Seen In Vancouver #383: An Inglorious End For NU’s Infamously Uncomfortable Chairs

by Andrew Morrison | One of the seemingly silliest press releases ever to land in my inbox dates back to the Fall of 2007, when NU Restaurant on the False Creek seawall (now closed) saw fit to let the media know that they’d changed their chairs. Ooh, right? Big fucking deal. But it was a big deal, at least kind of. These were some pretty controversial chairs, brother, at least as controversial as chairs can be (well, almost).

I personally found the original ones attractive (I love me some turquoise), but they were wickedly, infamously uncomfortable to a lot of people, and though I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest that they eventually forced the restaurant to close in a roundabout way, the effect that they had on so many spoiled asses was nonetheless more negative than positive, and Rule #3982 in the restaurant handbook clearly states that you never want your chairs to steal the show from your cuisine.

Anyway, imagine my surprise while eating my lunch on my deck a few minutes ago when my neighbour came carting out truckloads of them into the street. “Are those the chairs from NU?” I asked, dumbfounded. “Yup, I’m getting rid of them.” he replied, lifting one of the last into a truck. A part of me wanted to take one off his hands for a museum piece, but good sense prevailed. Where they’ll eventually end up, I do not know. But behold, Simba! The circle of life!


DINER: The First Look Inside The Next “NU” Restaurant, Opening In Gastown In 2 Weeks

by Andrew Morrison | I took a look inside the upcoming NU micro-restaurant in Gastown yesterday. It’s coming to us from restaurateur Harry Kambolis (see also “C” and Raincity Grill), and is located in the old sandwich shop off Cordova at the back of the House Guest in the old Le Magasin building (the official address is 332 Water). Foodies may remember this space as the former playground of Vancouver Club chef Sean Cousins, back when he was getting meaty with butchery in the early days of So.cial at Le Magasin (circa 2006). There are two other locations of NU – one on Robson and the other on Broadway. I like them both, but the third is shaping up to be the prettiest. I’m digging the new branding and the heavy use of wood, and as you can see in one of the shots below, the old pressed tin ceilings have been restored to their original brilliance (they had been painted black). We can expect quick and simple Greek fare: flavoured pitas, filos in different shapes, open faced souvlakis (everything from octopus to lamb), and maybe…if we’re lucky…booze (Harry is gunning for a liquor licence). Service will be day only, but he’s entertaining the idea of opening of weekend evenings as well. There are 16 seats altogether, most of them communal.  Best case scenario: open in under two weeks.


GOODS: Raincity Grill On English Bay Invites Diners To Go “Green” This St. Patrick’s Day

Restaurant’s waterfront location offers guests night of fine dining and fireworks

Raincity Grill is located at 1193 Denman in Vancouver's West End | 604-685-7337 |

The GOODS from Raincity Grill

Vancouver, BC | Looking to go green this St. Patrick’s Day? Executive Chef Robert Clark and Chef Jennifer Peters have created a March 17th brunch menu that highlights small lot farms, local purveyors, and ingredients from BC’s very own backyard with just a touch of Irish flavour and of course, a little colour. The two-course menu offers guests the option of dishes like “Green Eggs and Ham”, which includes green scrambled eggs, ‘sloping hills pork, toast, and herbed potatoes; a delicious crab omelet with watercress salad; Bubble & Squeak Hash, which features poached eggs topped with a creamy hollandaise sauce; Irish stew prepared with lamb cheeks, potatoes, leeks, and fresh herbs; a Smoked Salmon Brioche made with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, and green salad; or Green Fish n’ Chips with a house-made tartar sauce. The St.Patrick’s Day brunch is $20 per person and available on Saturday, March 17th and Sunday, March 18th. Read more

GOODS: David Suzuki At “C” To Celebrate The Restoration Of A First Nations Fishery

