Durbach & Stewart’s Cafeteria Joins The Scout Community


Main Street’s Cafeteria is now a proud member supporter of Scout. We will be publishing their news and press releases on our front page and hosting a page for them in our list of recommended places to check out. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support of our little website. Click ahead to read on or jump directly to their Scout page. Read more

Westender Review #253: “Finer Diner ‘Cafeteria’ Opens Strong”


My review of Main St.’s new Cafeteria in this week’s Westender:

by Andrew Morrison | It’s not uncommon for eagerly anticipated new restaurants to fall flat on their faces. The service can be skittish, the food unevenly prepared, and the vibe altogether unsettled, but that’s only to be expected with new rooms. I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt, usually by paying them three separate visits. One can’t expect (though it’s entirely reasonable to demand) perfection during the first few weeks. Mistakes — even a horrendous one, or two — are the norm. One dines accordingly, as if in a minefield.

That said, on very rare occasions, a restaurant comes along that’s a genuine pleasure to review straight out of the gate. Cafeteria is one of those. Having opened two weeks ago at Main and 11th, it’s without any noticeable flaws and drunk on that most elusive of hospitality cocktails: experience, mixed with confidence, and good luck. One visit was enough, but I went twice because I liked it so much. Read more

Seen In Vancouver #240: Already Lining Up At Main’s “Cafeteria”


A quick shot from the line-up at the new restaurant Cafeteria (Main and 11th) taken mid-rush in its first week. I’ve been a couple times now, once because it’s sort of my job and twice because I particularly enjoy gorgonzola and mustard creams bathing my schnitzel. They don’t take reservations (the easily inconvenienced have my condolences).

Durbach & Stewart Softly Open “Cafeteria” At 2702 Main Street


Cafeteria will open its doors softly to friends and family tonight (public this weekend). The new 30 seat restaurant comes to us from industry vets Andrey Durbach and Chris Stewart. As you may recall, they sold their L’Altro Buca restaurant (previously Parkside) in the West End to Carol and Luciano Loi of Adesso Bistro a couple of months ago in order to purchase the Ping’s spot at 2702 Main (details all here).

The focus won’t be cuisine-specific like their two other restaurants, La Buca (Italian) and Pied-a-Terre (French), and much like the original Parkside, the menu will travel quite a bit. They’re aiming for “super casual”, with no dish large or small trespassing beyond the $20 mark. In the end, what I imagine we’ll end up seeing is a playground for chef Durbach’s creativity, which is never a bad thing. All told, I’d count this as a huge win for Main.

I popped in before the doors were unlocked earlier tonight. Click through the menu and the room below…


Durbach & Stewart Sell L’Altro Buca & Buy Ping’s Cafe On Main


Chris Stewart and Andrey Durbach (interview) have sold their L’Altro Buca restaurant (formerly Parkside) on Haro St. in the West End to Luciano Loi, who once upon a time owned a Ligurian trat in Kits called Adesso Bistro (now a fratty surf joint called KarV). The ink on the sale has only been dry for a few days, but it’s been long enough for Stewart and Durbach to pounce on a new space – Ping’s Cafe at 2702 Main Street.

We’re working under the assumption that Luciano will likely reprise his regional Italian theme in the L’Altro Buca location (another Adesso Bistro perhaps) but what Stewart and Durbach are going to do on Main is not a total lock. Though this only just happened this morning and they don’t take possession until May 18th, we can tell you that they’re looking to execute a quick turnaround with an opening date set for mid-June. Read more

Bummer: Tim Hortons & Wendy’s To Open In Fire-Gutted Soma Digs


Oh my freakin’ God you can’t be serious. Remember that fire that destroyed Slickety Jim, Zocalo, et cetera on the southwest corner of Main and Broadway in November? Yeah, well word is those businesses are going to be replaced with a Tim Hortons and a Wendy’s. We joked back then that the vacant addresses might pave the way for Earls or some such chain, but we never expected this. Bit of a bummer, no? From 24hrs:

Though bulldozers have yet to arrive at the corner of Kingsway and Broadway, a three-alarm blaze Christmas morning has sealed the fate for a number of businesses there.

Now, business leaders such as Jim Dreichel, a Mount Pleasant BIA board member, are fearful developers will place a priority on maximizing profit over supporting a vibrant community when plans are made to erect new buildings.

“When a developer moves in and they put in retail and market rate condos, then it’s those people [who] benefit off the backs of people who made [the neighbourhood] cool,” Dreichel said.

Restaurateur Mike Zalman, who lost Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘N Chew in November, is painfully aware that the cost of opening and operating a business in South Main will increase dramatically as the neighbourhood gentrifies.

“I enquired about the building at the southwest corner of Main and Broadway and found out it’s going to be a Tim Hortons and a Wendy’s,” he said. “It hurts. The gods of progress have started to smite Main Street.”

Started? Nuh-uh. They’re just wrapping up.

UPDATE: a reader points out that it isn’t the burned out joints that are turning into a Wendy’s and a Tim Hortons, but rather the old bank building next door. If that’s true, I’m not sure if it makes much difference to me.

