Addipak | Brand/Paraphernalia | Those little blue plastic vials that you see strewn about the DTES aren’t midget glow-sticks, reusable tampons, or any of the other items of myth and lore you may have gotten false wind of. Before they were discarded, the little plastic bullets contained saline solution. They are given to heroin users – some of whom are evidently serial litterers – so that they don’t inject Chinatown Gutter Puddle water into their arms. Known by the brand name, Addipak. The more you know…

Usage: “There’s a Strathcona crafter girl at work who uses all the Addipaks she finds to make raspberry quinoa freezies at home…”


TEA & TWO SLICES | On Bad Heroin And The Steamy Back Pages Of The Georgia Straight


by Sean Orr | The writing on the wall: Police raid house in East Vancouver, with guns drawn, on pretext of anti-pipeline graffiti. Right…it was about the graffiti and not monitoring spying on activists. Hide your “particular coloured” baseball caps, black knapsacks, black hoodies, and dark jeans, folks.

The new sex work legislation explained. So many more Q’s than A’s. Will the criminalization of clients make sex work more dangerous? Will escorts pull a Heidi Fleiss and expose all the politicians who use their services? And what will happen to the Georgia Straight’s adult classifieds section now that advertising sexual services is illegal?

What happens when you shut-down an underground safe-injection site? Vancouver Police issue warning after seven heroin overdoses today in DTES. Related: Judge grants injunction allowing doctors to prescribe heroin to group of Vancouver addicts.

Vancouver’s NPA keeping its mayoral candidate’s name secret for two more weeks. We will know who the new candidate is when the smoke from the ballots turns white.

Everyone’s a critic. It’s called Twitter. Nobody’s a critic: Who holds journalists to account in Canada In the words of a wise man named Cartman, “I’m doing the best I can…”

For example, look at how the CBC uses moral relativism and sinophobia in this headline: Marine areas better protected by China than Canada, report finds. But hey, at least we’re better than India, right?

Everyone’s talking about the weather: The Canadian Government has Forbidden Meteorologists to Discuss Climate Change. Speaking of hurricanes: Hurricanes With Female Names Kill More People, Study Finds. #yesallwomen

Tar sands and the patriarchy are irrelevant: calling for a new campus activism. In other words: “The way you talk about broad sociopolitical issues is distracting from bullshit gimmicky party events at our particular educational institution, so shut up until you can do it in a way that I like” – Reid Blakely.

World’s first off-leash cat park to open in Vancouver. When satire hurts. Like when it actually physically hurts.

This has got to be the third most popular post of all-time on Vancouver is Awesome: This is the best stop sign in the Lower Mainland. Period.



Dope Simple | Slang | “Dope simple” is a reference to addicts who will do anything for drugs. Often employed/heard on the DTES.

Usage: “Get out of my fucking face you dope simple rat goof!”



February 15, 2013 


Down | Slang | Down is heroin. When walking the streets of the DTES, you’ll often hear it offered in conjunction with the words rock and powder as though it were one word: rockpowderdown.

Usage: “No, thank you, kind sir. I would not like to purchase any down from you on this goodly morn.”


Foreign Intelligence Briefing #402: Actor Russell Brand Schools Brit MPs On Addiction

Many money quotes, beginning with: “What I want to offer people is truth and authenticity. I think celebrity, as we all know, is a vapid, vacuous, toxic concept used to distract people from what is actually important, and in this case it’s the treatment of people with the disease of addiction.” More.