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | On Thursday, November 10th, C Restaurant is throwing a dinner hosted by sustainability titan David Suzuki. The evening is a fundraiser for the DSF and C’s burgeoning not-for-profit, the C Blue Foundation, a grassroots initiative by Harry Kambolis and Chef Robert Clark to raise essential funds to protect lakes, rivers, streams, beaches and oceans. The DSF and C Restaurant collaboration has netted an exceptional partner, the Lake Babine First Nation reserve fishery. Back when Rome was a mere village, the Lake Babine people operated traditional salmon weirs on their lake and river, harvesting hundreds of thousands of sockeye a year. Tragically, their traditional fishery was extinguished in 1906 by the Canadian government, to make room for an industrial coastal fishery. It devastated an entire way of life. This past summer, the Nation recreated their fishery, in partnership with Skeena Wild Conservation Trust, Raincoast Trading of Vancouver, and RiverWild Seafoods of Terrace. It has become the second largest sustainable sockeye fishery in British Columbia. Read more

GOODS: “C” Launches New Autumn Menu Celebrating Fort Langley Cranberry Festival


C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | In the sepia-infused olden days, fortune seekers lured north by British Columbia’s gold rush referred to cranberries as “red gold”. The nutritional properties of the little red orb were life saving in the pioneer days of scurvy and other ills. Today, cranberries have been relegated to watered-down “cocktails” and canned jellies cracked open at Thanksgiving. But C, in its usual way, has decided to embrace this unique fruit, and make it the ruby red star of its very own menu. Read more

DINER: Harry Kambolis Opening Another “Nu Greek” Next Week At Broadway & Granville

Another tiny Nu Greek is on the verge of opening up, this time in the old 550 sqft Michi Sushi space at 513 West Broadway (at Granville). Expect more of the same awesome take-out seen at the recently unveiled Robson location, including their signature souvlaki (what owner Harry Kambolis call “the Greek hotdog”). It’s a pretty simple operation. Even though he just signed the lease two days ago, opening day could be as soon as Tuesday of next week. Stoked.

GOODS: Fundraising Supper For The David Suzuki Foundation Going Down At “C”

September 22, 2011 

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | On November 10th, C is throwing a dinner with sustainability and environmental titan Dr. David Suzuki. A fundraiser for the D.S.F. and Harry Kambolis’ C Blue Foundation, the evening will feature a dazzling tasting menu(with wine pairings) prepared by Chefs Lee Humphries and Robert Clark. $250 per person. Guests are encouraged to RSVP to Get all the details after the jump… Read more

DINER: Harry Kambolis To Open “Nu Greek” Location On Robson Street This October

by Andrew Morrison | Taking a page from the Japadog playbook, restaurateur Harry Kambolis (of Raincity, Nu and “C” Restaurant fame) is taking his relatively wet-behind-the-ears Nu Greek food cart concept and turning it into a proper brick and mortar business (the food cart will remain strong as well). Ironically, as you can see from the shot above, it’s actually located in the 542 Robson address right next to the thriving Japadog spot. Yup, and just when you thought a Greek vs. Japanese smackdowns were getting passé…

I’m told that it won’t be open until the first week of October, and that the focus will mostly be on take-out (think souvlakis, spinach pies, greek salads), which gels well with this stretch of Robson’s food focus. I was sent a few mouth-watering, anticipatory OMG shots of some the chow that will eventually be in the offing, which you can view after the jump… Read more

GOODS: West End’s “Raincity Grill” Prepares For A Weekend Of Food, Fireworks And Pride

Restaurant’s waterfront location offers guests night of fine dining and fireworks

Raincity Grill is located at 1193 Denman in Vancouver's West End | 604-685-7337 |

The GOODS from Raincity Grill

Vancouver, BC | This weekend, restaurateur Harry Kambolis’ first born is up to some fun summer happenings. Saturday, July 30th is Canada Food Day. This coast to coast to coast initiative is a celebration of Canadian food; events will be held across the country. Raincity is getting in on the act by throwing a special brunch, inspired by the True North, Strong and Free. Chef Jennifer Peters has put together a gorgeous two-course brunch menu, for only $20, with such items as Saskatchewan Organic Green Lentil “Cassoulet” with bacon & duck confit, poached egg and “East Coast Style” Potato Hash, with ham hock, and caramelized onions. [Click here for the whole menu]. More after the jump… Read more

GOODS: “C” Restaurant Goes Under The Knife, Launches New Menu, Patio And Bar

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall | 604-681-1164 | | Photo: Hamid Attie