Someone Please Buy The Narrow For $125,000 And Totally Rock It


The Narrow Lounge (aka Narrow, Narrow Artist’s Lounge) has been listed for sale for quite a while now at Main and Third. They’re asking $179,000, which seems a little ambitious for a broom closet specialising in brown spirits and drunk people food. But, if you’re loaded and lonely and want a life of 30-something hipsterity all to a soundtrack that jumps from Billy Idol to Bauhaus, then welcome home, this Pabst Blue Ribbon is for you. Read more

Preview: The 1st Rendering Of The New “Habit Lounge” On Main


The first and not the last rendering of the new Habit Lounge at 2610 Main Street just landed on my desk, courtesy of two of the owners, David Nicolay and Rob Edmonds (to view the full image, just click it). Read more

Soma Has Sold, Closing At The End Of The Month

Soma is closing down at the end of March. Area residents and serial restaurant watchers will remember it moved in June 2007 from its Main Street location to an old house (circa 1892) two blocks north and just a few steps in on East 8th Ave (a stone’s throw from the old Aurora Bistro, now Wallflower). The change saw Soma upping its concept from coffee and wifi to wine and small plates, with a big chalkboard and silver chairs (a la Salt Tasting Room) lined up at a 26ft long bar. Read more




2702 Main Street, Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 778.317.3783
Website: www.cafeteriavancouver.ca

Hours of Operation

Cafeteria is open for dinner service seven days a week, 5PM until late.


The People


Andrey Durbach, Chef/Owner
Chris Stewart, Owner

About Cafeteria


From restaurant duo Andrey Durbach and Chris Stewart comes Cafeteria, a place where comfort food, nostalgia and neighbourhood meet to eat, drink and play.

The restaurant’s revolving offering of childhood favourites and adult indulgences rotates on chef Durbach’s whim with daily menus and inventive offerings of beer and wine displayed on old fashioned letter boards. Zinc tabletops, upholstered banquettes and stripped wooden chairs furnish the room while concrete floors, cedar planks and exposed brick add design zest. A titanium wine rack frames the eastern wall, clutching 600 bottles begging to be opened.

Cafeteria is nestled at 2702 Main Street at 11th avenue and open seven days a week from 5PM until late. The restaurant welcomes walk-in traffic, with a no reservations policy and a pledge to text you when your table is ready. Feel free to explore the neighbourhood while you wait.


Habit Lounge




2610 Main Street, Vancouver, BC | V5T 3E6
Telephone: 604-877-8582
Email: info@habitlounge.ca
Website: www.habitlounge.ca
Monday to Thursday: 5pm – 12am
Friday: 5pm to 1am
Saturday: 9am – 1am
Sunday: 9am – 10pm




Managers: Nigel Pike | Wendy Nicolay | Nick Devine
Design: Evoke International Design | www.evoke.ca

About Habit Lounge


Serving Main Street proudly since 2005, Habit is now open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In a setting reminiscent of a 1970’s Canadian Rec Room, Chef Tristan Burley has created a menu full of nostalgia yet updated to meet today’s demand for food respectful of location and quality. Kind of like the food your Mom made when you were a kid – if she could cook!

The Breakfast menu is classic in interpretation and satisfying in taste, offering diners a selection of hearty egg dishes from Flat Iron Steak & Eggs and Back Bacon Eggs Benny to Huevos Rancheros with its house smoked tomato salsa. Wash your breakfast down with our daily feature Mimosa or Breakfast Martini Bento Box. Sandwiches such as the BLTA and a Venison Sloppy Joe, along with house-made soups, salads and our ever-popular Carrot and Brie Perogies, make up the lunch menu. Locals flock to Habit for our evening menu, including favourites such as our Albacore Tuna Casserole, House-made bacon wrapped Lamb Meatloaf, Steak Frites and our daily Oceanwise Choice Fish of the Day. Our goal is to use free-range eggs, humanely raised meats and sustainable seafood in the preparation and execution of our menu.

Co-owner/bar manager Nick Devine has imagined a cocktail list inspired by a handful of recognizable retro cocktails (which have traditionally been made with inferior ingredients) and redesigned them using premium, fresh and natural ingredients. Classic recipes like the Blue Hawaiian and Tequila Sunrise have been deconstructed with the components and laid out ‘bento box’ style, along with shaker and glass, so that you can shake and pour your own cocktail. Why? Because drinking is fun! Additionally, a large selection of over 20 Canadian Whiskeys are available to satisfy any particular thirst, whether consumed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

Our selection of draught and bottles from BC microbreweries includes Crannog’s ‘Back hand of God’ from Canada’s only certified organic farmhouse microbrewery or Howe Sound Brewing’s ‘Baldwin & Cooper’ Best Bitter. Habit is a proud sponsor of CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale).

Local design and branding firm Evoke International was commissioned to fashion the 70-seat room concept of 70’s Canadiana, creating a gathering place where the neighbourhood comes to meet.