GOODS | Curious Oyster & Racine Wines Pair For ‘Bon Hiver’ At Le Marche St. George

November 19, 2014 

Curious Oyster | Telephone: 778-988-4699 | Website: | Email:

Curious Oyster | Telephone: 778-988-4699 | Website: | Email:

The GOODS from Curious Oyster

Vancouver, BC | West coast oyster season is here. To mark the occasion, Curious Oyster is teaming up with Racine Wine Imports to host Bon Hiver, a casual evening of food and drink at the beautiful Le Marché St. George on November 28th. Guests will enjoy some of BC’s most gourmet indulgences, such as oyster varieties grown by Outlandish Shellfish Guild’s family-run farms, and delicious sausages and terrines from Oyama Sausage Co. served with artisanal breads. To pair, Brian and Ramona of Racine Wine Imports will serve a Muscadet and a sparkling wine from organic wine producers Domaine de la Pépière. Bon Hiver will transport guests to a French Winter Market in one of the city’s most special neighbourhood settings, Le Marché St. George.

After enjoying the freshly shucked oysters, small bites and Loire Valley wine, guests can meander over the Winter Pop-Up Shop in the next room. Event guests will get a sneak preview of Le Marché’s Winter Shop, which opens the next morning and features fine goods, such as linens, clothing, photography and ceramics from local and international artisans.

Bon Hiver is a Curious Event, a series of collaborations between Curious Oyster and exceptional artists, artisans and food producers in memorable spaces. Tickets include open oyster bar, food and one glass of wine (Stand-up cocktail service is additional). Tickets are limited — reserve now and get all of the delicious details after the jump… Read more

GOODS | Hastings-Sunrise Lands Pour-Over Coffee Program Via ‘Pallet Coffee Roasters’

November 17, 2014 

Pallet Coffee Roasters is located at 323 Semlin Dr. | Vancouver, BC | 604.255.2014 |

Pallet Coffee Roasters is located at 323 Semlin Dr. | Vancouver, BC | 604.255.2014 |

The GOODS from Pallet Coffee Roasters

Vancouver, BC | We’re very excited to say that we’ve launched our single cup pour-over program! We’re beginning with two choices, the idea being to offer a rotating selection of our seasonal coffee menu via the Bonavita brewer. It’s an immersion-style brewer, and it produces a very sweet and balanced cup. Consistency is important to us, and we found this method of immersion to work best. We chose to offer two very different, but excellent and complex coffees: Ethiopia’s Guji Zone Akrabi (deep raw sugars, jasmine, tart honeydew and kiwi, clean florals) and Guatemala’s La Viuda Evelia Lot 2 (spiced cocoa, jammy, toasted almond, pecan pralines). Read more

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE BRIEF #442 | Doc Explores Roles Artists Play In Gentrification

November 17, 2014 

(via) This short documentary film from The Atlantic is called “Gentrification ‘Without The Negative’ in Columbus, Ohio”. It details how a group of artists took over a derelict, multi-storey industrial building and turned it into a thriving community of creatives. If the loose artist’s collective looks strikingly familiar, it could be because Vancouver has something very similar: 1000 Parker Street Studios (located on the southern periphery of Strathcona).

Nearly a quarter of the homes in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio are vacant. In 2011, an arts group moved into an abandoned factory in the area to create 400 West Rich Street, a community that now leases space to woodworkers, performance artists, a coffee shop, painters, sculptors, and others. This short documentary considers the artists who work in 400 West Rich Street, why the space attracted them, and what it means for revitalization of the neighborhood.


GOODS | Les Amis Du Fromage To Host Trio Of Pop-Ups Over “Culture Crawl” Weekend

November 14, 2014 

Les Amis du Fromage | 843 East Hastings, 604-253-4218 & 1752 West 2nd Ave, 604-732-4218 |

Les Amis du Fromage | 843 East Hastings, 604-253-4218 & 1752 West 2nd Ave, 604-732-4218 |

The GOODS from Les Amis Du Fromage

Vancouver, BC | Join les amis du FROMAGE while they host a weekend of Sweet Pop-Ups in their East Vancouver store. Come in for a sample and show your support for the up and coming local young entrepreneurs behind East Van Jam, The Salty Cookie Co., and The Lemon Square. The shop will be open from 10am-6pm during the Culture Crawl weekend, so please drop by if you’re in the neighbourhood.

