AWESOME THING WE ATE #926 | Dreaming Of Jerk Chicken At Victoria’s Meat & Bread

October 20, 2014 


Holy good goddam, jerk chicken! It sucks that Meat & Bread only makes the Caribbean staple at their new location in Victoria, but life goes on. They start with their signature bun, smear it with a tang-mellowed cilantro-lime aioli, and then load it up with jicama napa cabbage slaw, pickled red onions, roasted Rossdown chicken thigh meat that’s been jerked both on the bone and off. Great taste peppered throughout. Take a look at the new digs below (and ask them to bring it to Cambie):

$9 | Meat & Bread (Victoria) | 721 Yates Street |


OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | “Meat & Bread” Is On The Hunt For A Cook And A FOH Manager

Meat & Bread is located at 370 Cambie St. and 1033 West Pender St. | 605-566-9003 |

The GOODS from Meat & Bread

Vancouver, BC | Meat & Bread’s Pender St. location is in search of a full-time line cook with a minimum of 3 years of kitchen experience. The applicant must be creative, have a strong work ethic, a sense of urgency and attention to detail. Daytime hours. Please drop off resume in person weekdays before 10am. The Gastown location is currently seeking a front of house manager with a minimum of 3 years of experience in restaurants. The applicant must be a great communicator with a sense of urgency and great attention to detail. Daytime hours. Please drop off resume in person at our Gastown location weekdays before 10:30am. Read more

DINER | New Location Of Meat & Bread To Open On Yates Street In Victoria This July


by Andrew Morrison | Frankie Harrington, Cord Jarvie, and Joseph Sartor are opening a new location of Meat & Bread - their third – at 721 Yates Street in Victoria, BC’s old Churchill Building. That’s between Douglas and Blanshard, so right in the heart of the city. It’s a heritage space – a little bit bigger than Meat & Bread’s Gastown location – and they have Craig Stanghetta reprising his role as designer. I don’t expect they’ll veer too far from the original modern-meets-heritage aesthetic, and the menu will still be anchored by their famous porchetta sandwich and either a vegetarian or grilled cheese. We can also expect a location-specific signature sandwich, much like Gastown has its meatball and Coal Harbour has its corned beef. They’ve only just taken possession and hope to start construction in early May for a July opening. Need work? They’re setting up interviews for core staff as we speak. Email your resumes to info [at]


SEEN IN VANCOUVER #481 | Meat & Bread Queue For Turducken Wraps Around Block

December 23, 2013 


Last week we gave notice that Gastown’s Meat & Bread would be serving turducken sandwiches today and tomorrow. Just to be clear, that’s chicken stuffed in duck and then stuffed in turkey. It’s a culinary rarity, a carnivorous gourmand’s delight that’s seldom seen beyond the cloistered realm of the home kitchen and, very occasionally, artisan butcher shops. We could measure the incredible response that the post received in dry web statistics, but the real proof is in the line-up today, as evidenced in the Instagram shot above. We’re bummed that we missed out. See you in line tomorrow?


GOODS | Gastown’s “Meat & Bread” Making Turducken Sandwiches On December 23/24

December 13, 2013 

Meat & Bread is located at 370 Cambie St. off Victory Square | 605-566-9003 |

The GOODS from Meat & Bread

Vancouver, BC | Gastown’s Meat & Bread, will change up their menu on Monday, December 23rd and Tuesday, December 24th to incorporate a holiday favourite: Turducken Sandwiches. A Turducken sandwich is made up of chicken stuffed in duck and then stuffed in turkey. Meat & Bread’s Turducken sandwich will be served on their sandwich buns accompanied with andouille spiced duck sausage, stuffing, fried onions, pickled fennel, arugula, savoury cashew butter and of course gravy. This will be the third year that Meat & Bread will serve Turducken Sandwiches at their Gastown location. Read more

GOODS | Meat & Bread Hosting Fundraiser For Industry Veteran Hurt In Main St. Crash

Meat & Bread is located at 370 Cambie St. off Victory Square | 605-566-9003 |

Meat & Bread is located at 370 Cambie St. off Victory Square | 605-566-9003 |

The GOODS from Meat & Bread

Vancouver, BC | Meat & Bread will be hosting an evening fundraiser to raise money for their injured co-worker. The event will be hosted on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 370 Cambie Street, from 6pm to 10pm. There will delicious edibles provided by Two Rivers Meats and beverages sponsored by Joie Farm, Phillips Brewery, Howe Sound Brewery and Peacock & Martin. The event will also see a variety of raffle prizes awarded, and offer guests a chance to buy T-Shirts from Trevor Phillip’s own company: Ebon Aves. Trevor made a sweet short film about his t-shirt company. Check it out below…

Trevor Phillips is an industry veteran and current employee of Meat & Bread. On September 1, 2013, he was an innocent bystander in a very serious car accident on Main Street. Trevor was left with fighting for his life in the hospital with serious injuries including nerve damage in his left eye, and many broken bones. Although everyday is a struggle for Trevor and his family, he continues to demonstrate positivity and compassion as he slowly heals from his injuries.

As well as working as a chef, Trevor Phillips also runs a T-Shirt company, Ebon Aves. His company makes hand printed shirts that in turn support the local wildlife community. Trevor had also designed a T-Shirt for Meat & Bread before his accident, and these T-Shirts will be available for purchase at the fundraiser.

