Cool Thing We Want #315: Tweed Canadian Wool Blanket From Gastown’s “Old Faithful”

December 15, 2011 

Charcoal Tweed Canadian Wool Blanket | 100% Virgin Wool and super stylin’ | They keep selling out, but our fingers are crossed for a new shipment before Christmas | Old Faithful Shop | $210


GOODS: Gastown’s “Old Faithful” Readies For Another Summer Market This Sunday

Old Faithful is located at 320 West Cordova St. in Vancouver, BC | 778-327-9376 |

The GOODS from Old Faithful

Vancouver, BC | This upcoming Sunday we will present another in-house Summer Market! Please join us for a celebration of local labour as we present to you a selection of fruits, vegetables, preserves, coffee, pastries and baked goods from your own area code. This Summer Market promises to be even better than the first one, so make sure you do not miss it. We look forward to seeing you there! Read more

RECAP: Container Gardening Class For City’s Backyardless At Gastown’s “Old Faithful”

by Michelle Sproule | Gastown’s Old Faithful – truly of Vancouver’s coolest stores – held a workshop last weekend called Container Gardening 101. This was an in-store class teaching the basics of growing herbs and greens well above the earth’s surface for those bereft of backyards. We snuck in to catch the tail end and were so inspired by the throng of happy gardeners that we got in touch with workshop instructor Lisa Giroday to ask her about how our readers could pull together a container garden on their own. Lisa sent us back the following:

5 tips to consider for anyone who wants to grow in a container…

1: Before you put anything inside your container, the most important factor to consider is drainage. The ideal container has holes in the bottom for water to drain out completely, most plants are NOT happy when there roots are constantly soaking in water. With this in mind, you want the container to elevated so that the water can drain completely and not collected in a pan below.

2: Do a little research and plant what’s right for what you have. Most plants are happy with 4 hours of sun a day, but there are a few such as tomatoes, eggplant and peppers that love the heat and south facing sun, so make sure your spot is the right fit for your food.

3: Soil is also a very important component to the success of your container plants. It needs to be nutrient rich, but not too heavy. A light-weight soil than can drain well is ideal. Also don’t forget, if you’re eating what you’re going, don’t save money buying the cheap stuff, splurge, spend a few extra and buy organic.

4: There are two options for planting: seed and started plants. For either, timing is important. If you plant too late, the plant won’t have time to mature before it gets cold and it can no longer survive. If you plant too early, there may not be enough heat for the seed to germinate or the plant to survive the cold weather. So like in various steps above, do a little research and figure out when the best time to plant your food.

5: Maintenance is very important. By this, I mean watering and feeding. Containers dry out or get water logged rather quickly, so be sure to check everyday if your plant is not getting enough or too much water. Also be sure to feed your plant with some organic compost by mulching (piling up) at the base where the plant meets to the soil to ensure that all the right nutrients are available for your plant to grow.

For those looking for further guidance, Old Faithful also carries a few great gardening books.

Garden Wisdom & Know-How ($24.95)

A Little Piece of Earth – Maria Finn  ($24.95)

Terrarium Craft – Amy Bryan Aiello & Kate Bryant  ($22.95)

Considering how many young Vancouverites can’t afford the luxury of a backyard, it’s no surprise that this sold out on the double quick. If you weren’t one of the lucky, forethinking ones and you’ve been troubled by it in your highrise ever since, don’t fret your would-be greenthumb a second more, for there are similarly-themed workshops coming down the pipe. Bookmark the Old Faithful blog and the Scout List for news about an upcoming Terrarium workshop.

Gastown’s “Old Faithful” Shop Arrives on West Cordova Street


The paper came off the windows of 320 West Cordova last weekend to reveal Old Faithful, a new Gastown shop by Walter Manning and his girlfriend Savannah Olsen. I popped in to find Manning and his dog Jean-Pierre holding the fort down, plus a whole bunch of cool stuff (check it all out after the leap). Read more

Old Faithful Shop


320 W Cordova St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E8
Tel: 778-327-9376


The People

Savannah Olsen | Owner
Walter Manning | Owner

About Old Faithful

Old Faithful Shop, located in the Historic Gastown district of Vancouver, BC, opened its doors in May of 2010. We feel a close kinship with this part of town: this is where Vancouver started, flourishing through a vibrant community trading their goods and services. Old Faithful Shop views itself as an updated version of a general store that would have existed here over 100 years ago.

Old Faithful Shop stocks quality goods for simple, everyday living. We are drawn to products that are well-made, classic in design and when possible hand-crafted by a human being. We feel that the best products are the ones that age well and stand the test of time – items that will exist long after we do not.

Savannah Olsen and Walter Manning, co-owners of Old Faithful Shop, work diligently to uncover items from around the world that will be reliable for you in their day-to-day use. Hopefully you will be able to visit us in person at our brick and mortar store, but if not, you can shop our online store at your convenience.

Press & Accolades

We’ve been featured in Vancouver magazine, House & Home, Elle Decor, Sunset Magazine and Bon Appetite.