GOODS: Hawkshaw Salmon Arrives From The Skeena To False Creek’s “C Restaurant”

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | On Friday, C Restaurant received its first shipment of Hawkshaw salmon, recently reeled in from British Columbia’s storied Skeena River. Chefs Lee Humphries and Robert Clark are gleefully butchering the first batch, preparing it for C’s clients, who will be some of the only diners in the Lower Mainland to dine on the succulent catch. It is because of Clark’s personal relationship with fisher-people Fred and Linda Hawkshaw that he was able to secure this hard-to-get, bracingly fresh fish. The Hawkshaw’s “tangle net” technology, combined with live kill techniques, produces the most environmentally friendly and highest quality wild salmon catch in the province. Read more

GOODS: “C” Restaurant Tabling New Menu Of Robert Clark’s Medal Winning Dishes…

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C proprietor Harry Kambolis has launched a new four course tasting menu following Robert Clark’s podium-finish at the Canadian Culinary Championships in Kelowna. The dishes born of the infamous Black Box and Mystery Wine competitions make up the first three courses. (In the first competition, the chefs had to cook with the unknown ingredients within; in the second, they had to build a dish that matched La Stella Fortissimo, 2008). The pièce de résistance is the citrus glazed Fraser Valley quail breast, leg ballotine, French toast, crisp quail egg and consommé. Read more

Nu, Raincity Grill & “C” Going The Extra Mile During Dine Out


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News from Scout supporters Nu, Raincity Grill, and C RESTAURANT

Vancouver, BC | The Kambolis Group, never content to just do the “tried and true”, is going the extra mile for this year’s Dine Out. C Restaurant, glowing with new chef de cuisine Lee Humphries comfortable cooking, has forgone the typical three-course menu and replaced it with a five course-tasting menu, still for only $38. (A whimsical “to-go” course, petit fours and chocolates, complete the evening). Nu, reinvigorated by its delicate reimagining of Greek cuisine, does four courses: diners will be welcomed with crisp pita, homous, and olives as they settle in.

Proprietor Harry Kambolis (who’s in chef’s whites a lot these days) has already received strong notices for his deft and breezy handling of the Aegean Sea classics. And while Raincity Grill’s little sisters are going the extra mile, the English Bay-infused bistro is keeping those miles to a minimum: Chef Jennifer Peter’s commitment to the 100 mile diet is as steadfast as ever. “North Arm, Sloping Hills, Rossdown and Hannah Brook Farms are all 25 to 98 miles away from Denman Street,” proprietor Harry Kambolis is pleased to say. “I actually had one of my team Google map each farm.”

“I don’t see Dine Out as downgraded experience,” continues Kambolis, “I see it as an audition. Our patrons are here to see if they’d like to come back during the year, and I’ve imparted that mindset to my kitchen and staff. Guests can expect an experience that’s equal to the rest of the year.” Why did Kambolis decide to add the extra courses and courtesies? “Each new year, Dine Out effectively reinvigorates the hospitality industry, but for me, it’s not a cash grab: it’s a chance to give back. In my experience, our group always shines when it’s giving back.” Read more

Raincity Grill, “C” and NU Ready For Quiet Simplicity On 2011 Eve

December 28, 2010 


Visit the Kambolis Group of restaurants online at,, and

News from Scout supporters Nu, Raincity Grill, and C RESTAURANT

Vancouver, BC | The Kambolis Restaurant Group wants to welcome 2011 with you. We serve nourishing food, render crisp service and offer festive locations. After years of bands, fireworks and bells and whistles, we’ve decided to embrace quiet simplicity. C, Raincity Grill and Nu will be offering our a la carte menu, at regular prices. Come early or come late for a sophisticated meal built with ingredients that are foraged, farmed and fished close to home. C has the freshest seafood in British Columbia, right on False Creek, and Raincity Grill serves Pacific Northwest cuisine, at a dignified distance from the action at English Bay. And our youngest property, Nu, now features a reimagined menu that puts a clean and delicate spin on Greek cuisine. More after the jump… Read more

Sean Heather’s Empire Scores Rob Belcham’s Creative Chops…

September 9, 2010 


Sean Heather (left) at his Gastown headquarters with Campagnolo & Refuel chef/co-owner Robert Belcham

by Andrew Morrison | Robert Belcham, award-winning chef/co-owner of Fuel, Campagnolo and The Cure, has handshaked a deal with Sean Heather to oversee his multiple Gastown menus, including those at Salt Tasting Room, The Irish Heather, The Everything Cafe, Judas Goat and Fetch.

