SEEN IN VANCOUVER #424: Hell’s Kitchen Shuttering In Kits A Case Of Abandonment?

The natural consequence of a dozen really good pizzerias opening in Vancouver within a couple of years of each other? Some of the old (and especially the shitty) ones whither and die. Exhibit C: Hell’s Kitchen pizzeria at 2401 West 4th Ave has “closed its doors permanently”. This happened a few days ago, apparently to the financial dismay of many (image found via Reddit).

UPDATE: A few people have commented below or contacted me directly to say that all is not as it seems with this note, specifically that it was written by the landlord. What’s more, several letters of support from staff/suppliers that were taped over the note have reportedly been taken down. So take it with a grain of salt.


GOODS: Chef Tobias Grignon’s Special Prixe Fixe At Bistro Pastis Starts Tomorrow Night

Bistro Pastis is located at 2153 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver BC| 604-731-5020 |

Bistro Pastis is located at 2153 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver BC| 604-731-5020 |

The GOODS from Bistro Pastis

Vancouver, BC | March is definitely more ‘lamb-like’ these days – raising hopes that spring is not far off. However, the end-of-winter blahs can still strike at any moment. If they do, consider lifting your spirits this month by luxuriating in Bistro Pastis’ cosy, fireplace-warmed room over our value-priced three-course prix fixe menu (only $35). Chef Tobias Grignon’s special March Table d’Hote will comfort both body and soul with good, honest bistro fare. Get hungry after the jump… Read more

Zulu Report: Everything That You Should Listen To This Week

February 18, 2012 

Our friends over at Kitsilano’s Zulu Records once again present their weekly Scout feature, the Zulu Report. Within, staff from the West 4th music store provide The Track, the song that is on heavy rotation that week; The Playlist, which is pretty self-explanatory; The Gig, the must see show of the week; and The Glance, a view ahead to music on the horizon. From their ears to yours, enjoy…


LAMBCHOP Gone Tomorrow

Lambchop frontman Kurt Wagner is one cool cucumber. For years now he has delighted us with his signature baritone voice over a unique mix of Curtis Mayfield soul meets bad ass Johnny Cash tunes. For this first sneak peek into ‘Mr. M’ which comes out later in the month, Wagner hooks up with an equally bad ass crew of performers for one hell of a sonic headlock. Documenting the underground wrestling scene in Wagner’s native home town of Nashville, Gone Tomorrow is the perfect soundtrack to accompany the strange ambience that surrounds two extremely large muscular men body slamming each other in the ring. The match takes place in a desolate hotel in east Nashville called the Stadium Inn that permanently transformed the conference room into a ring. Kurt’s accordion player occasionally wrestled there and for this night Lambchop performed on a small stage in the locker room. The result is seven heavenly minutes of orchestrated groove leading to a pretty exotic coda that drones of into free form bliss. Read more