TEA & TWO SLICES | On Big Fat Payouts And “Trendy” $800 Bachelor Suites On Main St.


by Sean Orr | This is not an AC/DC reference: By the numbers: B.C. budget back in black. More money for welfare and teachers right? Wrong. More money for payouts. Smyth: B.C. finance minister should be more than just ‘disappointed’ about payments to public execs. The article doesn’t even mention Michael Graydon: B.C. Lottery Corp. wants $55,000 back from ex-CEO.

Debt Free BC. “The real policy problem in this province is not that we are failing to move to a debt free B.C. The policy problem is that we are incurring debt for things we don’t need”.

Related tweet of the day:


Why can’t EI be U and I? EI is not actually helping low-income Canadians. “The lowest-income group only receives around 16 per cent of the benefits depending on the year. The poor pay into EI while working, but they are less likely to collect benefits if they’re laid off.”

The 10 most endangered jobs of 2014: Mail carrier, newspaper reporter, lumberjack. Yeah? You forget cross border pot smuggler…

You too could live in an office lunch room of a call centre in Mumbai: $800 Trendy Main St. Furnished Bachelor. Remember, the street is trendy, not the apartment. Or you could live at 955 East Hastings, now rebranded as The Ballantyne, ironically evoking one of the most important labour battles in Vancouver’s history.

Are conservative think tanks aiming their big guns at Vancouver City Hall? Wait, they haven’t already?

Why settle for Vision Vancouver or the NPA?. You’re talking about TEAM right?

Chinese Advertisements creating controversy in West Vancouver. What do you expect from West Van, home of the British Properties, where it is still technically illegal to sell your home to a Chinese person?

Save Black Dog Video. Sorry, I gave all my money to the potato salad guy.

(Top image: coyote seen off the Olympic Village seawall last night)

GOODS | Barman Rob Scope Set For Guest Stint “Upstairs” At Campagnolo This Sunday

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | Peter Van de Reep will be joined by Rob Scope, bar manager of Main Street’s Cascade Room on Sunday, July 13 “Upstairs” at Campagnolo. This dynamic duo will collaborate on a variety of innovative cocktail features. Knowing Rob, there will be bourbon involved.

Rob Scope was born in Bedford, England but spent much of his childhood in sunny Bermuda. When he moved back to England in 2001, Rob found work behind the bar at his local pub and honed his skills in other bars, hotels and restaurants. He found his passion in food-based establishments and developed his skill for pairing food and drink.

He later made his home in Vancouver, British Columbia where he held bartending positions at The Reef, C Restaurant, NU Restaurant, Cassis Bistro, Campagnolo, Refuel, and Calabash. He is currently holding court as bar manager of the renowned Cascade Room. Read more

GOODS | Local Tribute To Paul McCartney’s “Ram” Goes Down At The Biltmore On July 7

The Biltmore Cabaret is located at 2755 Prince Edward Street in Vancouver, BC | 604.676.0541 | biltmorecabaret.com

The Biltmore Cabaret is located at 2755 Prince Edward St. in Vancouver, BC | 604.676.0541 | biltmorecabaret.com

The GOODS from The Biltmore Cabaret

Vancouver, BC | The Biltmore Cabaret presents RAM ON, a tribute to Paul McCartney’s “Ram” with Sprïng and members of Synthcake, plus special guests. Sprïng is a neo-psychedelic band based out of Vancouver. In March of 2014, they released their debut LP entitled Celebrations and are currently playing shows both locally and abroad in support of the release. On the July 7th – to celebrate Sprïng member Joseph Hirabayashi’s birthday – they will be paying tribute to former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney’s Ram, an eclectic, eccentric, and manically infused super Beatles record released in 1971 (a cult favourite among McCartney fans). Joining Sprïng will be Lana Pitre and Kristy-Lee Audette of Vancouver locals Synthcake. The band has dubbed the project “Sprïngcake” and is excited to be joined by Spencer Owen and Classic Rick. Learn more after the jump… Read more

SEEN IN VANCOUVER #503 | “The Acorn” Celebrates Two Impactful Years On Main St.