With the recent exit of chef Lee Humphries, there was a need to fill a hole at the top, not so much in day to day operations on the various lines, but rather in the realm of creative menu development (we’re happy to also report that Humphries has since landed as the new chef at “C”).

“We’ve been friends for a few years,” Belcham told me yesterday over a bottle at The Irish Heather. “I respect Sean as a businessman a lot. The guy spins gold out of shit”. He jokes, adding “I mean, who opens a fucking restaurant in Blood Alley with no chef?” Fair point. He seems to be stoked to be tasked with helping to re-craft a pub menu (“I’ve loved pubs since the day I was allowed to drink”), but I suspect it’s the prospect of fiddling with Judas Goat that excites him most. The new Blood Alley joint is basically an amuse bouche operation – churning out a kaleidoscope of tiny plates that are big on flavour – a prospect sure to give any creative mind the raging jollies. Read more

Howe Sound Bringing Its Ales To Salt Cellar This Monday Night


Salt Tasting Room is located in Gastown's Blood Alley | 604-633-1912 |

News from Scout supporter Salt Tasting Room

Vancouver, BC | Gastown’s Salt Cellar at Salt Tasting Room is excited to host B.C.’s own Howe Sound Brewing as part of the ongoing Salt Cellar Series on Monday, April 19th at 7:00pm.

Howe Sound Brewing provides premium quality, all natural, micro-brewed beers to BC’s Sea To Sky Corridor, from Vancouver to Whistler BC. All of their ales and lagers are handcrafted with no preservatives and they’ve garnered many awards and medals for their efforts.

Salt look forward to hosting the folks from the brewery to taste through an array of their lagers, ales, bitters, imperials, and stouts. The beers will be served in two flights, paired with delicious charcuterie from J, N & Z Deli, Oyama Sausage Company and Moccia’s Italian Meat Market. Artisan Cheeses from the UK, Spain, Italy, France & BC will be on offer along with artisan breads and more.

For more information, and to buy tickets at 40 bucks a pop, visit or call 604-633-1912 Read more

Salt’s All-Stars Welcome Locals And The World For 2010 Games

January 20, 2010 


Gastown's Salt Tasting Room sees a homecoming of alumni just in time for the Olympic Games

News from Scout supporter Salt Tasting Room

Vancouver, BC | The team at Gastown’s award-winning Salt Tasting Room, renowned for artisan cheeses, handcrafted charcuterie and constant Golds for their wine program, will be open and accessible throughout the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, both in the main Tasting Room and underground in the 50 seat Salt Cellar.

To accommodate thousands of locals and tourists, Salt has assembled it’s own Olympic team, beefing up their staff with an All-Star selection of Salt alumni and some of Vancouver’s favourite wine professionals.

Alumni-wise, Jake Skakun (former Manager) and Miguel Quezada (former Server) are flying in from San Francisco and New York respectively, plus making Salt cameos during the Games will be AltoVin’s Mark McNeil (former Chambar Sommelier), The Province’s wine writer James Nevison (author of the bestselling Had A Glass series) and many more surprise appearances. Read more

Holiday Hours & Happenings At Gastown’s “Salt Tasting Room”

December 23, 2009 


Salt Tasting Room | Blood Alley, Gastown | Vancouver, BC | 604-633-1912 |

News from Scout supporter Salt Tasting Room

Vancouver, BC | Salt Tasting Room will be open for your wine, cheese and charcuterie pleasure throughout most of the holidays. We’ll be open both day and night on Christmas Eve! Take a break from dashing around during the day or to celebrate your last minute shopping finally being done at night! Read more

