GOODS: “Electric Owl Social Club” On Main Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

October 12, 2011 

We’ve invited Electric Owl on Main St. to join our GOODS section as a recommended local business that is worth checking out. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we’ll be posting their news front and center and hosting a page for them on our curated list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for their support of Scout, and for making Vancouver a more delicious place to live!


Electric Owl Social Club


926 Main Street | Vancouver, BC, V5L 3W7
Telephone: 604-558-0928
Web: | Twitter | Facebook



The People That Make It Happen

Adam Levine – Managing Partner
Alex Russell – Managing Partner
Phong Vo – Chef
Eli Wener – Booking
Jamie Creighton – Manager

About Electric Owl

Food, the other part of a balanced diet | Drink, the most important part of a balanced diet. 

Since Asia’s such a big place we figured that no one would mind if we borrowed a few pieces from here and there. Why not eat Japanese style snacks prepared by a Vietnamese chef in an izakaya-inspired room followed by a fortune cookie and a live band? Electric Owl believes that, like great drinks and creative food, good is always better when there’s more.


“fresh-tasting and filling” – The Georgia Straight

“the food was excellent and I will definitely find myself visiting the Electric Owl again” – WANT Magazine

“The ambiance was great. Sexy trendy vibe inside. The staff was fantastic. Very helpful and friendly. The food was out of this world. They have a GREAT menu with a ton of options for everybody.” – Daniel Torres, cast of the WICKED Musical