New Year’s Eve Wine Drinker Dinner At Two Chefs And A Table

December 17, 2010 


Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

News from Scout supporter Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | This New Year’s Eve, Two Chefs and a Table will mark the end of a very momentous year for the Bistro and the city with a special wine drinker dinner event. In 2010, the World was invited to come and visit us, and they left impressed by us as they left an impression on us!

The Two Chefs and a Table New Year’s Eve 2010 dinner will be a perfect start to a full night of parties or by itself as a more understated way to celebrate the change of years. Gathering together signature Two Chefs’ dishes like Coq au Vin, housemade terrine, carpaccio and rilettes with seasonal vegetables, house-made desserts and sauces made from scratch, the . All capped with a champagne dessert as a final toast to the year. Menu and details after the jump… Read more

Two Chefs & Jay Jones Team Up For A Prohibition-Era Dinner

September 30, 2010 


Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

News from Scout supporter Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | On Friday, October 15th, for one night only, Two Chefs and a Table is turning the calendar back to the days of prohibition for a special dinner featuring a set menu matched with cocktails from Vancouver’s cocktail slinging-legend Jay Jones.

The food selections are built on classic early 20th-Century dishes while Jay’s paired drinks list will be deeply rooted in vintage recipes. The room will be transformed for the night to evoke the era with period music, privacy curtains on the door and windows, entry by password and other surprises.

With Jay spending his time on education, consultancy and writing, this will be a rare opportunity to see Jay back behind the wood crafting and slinging cocktails for what’s sure to be a great night of intimate fun, great food and cocktails. Read more

Two Chefs And A Table Prepare For Twin Thanksgiving Feasts

September 21, 2010 


Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

News from Scout supporter Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | If only out of gratitude for the bounty of great local food that’s grown, raised and harvested in BC, Thanksgiving should be one of the most important holidays on the calendar for all Vancouverites and certainly those who love great, fresh food. The ever-growing focus on regional food makes Thankgiving the ideal time to celebrate the year’s harvest.

This year, Two Chefs and a Table are again marking Thanksgiving with restaurant and catering menus made using a broad range of seasonal local and sustainable ingredients. Along with delicious lamb from Polderside Farms and locally raised turkey, this year’s Thanksgiving menu will originate even closer to home with Gregg family heirloom tomatoes and herbs grown on the bistro roof.

The five-course set menu to be offered on the Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend starts with housemade lamb pate and heirloom tomato soup and finishes with seasonal desserts made from scratch. Inbetween, the centrepieces of the dinner will be the main courses of roasted lamb and turkey accompanied by local seasonal vegetables and housemade dressings. Read more

Special Dinner Honours Soccer Powers At Two Chefs & A Table


Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

News from Scout supporter Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | Many would argue that a country’s soccer style and cuisine are both a reflection of its culture. Latin countries are famed for their flair and invention while the traditional European powers play with structure and organization and the English can never quite get it right…

In honour of the World Cup, Two Chefs and a Table is preparing a special World Cup Wine Drinker Dinner menu that combines dishes and paired drinks from a variety of traditional soccer powers into one delicious night’s celebration. And while some of the greats like Italy, France and Brazil maybe on the sidelines for the finals, the Germans and Spanish are still looking for glory.

The dinner is being held on Wednesday July 7th, during the break between the semis and the final. This World Cup Menu is dinner is $65 per person, not including tax and gratuity. Two Chefs and a Table is located at 305 Alexander Street in Railtown. For more information or to book your table, call 778-233-1303 or email them at Reservations are recommended. View the menu after the leap… Read more

GuestBlog: Two Chefs & A Table Get Stuffed In San Fran (Part 2)

192162591_899c1c4b53_bphoto SF Brit

by Karl Gregg of Two Chefs & A Table | As I left off Part One we were leaving the market, not so willfully but leaving it nonetheless. We had done our research beforehand and had other areas to visit and things to see on our jam-packed trip. So, with a lot still to absorb, we headed off to new targets.

One thing we have learned from a taking a few of these trips together is that a good food trip requires a little advance work. Some of the very essential elements include:

- A map (GPS helps–thank god for smart phones!)
- A keen sense of direction in at least one person in the group
- And of course, a plan

So our plan included some butcher shops where we planned to do a bit of market research on the ground for a future project (you’ll have to keep an eye out for press releases and news to get full details of this next Two Chefs’ venture). The two areas we had highlighted were the Diamond Heights and Mission districts where we were in search of a few butcher shops that focused on old school service and new school attitude. Read more

GuestBlog: Two Chefs & A Table Get Stuffed In San Francisco…

2614082426_d75890544d_b photo: Darwin Bell

by Karl Gregg of Two Chefs & A Table

We decided late last year to start saving our hard earned tips and some supplier rebates to get to San Francisco for a trip that would mix some work and some pleasure. Our good friends in the Gastown area talked highly about the culinary scene there: the bartenders being quite the cocktail leaders, the local food movement being one of the best, et cetera.