East Van Jam | Saturday November 22 / Noon-4pm
Join Natalie Ferrari-Morton and her locally made East Van Jams at the store. Natalie is all about “MORE LOVE, LESS SUGAR”. In honor of East Vancouver’s unique variety of characters, East Van Jam produces fun food using locally sourced and often organic ingredients. Unlike conventional jams, EAST VAN JAM is made with a 4:1 fruit to sugar ratio. That’s four cups of REAL fruit (not juice from concentrate) to only one cup of sugar. This means for every jar of jam, there is at least one cup of actual fruit. And using 95% BC grown fruit (organic as often as possible and some straight from East Van backyards) you can trust the main ingredients did not travel far. With gourmet flavour combinations using only natural inputs such as lemon juice, citrus pectin, and vitamin C, every jar is filled with goodness you can serve with a clear conscious.

The Salty Cookie Co. | Sunday November 23 / Noon-4pm | Facebook | Instagram
The Salty Cookie Company is the dream child of pastry chef Meredith Kaufman. Having been a pastry chef since 1999 and a mom since 2004, cookies have always been a part of her life. What started off as a hobby of dropping off cookies to friends and loved ones, turned into a full time venture. Thus, The Salty Cookie Company was born. Come and enjoy our favourites like the Salty Brown Sugar Cookies, Brown Butter Chocolate Chip, and Spicy Ginger Molasses cookies.

The Lemon Square | Sunday November 23 / Noon-4pm | Facebook
The Lemon Square is a small slice of paradise. Handmade and all wrapped up just for you. Not your typical Lemon Square, this one is made with fresh lemons, BC butter and dusted with coconut. It’s perfect for gifts, parties, promotions, weddings or maybe just for yourself. We’re big fans of lemon desserts, and we love The Lemon Square. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Read more

DRINKER | Coffee-Inspired Cocktails At “Lear Faye Espresso Kitchen” On The Drive

November 13, 2014 


by Shaun Layton | Lear Faye Espresso Kitchen is an awesome little cafe that opened on The Drive around the start of this past summer. Owner Dolly Reno wanted the cocktails to compliment the vibe of the space in the evenings. I recently had the pleasure of tasting every one them (that part of the job sucks) and let me tell you, it’s a killer list. Execution-wise, as they’re pretty simple drinks, the baristas can now fire off a small and focused list. The winner for me is their take on the Old Fashioned (Akvavit, coffee syrup, and lemon bitters served on a cold-brew coffee ice cube). Added bonus: they have a wicked selection of old school hip hop on vinyl, which for me makes it the best coffee shop soundtrack in town.

Lear Faye Espresso Kitchen | 2270 Commercial Drive | 604-441-7427 | Website


GOODS | Beta5 Chocolates Hosting Holiday Collection Release Party On November 15th

November 13, 2014 

Beta5 is located at 413 Industrial Avenue (purple-peach building) in Vancouver, BC | 604.669.3336 |

Beta5 is located at 413 Industrial Avenue (purple-peach building) in Vancouver, BC | 604.669.3336 |

The GOODS from Beta5

Vancouver, BC | This Saturday, we’re giving away 6pc boxes of our Signature Holiday Chocolates to our first 25 customers and we’re sampling our Holiday Chocolate Collection all day long! So join us as we say hello to winter and goodbye to complicated gift shopping. We’ve got you covered. You can take care of your list in one stop with delicious BETA5 gifts, ranging from stocking stuffers to a spectacular chocolate centrepiece, the Chocolate Terrarium (pictured above). Come by our shop from 10am-5pm on Saturday, November 15th at 413 Industrial Avenue… Read more

SEEN IN VANCOUVER #518 | Aaron Koehn & Gabriel Dubois’ Exhibitions At BAF Studio

October 31, 2014 


by Grady Mitchell | The Burrard Arts Foundation (BAF) wants to get artwork in front of as many people as possible as often as they can. To do that they run a gallery space at 108 East Broadway and also organize art programs and public projects, most recently a massive, maze-like outdoor mural at 259 Powell Street by Vancouver artist Gabriel Dubois. “As Vancouver continues to grow as a city of international prominence,” says director Christian Chan, “it’s vital that the arts and culture keeps pace.”

More of Gabriel’s precise, geometric and vividly coloured work is on display at the BAF Studio in a show entitled Deft Senf. The artist just recently returned from a year-long trek through Germany, Japan, India and the UK, so the show is a great opportunity to see how his experiences abroad have influenced his style.

The BAF Studio is also holding a show by New York artist Aaron Koehn (pictured above). It’s called Good, Better, and Aaron gave me a quick walkthrough of his pieces. Early in our tour he told me that “choice is a hard thing to define; that’s part of the title of the show.” In other words, there can be no ‘best’ because that’s a purely subjective assessment. It seems particularly apt in reference to the appreciation of art, which is a wholly subjective experience.

Rather than only two-dimensional pieces hung on a wall, much of Aaron’s show occupies real space in the room – not in a sculptural sense, but more as the collision of standard objects with art. A centrepiece of Good, Better is a series of Ikea LACK tables – one of their most ubiquitous models; some laid on their sides on the floor, others disassembled and mounted on the wall. For each one Aaron printed a macro photo of the extreme reflective surface of a buffed car, then wrapped it around the table. Viewers can piece together details of the car’s surroundings through the warped shapes reflected in its polished surface.

