GOODS | LaStella And Le Vieux Pin Open Their Cellar Doors For New Exclusive Tours

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC in the Okanagan Valley | 250-498-8388 |

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC in the Okanagan Valley | 250-498-8388 |

News from Scout supporters Le Vieux Pin & Lastella

Oliver, BC | Sister wineries LaStella and Le Vieux Pin have opened their cellar doors to welcome wine lovers and give them the inside scoop with an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of their craft. This new tour offers a unique opportunity to discover more about the wineries low input and sustainable practices, taste their special vintages and enjoy a few surprises amongst the barrels.

“However great the finished wine might be, it’s not just about what’s in the bottle, but the journey of how it got there. These special visits are run by expert members of the vineyard team from Severine Pinte, our Winemaker, Lee Baker our Assistant Winemaker, to myself and Jody Subotin our Vineyard Manager,” says Managing Partner Rasoul Salehi. “The private tour includes a tasting in our cellar, access to the inner workings of the vineyard and it gives guests a deeper understanding of our philosophy.”

Roam the vineyard of the Provencal-style Le Vieux Pin winery and enjoy a Cellar Chaperone tour of the finest block of vines, where the low-yield viticulture and warm climate ensures that the grapes thrive in the sunshine. Head out of the heat and step in the cool cellar to taste Le Vieux Pin’s latest vintages and learn more about the ancient art of winemaking in the classic French tradition. Read more

GOODS: Le Vieux Pin & LaStella Set To Pair With Gastown Eateries For Special Suppers

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC in the Okanagan Valley | 250-498-8388 |

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC in the Okanagan Valley | 250-498-8388 |

News from Scout supporters Le Vieux Pin & Lastella

Oliver, BC | South Okanagan sister wineries LaStella and Le Vieux Pin will bring a taste of Tuscany and a flavour of France to Vancouver this month when they present winemaker’s dinners at Nicli Antica Pizzeria and Cork & Fin.

Gastown’s Cork & Fin restaurant will be saying bonjour to French influenced wines from Oliver’s Le Vieux Pin for a special winemaker’s dinner on June 12th, 2013. Seven Le Vieux Pin wines have been carefully selected to pair perfectly with a delicious seven-course tasting menu ($99) from Cork & Fin presented by Le Vieux Pin’s General Manager Rasoul Salehi.

Dishes include asparagus terrine matched with Le Vieux Pin’s 2011 Sauvignon Blanc; chicken & mortadella tortellini paired with Vaila rose and roasted NY strip loin partnered with their 2010 Syrah. Le Vieux Pin’s sister winery LaStella’s flagship Moscato d’Osoyoos will be making a special appearance as a pairing with a mascarpone parfait for dessert.

LaStella brings a taste of La Dolce Vita to Vancouver’s Nicli Antica Pizzeria restaurant this June 25th, 2013. Nicli’s award-winning Neapolitan pizzas will be paired with Tuscan-inspired wines from LaStella’s Osoyoos’ vineyards. The intimate event will take guests on a culinary journey featuring four antica (Italian for ‘authentic’) pizzas ($60) paired with five newly-released LaStella wines: from Vivace Pinot Grigio and Leggiero Chardonnay, to LaStellina Merlot Rosato rose, Fortissimo red and Moscato d’Osoyoos dessert wine. LaStella’s General Manager Rasoul Salehi will be introducing the wines at the sleek Cordova Street restaurant. Read more

GOODS: Le Vieux Pin & LaStella Release Their 2009 “Retouche” & “Maestoso” Wines

October 18, 2012 

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC | 250-498-8388 |

News from Scout supporters Le Vieux Pin & Lastella

Oliver, BC | LaStella and Le Vieux Pin wineries are proud to announce the release of two unique wines born of the hot 2009 summer: Maestoso and Retouche.

The Maestoso is LaStella’s flagship wine; the jewel in the crown of this successful Osoyoos winery. A solo Merlot, the heat of the 2009 growing season has contributed to a wine that shows exuberant, lush fruit and subtle yet exotic notes. The cool evenings of the desert climate help balance out the ripe fruit flavours with great natural acidity and the essence of the South Okanagan vineyard is further captured in the marriage of clay and gravel with flavours that show complexity and balance. Always opaque in colour, Maestoso has a pronounced nose of blue fruit, smoked meat and café mocha. Huge mouth coating and creamy, ripe tannins that lead through to an astonishing finish lasting well over a minute.

