Foreign Intelligence Brief #406: Kiwi Troops Welcome Home Dead With Big Haka

The government of New Zealand has announced that it will withdraw its small troop contingent (145) from Afghanistan as rapidly as possible after three soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb attack outside Bamiyan last week. This chilling video shows members of the 2/1 RNZIR Battalion acknowledging the return of their comrades’ bodies to their parade grounds with a traditional Haka war dance.

Smoke Break #834: Skating The Ripples And Rubbles Of Christchurch After The Quake…

Skateboarding is the sport of opportunists…

I Want A Treehouse Restaurant In Stanley Park

December 31, 2008 

Just opened in a forest outside Auckland, New Zealand is the Yellow Treehouse, a restaurant 33ft up a huge redwood tree. How awesome is this?

Though it does look an awful lot like Chewbacca’s house, it was actually constructed as part of an advertising campaign by the Yellow Pages.

To reach the 18 seat restaurant, diners much walk up a 200ft elevated walkway…

As for the food, the kitchen is on the ground, so it’s winched up by the chefs.

We should have one of these, no? Maybe a couple. Either way, Tofino should totally have four (at least).

Get building please.


Images: Pacific Environment Architects NZ Ltd.