VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #236 | It Had Viewing Platform With A Spiral Slide


(via) Vancouver runs an unfortunate deficit of accessible viewing platforms (no, the mountains don’t count). While it has long offered up two revolting revolving lounge/restaurants with incredible views in all directions, the food leaves a lot to be desired and it costs an arm and a leg just to be subjected to it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take food out of the equation to build something that was free and as fun as it was high in the sky? For ideas, we could start by looking at the observation tower recently constructed in Germany by artist Carsten Höller for the design firm Vitra. Its sole purpose is to inspire its employees and comes complete with glassed-in observation deck, ladder, clock, and 100 ft. spiralling slide.


VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #233 | It Had A Huge Warren We Could All Explore


Have you ever had one of those Watership Down meets Lewis Carroll kinds of dreams when you find yourself lost in a massive underground root/warren system? No? You’re not missing much, really, because they’re actually pretty scary. It’s probably a much better experience when you’re awake, which is why we’re coveting Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira’s new installation at Sao Paulo’s Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade. Something like it would be a nice fit in one of the old warehouse in Olympic Village/False Creek.


SEEN IN VANCOUVER #487 | A Look Inside Fiona Morrison’s ‘Wolf Circus’ In Chinatown



by Grady Mitchell | Local designer Fiona Morrison specializes in jewellery that’s elegantly edgy. After receiving compliments on a favourite – a ring shaped like a wolf’s head – and realizing the confidence a detail like that could invite, designer Fiona Morrison began creating her own pieces and named the Chinatown-based company after the ring that started it all.

Fiona says her ideal customer is “bold, beautiful, brainy and badass. They’re not the perfect little princess who’s going to wear a locket and heart. They’re edgy, and they want something that speaks to that.” True to those words, Wolf Circus pieces make innovative combos of metals and minerals and ride the line between grace and aggression. She recently launched Creatures of Desire, a higher-end collection, and has begun work on a men’s line, too. You can learn more and shop for pieces at Wolf Circus’ website.


VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #228 | An Artist Made Our Cityscape Into A Sphere

February 13, 2014 


(via) Philadelphian designer James McNabb creates these beautiful “City Spheres” using scrap wood, and we think someone from Vancouver should give it a shot employing native woods and our own skyline. Bonus awesomeness: check out his City Wheel. How cool is that?!


SMOKE BREAK #1091 | Short Film On The Gap Between Our Tastes And Our Abilities

February 1, 2014 


This video is a typographic representation of noted storyteller Ira Glass’ famous quote about the gap between a creative person’s good taste and their actual skills. Whether you’re a chef, a wine maker, an architect, or a public relations executive, if you’ve had a tough day in your line of work, Glass’ quote has always made for a good, inspiring listen, and now, with this new interpretation by Daniel Sax, it also makes for a good watch. “I made it for myself and for anybody who is in doubt with his/her creative career,” Sax says. “I also think that Ira Glass’ message isn’t only limited to the creative industry. It can be applied to everyone who starts out in a new environment and is willing to improve.” Enjoy!


COOL THING WE WANT #425 | A Tiny Cabin In The Wilderness That Skirts Permit Rules


(via) This little cabin designed by Finnish escapist Robin Falck was a solution of sorts to getting around government regulations that require a building permit for residential structures over 100 square feet (the same red tape exists here). His two story cabin has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and a ton of natural light, not to mention a kickass outdoor deck. “Nido”, as the cabin is called (meaning “Bird’s Nest” in Italian), took just two weeks to build, and sits in the peace and quiet of a rural archipelago.


SEEN IN VANCOUVER #464 | Coffee Table Top Cut To The Shape Of British Columbia

September 26, 2013 

Nearly a year ago, we published some photographs of a coffee table that had been cut to the shape of the state of California (see above). We closed the piece out with these words: “The outline of BC is similar to California’s, only ours is significantly fatter, which is to say it would make for a far more stable table. What’s more, two people could dine upon it comfortably with room for share plates and bottles of wine (Haida Gwaii would make a great hook for a dangling ice bucket). To our dearest woodworking readers, we hope one among you will give it a try. Please show us when you’re done!” Earlier this month, and unbeknownst to us (until this afternoon), local photographer Dave Delnea left a comment on the post: “We thought the same, so we made our own for the office”. Take a look below. Follow up challenge: someone do the same using cedar!



COOL THING WE WANT #375: A Miniature Neighbourhood Of “Ienami” Moss Planters

February 25, 2013 

(via) Metaphys, a design firm in Japan, gives us Ienami (“row of houses”), tiny home-shaped planters for mosses and succulents. They come in four types - Alley, Plaza, Tunnel, Zig Zag – and each one is roughly the size of a toaster.


COOL THING WE WANT #374: Jens Risom’s 45 Year Old Pre-Fab Home On Brock Island

February 21, 2013 

Dwell takes a look inside and out of designer Jens Risom’s 60′s pre-fab holiday home on Brock Island, RI.


HEADS UP: Creative Community To Reveal Vancouver Intersection Posters This Week

January 28, 2013 

Each intersection has a personality that is characterized by its architecture, its environment, and the velocity of its traffic. They are markers, meeting places and transfer points; places where stories begin, end, or pass right on by. With that in mind, The Platform Gallery - in collaboration with Working Format, Lizzy Karp, Anthony Casey, and Luis Sanchez – came up with the idea to ask seven of Vancouver’s top graphic designers to create large 36″ x 54″ posters to represent a specified local intersection. These were Fraser & Kingsway, Main & Hastings, SE Marine & Knight St., Davie & Denman, Water & Carrall, 4th & Vine, and Broadway & Granville), with the design shops being 10four, Glasfurd & Walker, Post Projects, Seterah Shamdani, State Creative, Zach Bulick, and Working Format. The two posters above are just a taste. All of them will be revealed at Waterfront Station and other highly visible locations along the Canada Line route in February, with the series debuting at The Chinatown Experiment this Thursday night. See you there!

January 31 |  |  6pm – 9pm | The Chinatown Experiment (434 Columbia) | Free | DETAILS

Cool Thing We Want #344: “Enlightenment” Book Lamp From Dutch Firm Studiomeiboom

The Enlightenment Lamp | Studiomeiboom | $113 (10% to charity) | Details


Cool Thing We Want #338: Faux-Rock “Livingstone” Wool Floor Pillows By Smarin

If you’re a design wonk, it’s likely that you saw these faux-rock woolen pillows when they made the internet rounds a couple of years ago. Well, they’ve popped up again on several awesome-hunting sites this week, and chances are that your ardour for them has not yet cooled. If you’ve ever seen/felt them in the wild, you know they’re every bit as darn desirable as they look.

Virgin wool “Livingstone” floor pillows | prices/sizes vary | 8 week delivery | BUY


AWESOME THING WE DRANK #670: Late Afternoon Latte At 49th Parallel On West 4th

Tough call as to what’s better, the latte or the cool mug with new branding | 49th Parallel (2152 W 4th Ave)

Cool Thing We Want #332: Horizontal Six Jet Dream Shower Set Up From Meiré Und Meire

February 15, 2012 

We’d be pretty keen to lose a week in one of these showers by Berlin design house Meiré un Meiré.


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