The Retouche is Le Vieux Pin’s first Cabernet Sauvignon vintage. General manager Rasoul Salehi details the origins of the name: “Retouche pays homage to the historical practice of “Hermitaging” wines of Bordeaux during the 1800s. Some winemakers in Bordeaux added Syrah–often from the famous vineyards in Hermitage–to their wines to add warmth, roundness and comfort; characters sometimes missing from the structured, powerful Cabernet Sauvignon.” He goes on to explain, “Almost universally Cabernet Sauvignon is blended (whether the bottle indicates this or not); In Napa valley and in Bordeaux the convention is to use Merlot as the blending partner. For our 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon however we decided to take a page out of the 19th century playbook and are thrilled with the results.” Read more

GOODS: Okanagan Syrah From Le Vieux Pin Scores 1st At “The Judgment Of Montreal”

October 15, 2012 

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC | 250-498-8388 |

News from Scout supporters Le Vieux Pin

Oliver, BC | Its official; the world’s best syrah-based wine hails from our own backyard – Le Vieux Pin, just outside Oliver in the South Okanagan – according to an esteemed panel during yesterday’s Judgement of Montreal Soirée des Connaisseurs 2012 – Syrah vs Syrah. Clinching the top spot on a list which features some of the world’s most celebrated winemakers from California and France’s Rhone Valley, Le Vieux Pin’s Equinoxe Syrah 2009 shone during the second edition of this fierce competition, which pits old world and new world wines against each other in a blind taste test.

The event is inspired by the most famous wine tasting in history: the Judgement of Paris in 1976, immortalized in the movie Bottle Shock, where US wines faced critique against those of the Old World. In striking similarity to the outcome of the 1976 Judgement (where the 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay won out against French peers), a small producing, boutique BC winery scooped the prestigious top spot in yesterday’s Judgement. Learn more about it after the jump… Read more

GOODS: “Le Vieux Pin” Releases The Next Vintages Of Their Limited Edition Équinoxe

September 24, 2012 

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC | 250-498-8388 |

News from Scout supporters Le Vieux Pin

Oliver, BC | This past Friday, the eve of the fall Equinoxe, Le Vieux Pin released the limited edition Équinoxe wines to wine society members and select restaurants. The Équinoxe tier was born in 2006 out of a single parcel of then 14 year old Cabernet Franc vines in the La Feuille D’or (golden leaf) vineyard on the Golden Mile. The meagre half ton of exceptional fruit harvested was carefully hand-sorted and hand de-stemmed. A natural fermentation and aging in special-order French Oak barrels, led to the production of an outstanding vintage that showed the paradox of ripe new world fruit along with taut old world structure and elegance. This wine set the benchmark for all Le Vieux Pin Équinoxe selections to follow. Other grape varieties and vineyard sites have been deemed worthy of the Équinoxe label since 2006 but not in every vintage or from the same site year on year. It is this level of scrutiny that ensures that only the best bottlings are released under the Équinoxe label. Read more

GOODS: South Okanagan’s “Le Vieux Pin” Opens Tasting Room For Summer Season

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC | 250-498-8388 |

The GOODS from Le Vieux Pin

Vancouver, BC | With spring coming quickly to a close and summer right around the corner our tasting room is now open every day. Much of the spring vineyard work is now completed including some new plantings down in our South Osoyoos vineyard we call Stag. Winemaker Severine Pinte explains some of the spring work this year: “Spring and frost free nights have finally arrived in the South Okanagan. This year’s project for the Le Vieux Pin winery team was to interplant our Stag vineyard in Osoyoos. A small secondary project was to switch the irrigation system on a tiny block of the vineyard from overhead sprinkler to drip irrigation. We choose the Syrah clone 174 for the elegance and velvety tannins it brings to the wine, especially when planted on the very sandy soils of this site. Why is drip irrigation important? We talk a lot about sustainability and part of this process is to better manage our water input. The sandy soil structure, high temperature and low rainfall, combined with the young vines we are planting are three critical reasons to water the plants in a very manageable and controllable way. Drip irrigation has an efficiency rate of 90 % versus 50% for the overhead. The small patch of vineyard we converted this spring was the last remaining piece of overhead irrigation among our estate vineyards. This transformation was managed by our vineyard manager Jody Subotin and his crew. They got the job done right on time and the young vines got water to start establishing their roots!” Read more

GOODS: “Le Vieux Pin” Has Released Its 2011 Vaila Rose And 2011 Sauvignon Blanc

April 12, 2012 

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC | 250-498-8388 |

The GOODS from Le Vieux Pin

Vancouver, BC | Spring is finally here! The orchard tree blossoms are out (another few weeks before grape vines have bud break) and the birds are singing. The air has come alive with aromas of damp earth and life and our chickens are roaming the vineyard. Most importantly though it’s time for the Le Vieux Pin spring releases.

We know many of you wait all year long for the release of our Vaïla Rosé: we’re glad to say the wait is over! Along with our Vaïla Pinot Noir Rosé we are also releasing the benchmark “Aurore” Sauvignon Blanc. 2011 was a phenomenal vintage; you’ve heard us rave about it for months now. It was a vintage that produced grapes with perfect health, no sign of mildew, botrytis or subpar grapes. Perfect fall weather gave us a long picking window and allowed us to pick each block at its optimum ripeness level. Results are wines that are pure, and effortlessly capture the essence of their respective grape variety. Each is true to the vintage and to the site. “Perfect” sums it up well. Read more

GOODS: The South Okanagan’s “Le Vieux Pin” Releases Top Tier 2008 Equinoxe Merlot