We headed for Bellingham on a Friday to get the cheap flight from our friends of Allegiant Air, who if you didn’t know flies really cheap to Vegas as well (but that’s a whole other story entirely). We stayed at Parc 55 Hotel right in downtown and we got the best rate using the hint we were given by friends in the biz. First check Expedia for prices online, then call the hotel and ask them to beat that price. Given that hotels pay commission to online booking engines, it’s a trick that often works. Read more

Two Chefs And A Table To Plate Cinco De Mayo Supper On May 5th


Two Chefs & A Table is located at 305 Alexander St. in Vancouver BC | 778- 233-1303 |

News from Scout supporter Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | Cinco de Mayo has become an excuse to throw back shots of industrialtequila and drink slushy margaritas but this year, Two Chefs and a Table are fighting back the tide with a menu that spans classic national dishes like Sopa Azteca to moles of Oaxaca and seafood of the coasts. They’re combined with a variety of regional cocktails and drinks for an immersion in the tastes of Mexico. Click ahead for the menu… Read more

Two Chefs and a Table Announce Gastronomic Ride Down South


Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

News from Scout supporter Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | Over the past year, Two Chefs and a Table has developed a following for their special monthly multi-course themed dinner events. Whether focusing on a regional cuisine, a winery or even food pairings with both wine and beer, the monthly dinners are consistently sold out and give Karl Gregg and Allan Bosomworth free hand to let their creativity run free.

This spring, Two Chefs and a Table are resuming the monthly program with a pair of events where they’ll take their diners first South, and then a little further South for two very special events. In April, with help from Paul Watkin of the Seacove Group, Karl and Al are cooking up a special Southern Dinner Party which combines tastes of the Deep American South with both wine and bourbon pairings. Then in May, Allan Bosomworth is turning his Mexican heritage loose on a spectacular menu to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with recipes from all over Mexico, prepared with superb locally sourced BC ingredients. Read more

“Two Chefs And A Table” Prepping Six Courses For Valentines Day


Two Chefs And A Table is located at 305 Alexander Street | 778- 233-1303 |

News from Scout supporter Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | While Valentine’s Day might not be the biggest celebration in Vancouver this February, it’s still the one day a year that’s dedicated to exalting love and romance. In honour of the occasion, Two Chefs and a Table have created an enticing special menu with paired wine selections for each course. The intimate Two Chefs bistro is centrally located but just far enough away from the main Olympic zones to offer an oasis of peace and quiet amid the Olympic chaos. In this perfect setting, this dinner will celebrate both romantic love and culinary passion in equal measure. Read more

Two Chefs’ Poplar Grove “Wine Drinker Dinner” Set For Dec. 2nd

November 23, 2009 


Two Chefs And A Table | 305 Alexander Street, Vancouver BC | 778-233-1303 |

News from Scout supporter Two Chefs And A Table

Vancouver, BC | Two Chefs and a Table is pleased to announce the next in its series of Wine Drinker Dinners to be held December 2nd in partnership with the award-winning Poplar Grove Winery. Located on the slopes of the Naramata Bench, just outside Penticton, Poplar Grove Winery began as a quintessential garage winery in 1993. Over the last two years, Poplar Grove has entered an era of re-invention, moving from an artisan winery to a world-class winery with 150 acres of new vineyards under cultivation. Read more

Twenty-Two Minutes With Nigel Springthorpe Of The Alibi Room


Nigel Springthorpe is the co-owner and omnipresent life force behind the very kickass Alibi Room on Alexander.



The thing that you eat that is bad for you that you will never stop eating: Chunky Kitkats.

Default drink of choice: If there’s no quality beer available, I’ll take a scotch with a drop of water.

Drink you’ll never have again: Molson Canadian.

The one place you’d move to: Savary Island.

Beer of choice: Dead heat between North Coast Brewing – Old Rasputin Imperial Stout, and Central City Brewing – Empire IPA.

The best thing about your job: Converts. Some dude who comes to the bar asking for “a bud” or “just gimme any kind of lager” and ends up with one of BC’s biggest juiciest IPA’s and LOVES IT!!