Salt Tasting Room Brings Moccia’s & Driftwood Together

November 10, 2009 


Monday, November 16th, 7:00 p.m. - $40 | 604-633-1912 |

News from Scout supporter Salt Tasting Room

Join us for a fun, casual evening with the boys from Moccia’s and beers from Driftwood in the Salt Cellar on November 16th at 7:00 pm. Learn about the classic art of charcuterie, sample a variety of styles, and enjoy some phenomenal local craft beer. Read more

Sazerac Supper Marks New Turn For Heather’s Long Table Series

September 29, 2009 


Michelle and I attended a very satisfying Long Table Series dinner at the Irish Heather last night. It was the first of the restaurant’s whisky themed LST suppers. Chef Lee Humphries plated an excellent baked ham on mash with bourbon soaked cherry compote to close out a solid tasting of four Buffalo Trace products: Rock Hill Farm Single Barrel, Hancock’s President’s Reserve Single Barrel Reserve, Buffalo Trace Eagle Rare 10YO Single Barrel, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Kentucky Straight. Read more

New Concept For Cambie

The old Jolly Alderman Pub in the Plaza 500 Hotel is going under the knife today to make room for a new concept that will be umbilically attached to FigMint (photos below), the hotel’s dining room and lounge.


From the inbox:

Mike Mitchell, Director of Operations is pleased to announce that the first phase in the redesign, renovation and rebranding of the former site of the Jolly Alderman Pub will begin Friday, December 19th. This first phase will require a short three week closure of the dining room of FigMint Restaurant from December 19th until January 12th. As cuisine is going to be an important part of the new concept, and since FigMint Executive Chef Lee Humphries will also be at that helm, the expansion of FigMint’s current kitchen, in preparation of the new concept, will take place during the closure.

The closure will not affect Firefly Fine Wines and Ales which will remain open its usual hours of Monday to Sunday from 10:00am until 11:00pm.

Says Mr. Mitchell, “It’s never a good time to close a business for renovations but if you are going to it may as well be over the holidays and with the holiday weeks a slow time in late December and early January this is the ideal time for some construction. We are very excited about this new project and look forward to sharing more details with you in the New Year.”

Further details on the concept for the former site of the Jolly Alderman will be announced early next year along with news on renovations to the Cambie Street frontage along FigMint Restaurant and Lounge and Firefly Fine Wines and Ales as the Cambie Line construction comes to its final conclusion.

Salt Tasting Room




Blood Alley, Gastown | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-633-1912 | Email:
Web: | Twitter: @SaltTastingRoom
Hours: Monday to Thursday 5:00pm – late, Friday to Sunday 12:00pm – late


The People Who Make It Happen


Owners: Sean Heather & Scott Hawthorn

About Salt Tasting Room


Salt is a tasting room specializing in artisanal cheese, small-batch cured meats, and a dynamic array of wines, beers and sherries. Guests assemble a Tasting Plate from our chalkboard’s selection of 10 cheeses, 10 meats, and 10 condiments. The wine list is dynamic and constantly evolving. Global in nature, one can always expect a sampling of vinous delights from our own backyard, or your favourite wine regions the world-over. The selections change constantly, making it almost impossible to have the same Salt experience twice.




October 4, 2008 

500 West 12th & Cambie, Vancouver, BC | MAP
Tel: 604-875-3312


The Team

Director of Operations Mike Mitchell
Executive Chef Lee Humphries
General Manager Tim Schofield
Sous Chefs: Jason Lee and Mike Mikoda

About FigMint

FigMint’s contemporary inspired design includes three distinctive areas showcasing cuisine built from European standards, using the freshest local ingredients. We have created a restaurant that offers guests a variety of different dining experiences, with elements of style that support the menus built for each area. FigMint’s design displays the impressive use of clean lines and attention to detail in a space that has one of the most spectacular cityscape views in Vancouver. Says Chef Lee Humphries, “When it comes to cuisine, integrity is everything. A dish or menu cannot be profound if a Chef has not used the best ingredients and the correct techniques. Highly developed dishes are creative bonuses; but the foundation of all cooking is based on upholding the integrity of the products themselves.”


Best New Fine Dining, Honorable Mention | 2007 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards
Best Hotel Dining, Silver | 2007 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards
Award of Excellence, 2007 & 2008 | Wine Spectator