THE MAKER BRIEFINGS: Dwelling On The Entirely Hackable “Kinect” With Maia Love

by Emily Smith (photos: Alex Kwok) | The Kinect is an interesting tool. It’s sort of OK for gaming, but when it comes to hacking, there are all kinds of creative applications. From using it as a controller for roomba hacks to generating interactive visualizations and music, the possibilities are far-reaching. I recently caught up with choreographer Maia Love who, with the help of Miles Thorogood (interactive artist), has integrated the Kinect with a dance performance by Darcy McMurray, wherein the Kinect-generated visualizations are based on Darcy’s movements. The performance is stunning, and through talking with Maia, I can tell that it’s a seed of something that’s going to take even more shape in the future. I’m so looking forward to seeing where these performances go, and checking out more interactive installations and performances from this group in the future! (fingers crossed). Video and interview after the jump… Read more