CORKAGE: On Violent Pump Overs & Raiding The Cellar At Laughing Stock Vineyards…

November 21, 2011 

by Amorita Bastaja | At the start of the month I headed up to Naramata, just outside of Penticton, for a weekend visit to Laughing Stock winery. The owners, David and Cynthia Enns, greeted my husband Scott and I with wine in hand and the threat of work in the vineyards. A tour by David was perfectly timed, as a violent pump-over was taking place on the newly harvested Malbec. We leaned cautiously over the railing to look into the open-top fermenters (a face full of carbon dioxide rising is not a good idea). The Malbec hadn’t yet reached its capacity. The fermenting grape juice was being sloshed over its cap (the stalks and skins that sit on top due to rising gas) through a large tube. It bubbled and foamed, exhibiting amazing purple colour.

The frequency of a pump over is dependent on the wine-maker… Read more

Laughing Stock ’07 “Blind Trust Red” Combo Kept Under Wraps


Laughing Stock Vineyards releases their '07 Blind Trust Red and '08 Chardonnay

News From Scout Supporter Laughing Stock Vineyards

The sunshine has arrived on the Naramata Bench and so have our latest releases including:

Blind Trust Red 2007 | Just like a financial trust where executors have full discretion over the assets, our winemaker has full discretion over the wine blend so you’ll just have to trust us. HOWEVER, if you are really curious about what’s in the bottle, the assets are kept under wrap and seal (just peel back the capsule to reveal the blend). So we challenge you to blind taste the Blind Trust…without peeking. Read more

Laughing Stock Links Wine Price To TSX

February 12, 2009 

David and Cynthia Enns like to say that they wake up every morning with the goal of not living up to their winery’s name “Laughing Stock”. Things must have been running too smoothly for too long because they have decided to put their reputations on the line once again.

Their latest brave/foolish adventure is linking the price of their soon to be released Portfolio 2007 to the much-maligned TSX. If you purchase Portfolio futures at $35 per bottle (the early bird special price versus the usual $39 on release) you enter the TSX lottery.

For every 500 points the TSX drops by the time the wine is released in September 2009, Laughing Stock will give you back $1 per bottle or donate it to charity (not the banking sector) – their own little vine-ancial stimulus package.

I happened to be at the winery a couple of days ago and tasted some barrel samples of the 2007 and it is showing the usual high quality that Portfolio has come to represent. The futures go on sale Feb 17th and with this deal, there is little to lose. If the markets do continue to decline, you may well need a drink.

Ed. note: That’s Rhys and Cynthia in the photo at the 2008 Naramata Unfiltered Sommelier Bootcamp. I think they might be trying to yell at the vines or something. I remember that being a particularly inebriating day…


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Laughing Stock Vineyards

October 4, 2008 

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The People Who Make It Happen

Owners | David Enns (Winemaker) & Cynthia Enns (Vineyard Manager)

About Laughing Stock Vineyards

Located on the picturesque Naramata Bench, Laughing Stock Vineyards is a serious enterprise with a lighthearted attitude. And with a name like Laughing Stock, we wake up everyday with the motivation of not living up to our name. Thus we aim to produce the highest quality small production wines from the burgeoning Okanagan Valley. What choice do we have? Founded by David & Cynthia Enns in 2003, Laughing Stock focuses on making a few wines well, including Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Portfolio, our flagship Bordeaux blend.