by Andrew Morrison | As noted in the Scout List, it wasn’t just Cuchillo celebrating a milestone this week. The Acorn, arguably Canada’s best vegetarian restaurant, raised glasses (and munched catered Los Cuervos tacos) to mark their 2nd birthday on Monday night. It’s been a incredibly successful run for the Main Street eatery to date. Not only have they attracted people from the neighbourhood in droves, they’ve also impressed discerning gourmands – meat eaters included – from all across the city and country. But most importantly, The Acorn has elevated the meatless milieu to new heights in Vancouver, showing chefs and restaurateurs both young and well established that it’s entirely possible to thoroughly seduce the dining public without the traditional aids of duck fat and pork belly. For proof of this, pay them a visit. Forget all the recognition and the Gold Medal Plates victory and just concentrate on the food and drink in front of you. Even if you’re a carnivore of the most savage sort there’s no denying the skill, talent, or taste.




OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | “The Acorn” Is On The Lookout For An Experienced Bartender

The Acorn is located at 3995 Main Street in beautiful Vancouver, BC | 604-566-9001 | www.theacornrestaurant.ca

The Acorn is located at 3995 Main Street in beautiful Vancouver, BC | 604-566-9001 | www.theacornrestaurant.ca

The GOODS from The Acorn

Vancouver, BC | The award-winning Acorn Restaurant is looking for a bartender to join our team. The successful applicant will be exceptionally organized, charming and professional with strong knowledge in wine and spirits. A natural desire to engage with guests while making both classic and signature cocktails is a must, as is experience in fast-paced, upscale and fine dining restaurants. Strong respect for vegetables also essential. You will be joining a fun team at a progressive award-winning vegetarian restaurant. We pride ourselves on having a collaborative, team-driven environment, and we provide excellent opportunities for growth and development. E-mail cover letter and resume in confidence to shira [at] theacornrestaurant.ca or apply in person after 5pm (note that only successful applicants will be contacted). Read more

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | “Pizzeria Farina” Looking For An Experienced Chef Du Cuisine

Pizzeria Farina is located at 915 Main Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-9334 | www.pizzeriafarina.com

The GOODS from Pizzeria Farina

Vancouver, BC | Pizzeria Farina is looking for a chef de cuisine. The chef de cuisine will be responsible for the day to day operation of the kitchen and will manage a small team together with inventory, food costs, and hiring. The applicant should have experience as a pizzaolo, a minimum of four years restaurant experience and must be passionate about food. Send resumes to jc [at] pizzeriafarina.com and learn more about the company after the jump… Read more

GOODS | “Hot Choir In The City” Sing Your Favourite Tunes At The Biltmore June 26th

The Biltmore Cabaret is located at 2755 Prince Edward St. in Vancouver, BC | 604.676.0541 | biltmorecabaret.com

The Biltmore Cabaret is located at 2755 Prince Edward St. in Vancouver, BC | 604.676.0541 | biltmorecabaret.com

The GOODS from The Biltmore Cabaret

Vancouver, BC | If you can’t stop listening to the latest Timber Timber or War on Drugs record this spring, chances are that the members of the Kingsgate Chorus can’t either. The 30+ piece East Van chorus, and their rock ‘n’ roll offshoot group – The Mount Pleasant Institute of Sound – harmonize to your favourite tunes by Bjork, Sufjan Stevens, Bruce Springsteen, the Pixies, Neil Young and more. Join the choirs in celebration of the summer season with Hot Choir in the City at the Biltmore Cabaret on Thursday, June 26th. These events have a way of selling out so be sure to snag your advance tickets online now. Read more

COOL THING WE WANT #439 | A Camera Insert For A Fjallraven “Kanken” Backpack


Full disclosure: we’re cheating on this one. We no longer want this awesome camera insert for a Fjallraven “Kanken” backpack because we went out and bought it as soon as we saw it on Still Life’s Instagram feed today. The shot above is ours – taken after the purchase – with some our gear. It demonstrates how the insert easily fits a bulky Canon 5D MkII with a long lens attached plus four other lenses (4omm and 50mm below the fold), a battery charger, extra batteries, filters, memory cards, and spare caps (the kit comes with a small zipped pouch for these smaller bits and bobs). The kit is entirely modular with dividers that easily velcro in and out of a padded frame; very simple to put together, modify, and remove. Still Life on Main St. has plenty of ‘em, not to mention a whole bunch of Kanken bags to plug them into (bags sold separately for $80).

