COOL THING WE WANT #406 | Super Warm Woolen Tartan Blanket From “Old Faithful”


I saw a blanket at Old Faithful today. It came from The Woolen Mill on the Cannon River in Faribault, Minnesota, which for some reason made me think of this Will Ferrell beer commercial. I don’t know if it was Robyn’s last article about tartans or Michelle’s gallery of this morning’s fog that did it. Either way, I want it

$159 | 320 West Cordova St. | Vancouver, BC | 778-327-9376 |


HEADS UP: “The Life And Times Of WIlliam Callahan” Book To Launch At Old Faithful

February 22, 2013 

by Daniel Colussi | It’s a long way from Victoria, BC to Austin, Texas, especially if you’re going there to photograph/hang out with Bill Callahan. Callahan, who previously called himself Smog and has released over a dozen albums of brilliant (if oftentimes bleak) albums. He is a sort of towering figure in modern American music and he’s got a rep for being, um, somewhat elusive; press shy; not totally forthcoming to the world at large. So it was a complete shot in the dark when local photographer Chris Taylor wrote to Callahan and proposed the idea of taking photos of and around him at his Lone Star home, and definitely something of a shock when Callahan assented. It was agreed that in the Fall of 2008, Taylor would fly down and spend a month with Callahan as he finished work on his 2009 release, Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle.

The resultant book – The Life And Times Of William Callahan – performs a tricky balancing act: it gives intimate access to Callahan, but avoids being an exposé. It’s a study of Callahan as a musician and artist and a look at his Austin milieu. We see Callahan playing guitar or lounging in his backyard, but just as intriguing are the photos that don’t feature him – shots of his semi-empty house, and of the trees and alleys of his neighbourhood. This book was long in the making and a labour of love for Taylor, and it’s turned out to be well worth the effort. It’s been beautifully printed in an edition of 500 by Hassla Projects.

On March 15th, Gastown’s Old Faithful (320 W. Cordova) and Chris Taylor will host an exhibition of the photos and the book’s official launch party, which will run from 7pm until 11pm.


Daniel Colussi is the Music Editor of Scout Magazine and a contributing writer to Ion Magazine. A veteran employee of Zulu Records and tuneage aficionado, he DJs on an infrequent basis (about four times a year) and is a musician around town who plays in several ensembles.

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: Gastown’s Old Faithful Wants To Hire “A Few Good Folks”

Old Faithful is located at 320 West Cordova St. in Vancouver, BC | 778-327-9376 |

The GOODS from Old Faithful

Vancouver, BC |  We’re on the lookout for a few good folks to join the team. We have both full-time and part-time sales positions available right now. Sales experience is preferred but not necessary for the right candidates. Find out more about Old Faithful after the leap… Read more

Cool Thing We Want #360: Paine’s Pinon Pine Incense From Cordova’s “Old Faithful”

October 24, 2012 

Paine’s All Natural Pinon Pine Incense | 32 Cones + 1 Burner per box | $7.95 | Old Faithful 

We’ve never been big fans of incense, but the stuff you can get from Cordova’s Old Faithful is usually two kinds of awesome: Cedar or Balsam Fir. Both smell like mid-summer beach fires on a Gulf Island, which is to say deliriously good. And now there’s a third – Paine’s All Natural Pinon Pine – and it smells of a snowed-in log cabin with a big fireplace and a winter’s supply of wood. It’s holy shit transportative, and you should get some.


HEADS UP: Check Out The Farmers Market At “Old Faithful” In Gastown This Sunday

Want to go to a farmers market to load up on fresh produce but feeling whimpy about the prospect of coming face to face with the reality that it’s raining again? Try Old Faithful’s farmers market this Sunday. It’s indoors, everything is local, and it’s gonna be tasty. See you there.

Seen In Vancouver #372: Growing Our Own Pizza With “Victory Gardens” At Old Faithful

This past Saturday, Old Faithful Shop and Victory Gardens collaborated for the second Container Gardening Workshop of the season. Tomatoes and basil were the plants of choice this time around, and after the 20 students tended to their container gardens (and learned more about how they could enjoy more self-sustaining lives), they all went home to ponder what other ingredients they’ll need to grow/make next for their homemade pizzas. Take a look…



Rommy Ghaly was born and raised in New York. He’s spent the past sixteen years moving around from city to city and country to country, trying (and failing miserably) to find himself. You may see him out in the streets with his cameras taking photos of people he doesn’t know. The results of those adventures can be found at


HEADS UP: Gentlemen’s Reserve Market Set To Go Down At “Old Faithful” This Weekend

There’s a cool pop-up market going on at Old Faithful this weekend. Gentlemen’s Reserve will showcase clothing and accessories made by folks who are passionate about their individual crafts.  The event has been put together by Free/Man Brand - a Victoria-based online publication hell-bent on promoting clothing and accessory brands borne of a commitment to preserve quality workmanship. It seems in keeping with what we’d expect from Old Faithful, and we’re excited to see what will be on offer.

Sat, May 5, 10am – 6pm & Sun May 6, 11am – 6pm | Old Faithful Shop (320 W Cordova)  | Details

HEADS UP: Container Gardening Workshop By Victory Gardens At Gastown’s Old Faithful

From the Scout offices of the Department of Things That Will Sell Out Very Fast comes news of another wicked gardening workshop by Victory Gardens at Old Faithful. Pounce today, greenthumbs. PounceRegister online or in-store (bonus: if you go the in-store route there are lots of pretty things to look at).

GOODS: Gastown’s “Old Faithful” Hosting An In-Store Farmer’s Market This Sunday

Old Faithful is located at 320 West Cordova St. in Vancouver, BC | 778-327-9376 |

The GOODS from Old Faithful

Vancouver, BC | This upcoming Sunday we celebrate local labour with an in-house Summer Market! A selection of locally-grown fruits, vegetables, preserves, pastries and baked goods will be on hand for the Gastown community to enjoy. We’re really excited to have found top-notch farmers to supply us with their grown goods as well as local businesses to provide us with their hand-crafted wares. We hope to see you there! Read more

Gastown’s “Old Faithful” Shop Arrives on West Cordova Street


The paper came off the windows of 320 West Cordova last weekend to reveal Old Faithful, a new Gastown shop by Walter Manning and his girlfriend Savannah Olsen. I popped in to find Manning and his dog Jean-Pierre holding the fort down, plus a whole bunch of cool stuff (check it all out after the leap). Read more