bilodeau on Friday posing for pictures with his admirers and holding the first gold medal won on Canadian snow, makes this all worth it.”

Clark and his new chef de cuisine, Lee Humphries took the podium for a velvety Fraser Canyon rabbit terrine with spot prawns, pickled chanterelles, with a peppery tuile and a tomato consommé, as a cleanser. C sommelier Kim Cyr matched the dish with a striking Viognier from Black Hills Estate winery.

It has been a great autumn for the Kambolis Restaurant Group. Proprietor Harry Kambolis was inducted into the B.C. Restaurant Hall of Fame in September and was duly invited to Premier Gordon Campbell’s Vancouver office to brainstorm about the industry. Kambolis also took the opportunity to introduce the Premier to C Blue Foundation, a new oceans advocacy initiative he has been building.

“I also want to feel like we’re moving forward,” Kambolis says, “And with Rob’s win, and with our new initiatives, I feel like we’re doing just that. It’s true: a rolling stone gathers no moss.” Read more

Rob Clark of C Restaurant Wins Vancouver’s Gold Medal Plates

October 30, 2010 


by Andrew Morrison | The Vancouver Gold Medal Plates went down at the Sheraton Wall Center last night. The chefs vying for gold and the opportunity to compete at February’s Canadian Culinary Championships were as follows: Neil Taylor (Cibo Trattoria), Quang Dang (Diva at the Met), Darren Brown (Coast), Nico Schuermans (Chambar), Cam Smith and Dana Ewart (Joy Road), Nicholas Nutting (The Pointe at the Wickaninnish Inn), Roger Sleiman (Quails’ Gate Winery), Stuart Klassen (Delta Grand) and Robert Clark (C Restaurant). The wineries in pairing action were all local: LaStella, Black Hills, Sandhill, Aces, Tantalus, Painted Rock, 8th Generation, Quails’ Gate, Laughing Stock, and Foxtrot.

It was the fastest GMP I’d ever judged. At our table (joined by last year’s winner, Rob Feenie, and sequestered away from the 700+ crowd), we plowed through the 10 dishes in just under two hours. We saw very little in the way of drama, but there was some negligence. One dish arrived stone cold, another was fumbled in delivery, and one of the wine pairings arrived corked (swiftly replaced). Temperature aside, there certainly weren’t any duds in the lot; the level of cooking being absolutely top drawer.

We structured the order with the gentlest flavours and lighter whites starting us off and the bolder reds (both meats and wines) shutting us down. Scoring was done for presentation (20 points), texture (20 points), taste (30 points), wine compatibility (10 points), originality (10 points), and wow factor (10 points), adding up to a possible 100 points. The lowest score that I gave was 62, while my highest was 83. The judges scores for each chef/dish are added up at the end in a private room, and the math determines who wins.

Read more

False Creek To Get Floating 12 Seat Dining Room This Summer…


Former sommelier Shannon Ronalds’ The School of Fish Foundation has amassed enough sponsorship funds to build a floating “classroom disguised as a first class dining room” for 12 on the water on False Creek. Buoyed by 1700 plastic bottles next to the False Creek Yacht Club and designed by Matt Kirk-Buss of Loki Ocean using only renewable, recycled, reclaimed and/or re-purposed materials, the 12 x 20’ raft will be in place by July 21st. All told, it will serve 720 customers this summer. Robert Clark, the award-winning chef at “C” Restaurant (next door), will be doing the cooking. “Intimate lighting, soft music, designer furnishings, bone china dishes, elegant silverware and crystal glassware will all be included to add to this unique experience.” As far as the prices are concerned… Read more

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