Camera Insert $40 | Still Life | 2315 Main St. | 604-876-5659 | www.stilllifeboutique.com


GOODS | “Burdock & Co.” To Host Sublime Sake Supper On Main Street Monday Night


Burdock & Co. is located at 2702 Main St. in Mt. Pleasant | Vancouver, BC | 604-879-0077 | burdockandco.com

The GOODS from Burdock & Co.

Vancouver, BC | On Monday, June 23rd, Mount Pleasant’s Burdock & Co. will play host to a very special supper with Kuheji Kuno of the prestigious Kamoshibito Kuheiji Brewery in Nagoya, Japan (established in 1647). The evening’s four courses, prepared by owner/chef Andrea Carlson and her team, will each be tailored to pair with Junmai Daiginjo “Eau du Desir”, Junmai Daiginjo “Human”, Junami Daiginjo “Kanochi”, and Junmai Daiginjo “Betsuatsurae”. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about fine sake, to meet the maker, and to enjoy Carlson’s culinary talent. Tickets are $130 per person (tax/grat included). Call 604-879-0077 to reserve. Read more

DIVE BARS | Loving Cheezies And Pacificos After Work At “The Brickhouse” On Main St.


by Shaun Layton | “The Brickhouse? Wait, where’s that?” That’s the reply you’d likely get if you mentioned one of my favourite dive bars in the city. Still, on occasion, you might just get an enthusiastic “I fucking love that place!” in response. And for good reason.

The Brickhouse, located on Main St. between East Georgia and Union, has been pouring beer and whiskey to DTES, Chinatown, and Strathcona locals for around 25 years. It’s definitely one of my “go to” spots for an after work solo pint, a game of pool with the lads, or a stop on the list if I’m touring out-of-town industry friends around town.

When you walk in on busy nights you’re greeted by a hostess at the front door. On slow nights, you can enter through the back in the alley by the Jimi Hendrix shrine. Old brick arches carry you through the cavernous space through to the main room, where you’ll be delighted by the character bar. Expect big fish tanks, lava lamps, shitty old red couches, pool tables, dart boards — it’s pure magic. One should never be bored sitting in this spot; the walls are covered with so much nostalgia. I’m not sure what the space used to be, but let’s hope it’ll never be anything else. It has such an interesting layout.

The atmosphere is incredible during either busy or slow, and the service is as adequate and genuine as it needs to be (as sure a sign of a great bar as there is). I recently visited a new self-styled “neighbourhood dive” and experienced quite the opposite. The place was empty (early on a Sunday) and the cool kid staffers couldn’t have cared less about the four guests in the bar. Service was non-existent. But perhaps that’s what they were going for, that whole “you should be honoured to be in such a cool bar” vibe. Alas, this isn’t Bushwick, or whatever part of Brooklyn they were trying so hard to emulate. That shit doesn’t fly in Vancouver.

That being said, a good dive bar should never be concerned with doing anything especially well, except keeping glasses full, music flowing, and me (the customer) coming back. The Brickhouse does exactly that, all while being laid-back and completely unpretentious. The two bartenders I’ve encountered are a younger lady who’s been there for over 8 years, and the owner, “Leo”, whose reputation precedes him in industry circles. Both are great bartenders, but only one is a legend.

The younger lady is very friendly, remembers what you drink, and keeps ‘em coming. Leo, one the other hand, is just something else altogether; a three-way cross between Seattle’s favourite bartender, Murray Stenson (pouring for over 30 years), a very regimented and stern blackjack dealer, and the soup nazi. Leo epitomizes efficiency; he doesn’t even look like he’s moving that fast (he isn’t), but every move he makes is calculated and with purpose. He just gets things done. On a Friday night, watching this guy take orders from the weekend warriors is something else!