Book you’re reading: Oz and James Drink to Britain – two dudes who take a Bentley with a caravan attached all over the British Isles visiting various wineries (yes, there are wineries in the North East of England), micro breweries and whiskey distilleries.

Last place traveled: The Algarve

Biggest fear: Losing everything.

Under what circumstances would you join the army: If I lost everything.

Best sneaker in the world: Every year me old mum sends me a pair of UK Adidas Sambas in the mail [ed. note: your mum is awesome].

Place in BC that you love escaping to: My father-in-law has a small organic blueberry farm in Powell River. It’s a perfect spot to escape the city for a couple of days.

Your paternal grandfather’s personal story: It’s heavy. I never met him. He stabbed my grandmother then committed suicide one afternoon. Whoa! Told you it was heavy.

What are you proud of: Of course, my daughter Frankie & my son Fynn. And lately I’ve been feeling quite proud of my wife, my sister and I for taking the Alibi Room from the brink of death three years ago and turning it into a place people really seem to enjoy coming once again. Yeah, I’m really proud of that.

The thing that makes you the angriest: Don’t want to be predicictable but the only time I really seem to lose my marbles is when confronted with rude drivers. I don’t mind fast, I don’t even mind crazy drivers. It’s the pushy fuckers usually driving one of those BMW SUV’s nudging their way in this, squeezing their way in that, not waiting their turn the other…actually I’ve noticed the newly crowned asshole king of the road is the Ford Edge driver. Motherfuckers.

Saddest thing about Vancouver: It’s been sad to watch Vancouver turn from a big city with a small town soul into just another big city. I think it started when the bus bumpers had the very friendly “thanks for the brake!” with a Thumbs Up sign, replaced with “YIELD! IT’S THE LAW”, that was the beginning of the end for me…Although, the Gastown Steam Clock is still a major tourist attraction.

Favourite restaurant in Vancouver: I’m a casual diner. Cascade is a personal favourite. I read a lot of mixed things out there on the web about their food, but I think they have it figured out perfectly. I’ve never been disappointed.

Talent you wish you possessed: Well, I do wish I was an ace ballet dancer…and boxer. But not one without the other.

The game you’re best at: Soccer

Three songs on your current playlist:

My Bloody Valentine – Come in Alone
Black Mountain – Angels
T.V. on the Radio – Wolf Like Me

Somewhere within an hour of Vancouver that few may have heard about but is worth checking out: About 10 years ago a friend of my wife bought a book of logging road maps of BC from the ‘70’s. There was a map to a lake called Starvation Lake. The lake doesn’t appear on any other maps. Its just before Squamish. You can only drive so far along a very bumpy old logging road then you have to hike in. You cross the rail tracks on the way. Leave a penny on the tracks. Spend the day basking in a very quiet lake. Then pick up the squashed little souvenir of your perfect day on the way back. Special.

The scariest situation you’ve ever been in: The moment the flood level of the water caused by the Monsoon I was in touched my testicles. I froze. I was scared.

Two things of no monetary value that you will keep until you die: the placenta in my freezer (it’s already been three and a half years, what’s another fifty?). I also have a lock of my son’s hair from his first cut.

BC chef that you admire most: Jeff van Geest

Best concert experience ever: Fugazi – Burnaby 2001

How you waste time at work: Dreaming up ways to get the dosh I need to own a brewery whilst intermittently picking on my business partner.

The thing you wished people cared more about: Giving the friendly wave when another driver does you a good turn.

The thing that makes you the most nervous: How uncertain the future is always being made out to be.

Town you were born in: Gateshead, UK

Old television shows you can tolerate re-runs of: Seinfeld

Album that first made you love music: Faith No More – From Out of Nowhere (I was 13)

The career path you considered but never followed: Motorcycle mechanic – I went to trade school. I had the opposite of Midas thing going. Everything mechanical I touched turned to shit right before my eyes.

Biggest hope: Don’t want to sound like a sap but… I feel that my generation has had a great deal of uncertainty thrown our way. There always seems to be a new crisis or disaster lurking around the corner each more heinous than the last. Whether it be war, a pandemic, a tsunami, financial melt down or terrorist attack. I just hope my children will have less fear to distract them from the simple joys of life.


This was the 45th interview of what will eventually amount to 500 profiles of people who have made life in BC that much more interesting. At the rate we’re going it’ll take three years, at which time we’ll probably just start shooting for 1,000.

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