March 22, 2012 

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC | 250-498-8388 |

The GOODS from Le Vieux Pin

Vancouver, BC | March 20th is the Vernal Equinox (the midpoint between the summer and winter solstices). This means two things: first, that spring is here, and second, that Le Vieux Pin releases one of its tiny production, top flight Equinoxe series wines. This spring they only have one of these wines to release, but it’s a big one: the 2008 Equinoxe Merlot. This wine is derived from the famous Apogee Merlot of previous years but is much more than that. The Apogee Merlot was a single vineyard wine made with immense care and attention. The Equinoxe Merlot is a double selection of the grapes from that very special vineyard site. At the first stage only the best blocks of vines are picked and vinified for the Equinoxe program. Then only the best barrels are selected for bottling as Equinoxe Merlot. The result of this is that only 175 cases of Equinoxe Merlot are now produced (less than half of what has been produced in previous vintages). On top of this the wine has already been snapped up by buyers in Switzerland and Germany including the Zurich based Boucherville wine importer and retailer. Winemaker’s notes and professional reviews are after the jump… Read more

GOODS: Okanagan’s “Le Vieux Pin” Releases Its Second Vintages Of Syrah And Viognier

February 28, 2012 

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC | 250-498-8388 |

The GOODS from Le Vieux Pin

Vancouver, BC | A year ago, Le Vieux Pin announced a new direction and released its inaugural Syrah and Viognier/Roussanne. We are now delighted to release the next vintages, and think the 2009 Syrah is a benchmark wine for the Okanagan; truly a triumph and a demonstration of what Syrah can achieve here. To say we are proud and excited about this wine would be a vast understatement. It has already toured Europe and confirmed orders in Switzerland and Germany with wines shipping this spring to esteemed locations in both, including Osnabrück’s 3 Michelin Star institution La Vie. Not to be outdone, the matching white wine is the 2010 Ava. This follows last year’s 2009 Viognier/Roussanne with the addition of Marsanne to the blend. The wines are being released together, but they come from contrasting vintages. 2010 was cooler and the resulting Viognier/ Marsanne/ Roussanne is fresh crisp and lively. 2009 was a very warm vintage in the Okanagan and the 2009 Syrah takes full advantage. It is aromatically intense, incredibly balanced and tantalizingly complex. Learn more about both wines – and Le Vieux Pin – after the jump… Read more

GOODS: “Le Vieux Pin” Goes To Switzerland And Returns To The OK With Fewer Bottles

February 8, 2012 

Le Vieux Pin is located at 34070-73th Street outside Oliver, BC | 250-498-8388 |

The GOODS from Le Vieux Pin

Vancouver, BC | Le Vieux Pin General Manager Rasoul Salehi recently returned from another very successful trip to Switzerland. The winery has been working with Boucherville ever since the boutique Zurich based importer and retailer of fine wines discovered Le Vieux Pin during the Vancouver Winter Olympic games. “We’re delighted to work with Boucherville – they share our passion for wines and they’re a great partner for us.” says Salehi.

For several years Le Vieux Pin has felt that wineries in BC need to expand their market beyond BC’s borders. “The export market is very important to us since it helps us diversify our sales channels. We’re thankful to Canadians for noticing us and supporting us and at the same time we love sharing our craft with fellow wine lovers around the world.”

This year’s week-long trip kicked off with a tasting at the Plaza Klub in Zurich where Le Vieux Pin was featured along with absolute legendary estates from around the world such as Piedmont’s Voerzio, Germany’s J. J. Prum, France’s Chateau St. Cosme and Champagne Bollinger among many others.

Following the grand tasting, Rasoul toured Zurich with a very memorable lunch at Lindenhofkeller securing another order for the 2008 Equinoxe Merlot the winery will release this spring. Working with Boucherville ensures that Le Vieux Pin will be placed in many of the best restaurants in Switzerland. A few photos from the trip and details about the Okanagan winery after the jump… Read more

GOODS: West Van’s “Fraîche” Prepares For New Years Eve & Le Vieux Pin Wine Dinner

December 12, 2011 

Fraîche is located at 2240 Chippendale Road in West Vancouver, BC | 604-925-7595 |

The GOODS from Fraîche

West Vancouver, BC | West Vancouver’s Fraiche and chef Jefferson Alvarez welcome the Okanagan’s outstanding Le Vieux Pin for an intimate wine dinner on Wednesday, January 11th. Details above. To discover what the restaurant has planned for New Years Eve, click after the jump… Read more

Wineries Lastella and Le Vieux Pin Get Boxing For Christmas

November 30, 2009 


Oliver wineries Le Vieux Pin and La Stella present bottled gifts for the holiday season

News from Scout supporters Le Vieux Pin & Lastella

Le Vieux Pin & Lastella are offering an exclusive 2 bottle, 6 bottle & 12 bottle gift packages to enhance anyone’s holiday season. With a choice of reds & whites customize your gift to create the perfect wine combination… Read more

LaStella And Le Vieux Pin Primed For ECommerce With New Site


photo credit: Lyn Falconer

News from Scout supporters LaStella and Le Vieux Pin

We are happy to announce that starting Monday June 22nd our customers will be able to purchase their favourite Le Vieux Pin and LaStella wines online! The site is easy and quick to use. Customers can track their past purchases and order our wine any time of the year. Of course, we would still love to see everyone in person!

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