I prefer the place early week, and so should you. On a quiet Sunday you’ll find locals reading books, out-of-towers (who must have cool friends who told them about it), and industry staff enjoying their “weekend”, such as they are. A B & T crowd kinda spoils the joint on Fridays and Saturdays, but that’s true of most places worth going to city-wide.

Oh, I nearly forgot! The food. A great selection of bags of chips is on offer here; my favourite being a bag of Cheezies to go with my Pacifico. It’s the perfect combo as I wind down after work, listening to the oldies rock ‘n roll soundtrack. If you haven’t been before, bring only your worthy friends, and don’t tell too many people. Places like The Brickhouse need to stick around!

IMG_6220Shaun Layton has helped to maintain a top notch bar scene in Vancouver for ten years, and since day one at Gastown’s L’Abattoir, where he is the Bar Manager. He also runs his own consulting company, designing bar programs and training staff locally and as far away as St.John’s, NFLD. Layton has competed and travelled throughout the USA and Europe, touring distilleries, breweries and bars. He was recognized in 2012 as the Bartender of The Year by Vancouver Magazine.

GOODS | “Campagnolo” Rejoins Main Street Farmers Market With Pasta Stall & Specials

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | It has been two weeks since the farmers and purveyors of The Main Street Station Farmers Market set up their stalls for a new season. Wednesday, June 4 marked opening day for the mid-week farmers market located at Thornton Park. The Main Street Station Farmers Market runs from 3pm until 7pm every Wednesday until October 1, and is located just steps away from Campagnolo Restaurant.

Each year, Campagnolo celebrates the return of the market with unique features, events and promotions—this year is no exception. The chefs of Campagnolo will be at the market every week picking the freshest daily ingredients to create Market Wednesday features, available for dinner service at Campagnolo Restaurant starting at 5pm.

In addition to the restaurant’s weekly Market Wednesday features, the Campagnolo market stall is open every Wednesday offering shoppers house-made dried pasta from Campagnolo and pizza spice from Campagnolo ROMA. All proceeds from the pasta and pizza spice sales directly benefit Thunderbird Elementary School’s food program. There is no set price for these products, allowing market shoppers to make a donation in exchange for a bag of pasta or packet of pizza spice.

Campagnolo is also celebrating peak season at the market with a Midsummer Night Dinner, and honouring the market’s final day with Cerelia, an Italian feast commemorating the harvest. Get all the details after the jump… Read more

GOODS | “The Acorn” Shifts Seasons, Gets Set To Launch New Summer Menu Thursday

The Acorn is located at 3995 Main Street in beautiful Vancouver, BC | 604-566-9001 | www.theacornrestaurant.ca

The GOODS from The Acorn

Vancouver, BC | Chef Brian Skinner has created a new menu to kick off The Acorn’s second Summer season!  We will be bringing back some old favourites (such as the Strawberry & Tomato Gazpacho and the Heirloom Panzanella Salad with toasted focaccia) but we will also have some new items for you to try – we’re excited to introduce a Beet & Hemp Seed Pate as well as a new RAW Zucchini Linguini with Mint & Walnut Pesto. Not only does summer bring new items to our dinner menu, you can expect to see a few new signature cocktails too! It all starts Thursday June 12th with new items rolling onto the menu throughout the week. Read more

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | Campagnolo Is On The Lookout For Ambitious Kitchen Staffers

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | Campagnolo Restaurants – an award-winning restaurant group – is hiring cooks from all experience levels. Campagnolo and Campagnolo ROMA restaurants are teaching kitchens, places to continue an education and have hands on experience doing the things that cooks only touch on in school. Bread baking, pastry, whole animal butchery, utilizing local and seasonal products, working all stations in the kitchen, and learning to think and act like a Chef, not just a cook, are what makes these restaurants unique. They offer competitive wages, meals and tips for monetary compensation but the real reward is knowledge. Please forward your cover letter and resume to robertbelcham [at] gmail.com. Read more

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