Reflective surfaces are a large theme of the show; Aaron took his first Mac laptop and polished it into chrome. Even his childhood baseball bat shines, despite dings and nicks from years of use. As you lean in to study them you’ll see your own hazy silhouette staring back. Aaron is interested in the question of when a copy is no longer a copy. Where exactly is the point when it becomes its own separate entity?

“Good art is that which poses questions rather than answers them,” says curator Elliat Albrecht. “Aaron’s work gestures towards ideas rather than making declarative statements. That’s so valuable for an art viewer; not telling them exactly what an object is gives them space to breathe and think.”

Aaron’s show features many forms – there’s a number of substrate prints using UV ink that explores logo manipulation, among other concepts, as well as an interactive light component and even a pair of shoes – but all are exploring the same idea. “Things can look very different but be very connected,” he says.

Good, Better is up now and runs until December 20th.


AWESOME THING WE ATE #928 | Mjadra & Fresh Saj Bread At The Drive’s New Jam Jar


We love the delicious simplicity of the menu at Jam Jar, a brand new and especially good looking “Folk Lebanese” restaurant on The Drive (read our preview of it here). We’re particularly found of their traditional take on mjadra, a cold Levantine staple pottage-puree of green lentils and brown rice that loves the warm embrace of flatbread fresh from the saj. So delicious!

2280 Commercial Drive | Vancouver, BC | 604-252-3957 | | $7.50


GOODS | East Van’s “Odd Society Spirits” Turns 1, Invites Public To Oct. 30 Festivities

October 28, 2014 

Odd Society Spirits is located at 1725 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-6745 |

Odd Society Spirits is located at 1725 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-6745 |

The GOODS from Odd Society Spirits

Vancouver, BC | Odd Society Spirits is turning 1 and you are invited to join in the festivities on Thursday, October 30 from 4pm – 10pm, at 1725 Powell Street. The Tacofino Food Truck will be warming things up curb-side while the Odd Society bar team mixes up $6 cocktails in the lounge. You are encouraged to reveal your inner oddness and get dressed-up as there is a prize for best costume. Plus, Odd Society’s resident tarot card reader will be on-site to give you insight into the future. Learn more about Odd Society after the jump… Read more

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | Beta5 Hiring For Three Positions Before The Holiday Season

October 22, 2014 

Beta5 is located at 413 Industrial Avenue (purple-peach building) in Vancouver, BC | 604.669.3336 |

Beta5 is located at 413 Industrial Avenue (purple-peach building) in Vancouver, BC | 604.669.3336 |

The GOODS from Beta5

Vancouver, BC | We are looking to bring on a Senior Pastry Cook and a Chocolatier, each with experience and a work ethic that will help them keep pace with our our hard-working team during the upcoming holiday rush. The positions are full-time and permanent. We are accepting resumes from dedicated, professionally trained pastry cooks and chocolatiers with a minimum of one year of professional industry experience, or from recent culinary school graduates who are interested in hard work and a fast-paced learning environment.

We are also looking to hire for our retail operation. We’re looking for someone is capable of sharing their excitement about food, who can recall flavour profiles and ingredients quickly, and who is experienced in fine dining, luxury retail, or hospitality. We are currently accepting resumes from candidates looking for both seasonal retail work (Nov 1 – Dec 24) and permanent full-time work. Resumes for all three positions can be sent to jess [at]

Six days a week, our customers flood to our little shop, hidden away in the false creek flats between Strathcona and Mount Pleasant. From cream puff super fans and dessert thrill seekers to the chocolate curious, we aim to provide our customers with knowledgeable, tailored customer service. BETA5 Chocolates is the city’s best kept secret for all things dessert. We have been named as one of the Top 10 Chocolate Shops in North America, and our chocolates have received numerous awards, including Gold at the International Chocolate Awards. Read more

GOODS | “Red Truck Beer Company” Cans And Bottles Now In Liquor Stores Across BC

October 21, 2014 

Red Truck Beer Co. is located at 1015 Marine Dr. in North Vancouver | 604-682-4733 |

Red Truck Beer Co. is located at 1015 Marine Dr. in North Vancouver | 604-682-4733 |

The GOODS from Red Truck Beer Company

Vancouver, BC | If you live in the Lower Mainland, you’ve seen them. The iconic Red Trucks delivering the ‘Freshest Beer on Four Wheels’ to your favourite establishments. And now they’re adding a new stop to their routes – your local liquor store. Red Truck Beer Company has recently launched its line of bottles and cans so that you can enjoy their “Hand-Built” and Award Winning Classic Lager, Ale and their new offering – IPA at home.

