SEEN IN VANCOUVER #425: How Our Most Iconic Intersections Are Seen By Designers

As noted in the Scout List this week, every major city intersection has a personality that is characterized by its architecture, its environment, and the velocity of its traffic. They are markers, meeting places and transfer points; places where fascinating stories begin, end, or pass right on by. To celebrate Vancouver’s intersections, seven of the city’s top graphic designers have created posters representing the most iconic ones. Scout has been given exclusive access to these, and you can take a peek below, together with explanatory notes from the designers themselves. The series is to debut tonight at The Chinatown Experiment (434 Columbia St.) from 6pm to 9pm. Note that none of the posters are on sale just yet. There will be a special postcard set featuring all the designs for free tonight, and then all the posters will move to Waterfront Station where they will be displayed until some point in the summer. Prints may be available down the road, so stay quick on the draw by following them on Twitter, Facebook, and on their website.

The one of Denman & Davie is our fave. Check them all out after the jump… Read more