INSTAVAN | The Manner & Measure Of The Many Things We Instagrammed This Month


The following gallery represents everything we Instagrammed in the last 30 days or so…



DINER: Every Instagrammed Shot Of “Dine Out Vancouver” Stored In A Single Gallery

January 26, 2013 

The Dine Out Vancouver food festival has been a lot of tasty fun for us so far (L’Abattoir last night especially). Part of the reason we’ve been enjoying it so much is because we’ve been test driving (on invitation) a new multi-platform service called Fanbase. It allows us to manage, curate and present in gallery format every Instagram with a specific hashtag. Beibg the food lovers that we are, we decided to do our test campaign with Dine Out’s official hashtag, #DOVF, and the images just started pouring in. Fanbase is still in a closed beta, but it’s been working seamlessly for us. You can take a look at the ever-growing public gallery of local diner’s images here or by clicking the screenshot above. Keep the photos coming everyone!

INSTAVAN: Five Awesome Local Folks That You Should Follow On Instagram This Week

One of the more enjoyable means of procrastination in the Scout office these days has been tracking the best and most unique local users of Instagram. It’s been so much fun that we’ve decided to launch a new weekly photo column today in which we single out five accounts that we think you should check out, too. If you’d like to get our attention, make sure you’re following us and tag one of your shots of with #scoutmagazine. To start, we’re stoked to share the rather straightforward account of The Brave Bull, the little steakhouse on the corner of East Hastings and Clark. They only ever seem to use this facet of social media to post photos of raw meat, which makes it far and away one of the most appetizing (if hilariously one dimensional) food porn accounts out there. Check the next four after the jump… Read more

FIELD TRIP #592: 120 Hours In Los Angeles Starts Now (Follow On Instagram, Et Cetera)

Scout will be reporting from Los Angeles for the next little bit, so if you like food porn and sunshine, follow along on Instragram, Twitter and Facebook. We’re fixing to have a good time.