“This is a fantastic next step for Red Truck Beer Company,” says Red Truck General Manager, Jim Dodds. “Our Classic Lager, Ale and Limited beers have proven to be consumer favourites for years and we thought it was time to let our fans enjoy them at home too. Our two recent awards from Sip Northwest Magazine’s Best of the Northwest is a testament to our brewers.”

In its third annual issue, Sip just announced Red Truck Lager has won 1st place in the “Best Lager” category and Red Truck Ute ISA won 2nd place in the Session category. “At Sip Northwest, we like to think we are advocates of local,” said Erin James, managing editor of IP Publishing, publishers of Sip Northwest. “Through this extensive and taxing process of blind tasting, we have found varying results over the past three years that give us even more producers and people to cover and celebrate in the Northwest. It’s very eye-opening to the amazing beverages being produced in our region and we hope it serves as a shopping list for our readers.”

And those aren’t the only awards Red Truck has been garnering. Earlier this year, Red Truck Ale took “Best Pale Ale “ at the Fest of Ales in Penticton, and Red Truck ’46 Porter won a Silver Medal at the Canadian Brewing Awards. Read more

GOODS | “Odd Society Spirits” All Set To Release Special Oak-Aged Gin October 17th

October 16, 2014 

Odd Society Spirits is located at 1725 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-6745 |

Odd Society Spirits is located at 1725 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-6745 |

The GOODS from Odd Society Spirits

Vancouver, BC | Odd Society Spirits is set to launch a limited release of Wallflower Oaken Gin on Friday, October 17th. Aged in American white oak rye casks for 5 months, this specialty spirit is sure to wet any gin aficionado’s appetite. With just over 300 bottles available, Odd Society Spirits’ Oaken Gin is guaranteed to sell out quickly.

The oak softens the floral notes of its Wallflower comrade while awakening bright citrus flavours with hints of caramel and offering a subtle woody undertone. An extremely versatile gin, it is recommended to be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, with tonic or incorporated into a classic cocktail like the Negroni. Oaken Gin is available in 375ml bottles and priced at $28 at the distillery (prices will vary at private liquor stores throughout Vancouver).

In honour of the Wallflower Oaken Gin’s debut, Odd Society Spirits will be celebrating at the distillery’s cocktail lounge from 1pm – 9pm on Friday, October 17 with featured Oaken Gin cocktails, plus the Tacofino Food Truck will be joining the festivities at 5:30pm. Read more

VANCOUVERITES | Five Minutes With “Hobo Woodworks” Owners Lenny & Sam Clemens


by Grady Mitchell | ”Wood has spirit in it,” says Sam Clemens, one half of the duo behind Hobo Woodworks. Along with his brother and business partner, Lenny, Sam imbues the old spirit of reclaimed wood a new life through the finely crafted goods they build in their East Vancouver workshop.

The Hobo philosophy was largely influenced by their parents, who came up to Canada in the 60s from Southern California as part of the DIY hippy movement of that era. His mother worked as a cocktail waitress until they could afford their first hide, at which point they began their leather working business. Growing up in the Slocan Valley, the boys played with saws and hammers, and learned to live by the work of their own hands.

Before launching Hobo in 2012, Sam and Lenny built sprawling mansions for West Van millionaires. Disenchanted with that work, the brothers started their own venture, something more aligned to the values instilled in them as lifelong west coasters.

Now they use only local, responsibly and sustainably sourced materials. As a result, every Hobo piece is a beautiful hybrid of new and reclaimed wood. As word got out, people have started bringing them leftover wood (one guy even bringing a load of well-loved timber during our visit). It’s natural for people to stop by. When the workshop’s garage door slides up it becomes a storefront. The Hobo boys hope to make their workshop a community hub where friends and passersby can drop in to chat anytime, and see their process firsthand. They can also, if they ask nicely, ride the back room mini-ramp or hone their archery skills.

To learn more about Hobo Woodworks, check out their site.


OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | “La Mezcaleria” Is Currently On The Lookout For Support Staff

October 10, 2014 

La Mezcaleria is located at 1622 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-8226 |

La Mezcaleria is located at 1622 Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-8226 |

The GOODS from La Mezcaleria

Vancouver, BC | We are looking for a busser. Aside from the characteristic duties of the position, our support staffers also help with customer service, food running, customer billing, general customer interaction, and other duties that keep the restaurant operating efficiently and our customers satisfied. We are busy and popular Mexican Bar & Grill in the heart of Commercial Drive and have a great team in place. We offer industry standard salaries plus tip-outs and industry-leading discounts on restaurant products on or off-duty, as well as on-shift food and drink benefits aside from mentioned discounts. Please send your resume via e-mail to alex [at] with “support staff” in title. Read more

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