With 100% of the proceeds of the event going directly to aiding Trevor Phillips, we would love to see lots of faces for a beer. Alan Sacks, the executive director at The BC Hospitality Foundation, has agreed to match the amount of the sale of the t-shirts at the fundraiser and match the money raised at the fundraiser. Please join us to help a friend in need. Read more

HONOUR BOUND | “Meat & Bread” Selling Sweet T-Shirts To Support A Cook In Need

October 15, 2013 


Trevor Phillips is a cook at Meat & Bread who also runs a T-Shirt company called Ebon Aves. He was the “innocent bystander” who was critically injured in the major collision that occurred on Main Street back on September 1st. As he was waiting to cross the sidewalk, he was hit by a car, suffering nerve damage in one of his eye and many broken bones. Before the accident, Trevor designed the Meat & Bread T-Shirts that you see above. They’re now in stock at the Gastown eatery (370 Cambie at Hastings) in sizes small to xlarge. They’re selling for $30 (cash only), with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Trevor. We think you should kiss every person that you see wearing one. Spread the good word.


Honour Bound details the many cool things that we feel honour bound to check out because they either represent Vancouver exceptionally well or are inherently super awesome in one way or another.

AWESOME THING WE ATE #883: The Maple Bacon Chocolate Bar From “Meat & Bread”

January 14, 2013 

There are a lot of bad things in this world that one can easily get addicted to, and then there’s the smoked salt-dusted maple bacon chocolate caramel bar with roasted almond and nougat made by BETA5 for Meat & Bread. We think it’s hands-down the best chocolate bar being made in Canada right now. If it could be chain smoked, we’d buy a pack and light the hell up. | $3


GOODS: New Location Of “Meat & Bread” Open And Taking Sandwich Orders Online

The new location of Meat & Bread can be found at 1033 West Pender | 605-566-9003 |

The GOODS from Meat & Bread

Vancouver, BC | Meat & Bread’s new location is now open at 1033 West Pender on the corner of Oceanic Plaza. The store is focused on providing the busy office crowd with man-made hot sandwiches. Like the Cambie Street shop, the new location continues the theme of serving four sandwiches – porchetta, a changing daily special, a 5-day brined corned beef and a weekly vegetarian sandwich, along with daily soup and salad. As a quick, on-the-go desert option, Meat & Bread have collaborated with Beta 5 to create a cashew, caramel, nougat and smoked salt chocolate bar.

Co-owners Frank Harrington and Cord Jarvie will share their time between the two shops. Joe Sartor remains in charge of the food and has been joined by Terry Sommerville, returning from Hawksworth. The aesthetic is an evolution of the original store, once again designed by Craig Stanghetta. Salvaged pressed tin covered with glass, herringbone walnut flooring and a maple and ash bar top and communal table to keep the theme from Gastown, albeit with a slight polish. Glasfurd & Walker extended the brand design to include new packaging for sandwiches, drinks and dessert, stationery, signage and a new website. Read more

DINER: Meat & Bread To Open New Spot In The Heart Of Vancouver’s Financial District

by Andrew Morrison | The triumvirate that brought us the original Meat & Bread on Cambie off Hastings are opening a second location in the heart of Vancouver’s financial district. Owners Cord Jarvie and Frankie Harrington, together with chef Joseph Sartor, have just signed for a small space at the foot of Oceanic Plaza (1033 West Hastings). That’s a lob wedge west of Burrard, right on the periphery of the casual chain lunch domain (see Joeys, Cactus Club, Elephant & Castle), and totally dwarfed on all sides by skyscrapers.

As you can see from the shots below, the new digs are cloaked in plywood. That’s because an entrance and an exit are being constructed concurrently with the interior build. When it’s finished, it should have a similar look and feel to the original, only with less seats (10) and an L-shaped counter set-up rather than a straight line. I imagine it’ll be a noticeably more modern, too, considering its concrete, glass and steel shell (as opposed to the aged bones of the Cambie location).

Craig Stanghetta is on the design job again, with Glasfurd & Walker doing the branding (expect plenty of white tile and herringbone wood pattern). Menu-wise, it won’t be an exact carbon copy of the original. The sandwich that they’re most famous for, the Porchetta, will be on the steel wall menu for sure, but beyond that it’s up in the air. The coolest thing? The new exit will open out into the massive, sunken plaza with hundreds of places to sit in the fresh air, making it the largest, unofficial, unstaffed patio in the city. Opening day should come at some point during April.


SEEN IN VANCOUVER #315: Hungry Lady Attacks American Eagle At “Meat & Bread”

September 12, 2011 

A chilling scene unfolded today at Meat & Bread off Victory Square. We’re told it wasn’t even her bag…


GOODS: “Meat & Bread” Off Victory Square Looking To Hire An Experienced Sous Chef

Meat & Bread is located at 370 Cambie St. off Victory Square | 605-566-9003 |

The GOODS from Meat & Bread

Vancouver, BC | Experienced, hardworking, imaginative Sous Chef to fit into our team at Meat & Bread. This job will suit a professional looking to work daytime hours in a fast-paced, forward-thinking environment and on a menu that changes daily. Please send resumes to More details on the company after the jump… Read more

GOODS: Victory Square’s “Meat & Bread” Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

We’ve invited one of our favourite lunch spots, Meat & Bread, to join our GOODS section as a recommended local business that is well worth checking out. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we’ll be publishing their news front and center and hosting a page for them on our curated list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support of Scout and for making Vancouver a better place to live, and hope that you’ll check them out…


“Glasfurd & Walker Design” Has Joined The Scout Community

November 23, 2010 


Our talented friends at Glasfurd & Walker Design are now proud member supporters of Scout. We will be publishing their news on our front page and hosting a page for them in our list of recommended local resources to check out. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support of our little website. Click ahead to read on or jump directly to their Scout page hereRead more

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