DEFINITIVE RECORDS: The 3 Albums That Anchor The Tastes Of Super Vancouverites

Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to pick the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. Today, we hear from the owner of Eugene Choo and the Annex next door on Main Street…

“I struggle with “Best Of’ lists. I usually make a point of not doing/answering them. So when Scout asked me to come up with 3 definitive records I had to confront my demons. I took a desert isle approach: 3 albums I could listen to repeatedly and find new appreciation for with each listen. It’s hard not to pick older albums, but I guess that’s what makes them ‘classic’. They have the benefit of time.”

VAN MORRISON – Astral Weeks | LISTEN | “My cousin introduced me to this album in the late 80’s while I was on an extended stay in Los Angeles. I knew Van Morrison as a collection of singles. Hearing this album for the first time was an epiphany. It’s so layered and nuanced with elements of jazz, soul, blues, folk, rock, and classical. That coupled with Van’s stream of consciousness lyrics make it a repeat listener.”

TELEVISION – Marquee Moon | LISTEN | “An album by a seminal New York City punk band that really helped to usher in the post-punk sound. Its introduction in my childhood – via giant headphones and a big brother with good musical taste – helped it stand out. It seems to pop into my life at regular intervals and always sounds fresh.”

THE PIXIES – Doolittle | LISTEN | “While I always really liked this album and had seen The Pixies numerous times, it was when my wife took me to see the 20th anniversary of Doolittle (performed in its entirety at the Paramount in Seattle) that it really resonated as a whole album. There isn’t a dud track on it.”


Foreign Intelligence Brief #410: Tell Merkel That This Is How We Respond To The Crisis

(via) Belgian photographer Nick Hannes was in Patras, Greece when he came across a family facing the expense of a wedding in the midst of the EU’s financial tight-fistery. Fortunately, the groom owned a gas station, so…

“This is how we respond to the crisis. Please show these pictures to [German chancellor Angela] Merkel. A Greek keeps on laughing and celebrating, even when his money is being taken away”