DINER | When Chambar Moves Next Door, What Happens To The Much-Loved Medina?


by Andrew Morrison | When we recently broke the news about Chambar’s expansion plans, we promised that we’d let you know about the fate of Medina, the dizzyingly popular brunch spot that Chambar is umbilically connected to. First, some background…

Chambar owners Karri and Nico Schuermans launched Medina together with an former employee of theirs, Robbie Kane, almost seven years ago. It was a time when the brunch scene in Vancouver was suffering from broad bouts of ubiquity. Granted, there were a lot of eateries offering brunch back then, but for the most part they adhered hard to the mimosa and benny traditions, which is to say that one could get the same lazy weekend mid-day meal at one restaurant and the next, ad infinitum. Medina was refreshing because it broke through the mold with things like Liege waffles with lavender chocolate and caramel, sizzling fricasee pans of fried eggs with braised short rib, arugula and applewood smoked cheddar (my personal fave), and coffee worthy of a second cup. It didn’t take long for Medina to attract daily line-ups, and soon it expanded to include more seats in a rear dining room. In very short order, it became the most highly recommended brunch spot in the city, a position that it still holds to this day.

So with Chambar moving and expanding their hours to include breakfast and brunch, the fate of Medina was unclear. The lease might be up, but even it wasn’t it would have to close so Nico and Karri wouldn’t have to compete with themselves right next door when they launched Chambar 2.0. But will Medina ever re-open? Of course it will. It’s too successful a brand to be left by the wayside, but it will have to move.

“I just want to tell all our customers that they shouldn’t worry,” Robbie told me over the weekend. “I’m looking for a new location for Medina as we speak, and I’m looking very hard.” Where that will be remains up in the air (we’ll let you know as soon as the deal is signed), but Robbie hopes to have the new Medina open this Spring, roundabout the same time that the old Medina closes.

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GOODS: Take In A Rare Evening At Beatty’s “Cafe Medina” For Charity This June 7th


Crosstown's Cafe Medina aims to provide "sweet sustenance for those on the move" during the Games

The GOODS from Cafe Medina

Vancouver BC | Medina Café is hosting a fundraising dinner to raise money for cancer research. Please join us on Tuesday, June 7 to enjoy a six-course Vegetarian tasting menu created by Medina’s chef de cuisine Jason Lee and accompanied by bubbles, beer, and wine. Funds raised will benefit the Relay for Life (Canadian Cancer Society) and Ride to Conquer Cancer (BC Cancer Foundation). Tickets are $75 and the event starts at 6:30 p.m. There are 25 seats available. We hope to see you there! To purchase tickets, stop by Medina Café or email darcy@medinacafe.com. Read more


February 5, 2010 


Crosstown's Cafe Medina aims to provide "sweet sustenance for those on the move" during the Games

News from Scout supporter Cafe Medina

Vancouver BC | Olympic game goers and Vancouverites alike will be pleased to know that Café Medina’s mouth-watering waffles and connoisseur-savvy coffees will be available at the café’s new take-out window.

Located at the entrance of the café, the take-out window has been implemented in response to the influx of people that will be using Beatty Street as a thoroughfare during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Sure to be a welcome addition to a neighbourhood that will soon be bustling with foot traffic, the new take-out window will cater to passersby looking to lounge in between destinations or those hoping to grab a little sweet sustenance while on the move. Read more

Medina Café

October 4, 2008 


556 Beatty Street, Vancouver BC | MAP
Tel: 604-879-3114
Email: info@medinacafe.com


Medina CafeMedina CafeMedina CafeMedina CafeMedina CafeMedina CafeMedina Cafe

The People

Owners: Karri Schuermans, Nico Schuermans, Robbie Kane
Executive Chef: Nico Schuermans
Floor Manager: Robbie Kane

About Medina

A quaint cafe next door to popular night time hang out Chambar, Medina serves tasty and affordable breakfast, lunch and brunch dishes created by owner and chef Nico Schuermans. The room is warm, stylish, and in the evenings doubles as a high-end private dining room.