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | C has a confession: they’ve had a little work done. Not a face-lift, just some nipping and tucking. Harry Kambolis’ celebrated restaurant has a new patio cocktail lounge with comfy sofas and a brand-spanking-new bar, that also features a BBQ. Chef Lee Humphries has designed a new tapas menu that’s light and breezy, and perfect for summertime noshing: tea-cured Hawkshaw salmon with pickled shallots and tomato jam ($6), squid with pea, mint, parmesan, lemon and olive oil ($6) and a lamb chop with saffron cous cous and raisin jus ($6). C is also proud to present Northern Divine Caviar, with traditional garnishes served in oyster shells ($150). The sustainable caviar is from Target Marine in Sechelt. “It’s ethical luxury, pearlized,” says Kambolis. Read more

GOODS: Hawkshaw Salmon Arrives From The Skeena To False Creek’s “C Restaurant”

C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | On Friday, C Restaurant received its first shipment of Hawkshaw salmon, recently reeled in from British Columbia’s storied Skeena River. Chefs Lee Humphries and Robert Clark are gleefully butchering the first batch, preparing it for C’s clients, who will be some of the only diners in the Lower Mainland to dine on the succulent catch. It is because of Clark’s personal relationship with fisher-people Fred and Linda Hawkshaw that he was able to secure this hard-to-get, bracingly fresh fish. The Hawkshaw’s “tangle net” technology, combined with live kill techniques, produces the most environmentally friendly and highest quality wild salmon catch in the province. Read more

DINER: Harry Kambolis Launches Souvlaki Street Cart At Corner Of Georgia & Granville

Major congrats to Harry Kambolis – owner of Raincity Grill, “C” and Nu restaurants – on the opening of his Nu Souvlaki street food cart, which is enjoying its second full day of service today on the corner of Granville and West Georgia (moves to Dunsmuir and Howe next week). Here’s Harry yesterday on Urban Rush with Mike and Fi. Looking tasty!

GOODS: False Creek’s Waterfront “NU” To Host Stylish Greek Day Party On June 25th

Nu restaurant + lounge is located at 1661 Granville Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-646-4668 |

News from Scout supporter Nu

Vancouver, BC | The Greek Easter feast at Georgia Kambolis’ house in West Vancouver has been a yearly tradition for foodies and media who’ve been lucky enough to get an invitation. With Nu’s winter rebranding as a Greek restaurant, Georgia and her son, restaurateur Harry Kambolis, decided to open things up a bit. This year, the event has been pushed to late June, to coincide with Vancouver’s 21st Greek Day on Broadway, and everyone’s invited.

From 4pm onwards on Saturday, June 25th, Nu will serve lamb roasted on spit and a generous buffet of Greek dishes: spanakopitas, charred octopus, dolmades, keftedes, kota, baked pastitso, and calamari. The afternoon and evening of feasting is only $25.00.

“We Greeks are famous for our hospitality, and for our parties,” says Georgia Kambolis. “I’m very excited to be hosting this get-together, this time, right on the water. Read more

GOODS: “C” Restaurant To Host Cocktail & Canape Reception On The House For Moms


C is located at 2-1600 Howe St on the False Creek seawall in Vancouver BC | 604-681-1164 |

The GOODS from “C” Restaurant

Vancouver, BC | Our mothers. They tied our shoelaces, and applied Band-Aids. They let us lick the cookie dough off the egg beaters. They made the best grilled cheese sandwiches. They stood holding all the jackets at sports games, dutifully. They convinced us that we were the best looking in our high school. Mom’s taxi never ran the meter, and never expected a tip. When we were learning to drive, they slammed their foot down, even though there’s no break on the passenger side. They took endless pictures before we headed to Grad, even as we groaned and protested.

They couldn’t wait for us to leave the house. And then they couldn’t wait for us to come over and visit. They told us to soar. They told us to settle down. They listened to every phone call. They quietly tolerated our “me me me” phase, because they knew we’d grow out of it. We did.

Sunday, May 8th is Mothers Day. C is celebrating by throwing a complimentary cocktail and canapé reception between 3pm and 5pm. Guests can reserve for this experience by emailing and writing “I Love Mom” in the subject line. Don’t delay; space is limited. Read more

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