GOODS: Awesome Local Street Food Cart “Re-Up BBQ” Joins The Scout Community

We’ve invited The Re-Up BBQ street cart to join our GOODS section as a recommended local company. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we’ll be publishing their news front and center and hosting a page for them on our list of independent goodnesses. We’d thank them for their support of Scout, and hope you’ll take this chance to get to know them a little better…

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The Re-Up BBQ



700 Block Hornby St by the VAG and South Side Robson Square
Telephone: 604-724-0894
Twitter | Facebook
Open 11-3 Monday to Saturday
(Friday and Saturday nights at the Biltmore Cabaret)



Owners (glorified bus-boys really)
Chester Carey
Michael Kaisaris
Lindsay Ferguson
Jose Rosales-Lopez
Briana Buckmaster


The Re-Up BBQ was born from the City of Vancouver’s inaugural and controversial food cart lottery. The newly minted business partners were entirely unaware that they were about to start their own company and were blithely following their dreams in other careers.

After a series of lucky breaks and 29 sleepless nights, the Re-Up BBQ – Vancouver’s first Southern BBQ food cart – opened to the public. It wasn’t much to look at, but the city quickly latched on to the aromas of the slowly smoked pulled pork and homemade sauces bellowing from the cart.

By the summer of 2011, the Re-Up BBQ expanded its menu and its locations. Pulled Pork, BBQ Beef Brisket and Black Bean and Corn Chili are all on the menu between their two cart locations in Downtown Vancouver.

Re-Up specializes in authentic Southern BBQ — meaning the meat is smoked slowly at a low temperature, not grilled, to infuse flavour and create the most tender of meals.

The locally raised meats are smoked all day over pecan wood at Re-Up’s kitchen. The pork is shredded by hand before heading out to the carts and into a sandwich. All sauces, condiments and drinks are made from scratch, and that’s the way it’s going to stay. The crew at the Re-Up BBQ keeps the menu simple and focuses 100% on the flavour of the sandwiches.

A lesser known fact: the Re-Up kitchen team brines and smokes their own line of bacon including such illustrious ingredients as Makers Mark Bourbon, Central City’s Red Racer IPA and Ancho Chili powder. Both this bacon and seasonal, freshly brined turkeys are available through their website.


Vanmag Restaurant Awards 2011 – Silver
Georgia Straight Golden Plates 2011 – Silver
Westender Best of the City 2011 – Silver
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