GOODS: The CPBA Partners With “Onilikan” For Bartending Competition On August 13th

Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) | #900–555 Burrard | Vancouver, BC |

The GOODS from the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association

Vancouver, BC | The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association is proud to announce their partnership with “Onilikan”, the Mexico-based line of aguardientes and liqueurs, for their first international bartending competition next month. On August 7th, 2012 at 1pm, there will be a Comprehensive Onilikan seminar in Hawksworth’s York Room at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, conducted by respected local agave expert Eric Lorenz of Lorenz Agave Spirits. Scheduled topics of discussion include Onilikan’s place among other agave spirits, regional historical context, the use of locally sourced agave and mango, and a written exam to determine the competitors. The final competition (shortlisted to 12-15 competitors) takes place on the 13th at The Keefer Bar. The winner will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Mazatlán, Mexico, including round-trip airfare, four nights’ accommodations and a $50 per diem. Scheduled activities include a full tour of the Onilikan distillery in the heart of the Zona Dorada, plus the opportunity to participate in an Onilikan cocktail showcase. Details after the jump… Read more

GOODS: “CPBA” Bartenders Gather For New Spirits & No Spirits At Legacy Liquor Store

Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) | #900–555 Burrard | Vancouver, BC |

The GOODS from the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association

Vancouver, BC | The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association is proud to announce two events this coming week, both occurring simultaneously at Legacy Liquor Store in Athlete’s Village, and open to all consumers and the public. Vancouver’s barkeeps will compete in making the best mocktails using Giffard Syrups, creating inspired and incredibly creative alternatives to spirit-focused cocktails. It takes talent to create spirit-free recipes, so come by and have a peek. More after the jump… Read more

GOODS: CPBA Congratulates The Keefer’s Dani Tatarin, 2012 Bartender Of The Year

Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) | #900–555 Burrard | Vancouver, BC |

The GOODS from the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association

Vancouver, BC | The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) is both proud and excited to congratulate Danielle Tatarin, of The Keefer Bar, and also the CPBA President, on winning 2011/2012’s coveted “Bartender of the Year”, awarded annually by Vancouver Magazine. This award’s recipient marks the first female bartender recognized since the award’s inception in 2006.

With an enormous smile and her generous hospitality, Danielle welcomes guests and peers alike into an environment at The Keefer Bar, where east meets west. Natural mood enhancements, Chinese apothecary tinctures, and “feel good” remedies line the shelves, complimenting her innovative and acclaimed cocktail bar, as being one of the most unique and progressive in the Pacific Northwest. Danielle is a solid team leader and can often be seen doing pre-shift time trials with her Bartenders, not just for speed, also for ultimate accuracy and optimal cocktail balance. Leading not only her own Keefer Bar team, Danielle is leading the Canadian Bartending community towards greater connectivity and unity through tireless efforts in the Provincial expansions of the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association. Aimed at bringing together Bartenders from all across Canada to support and encourage education, improving skills, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

In 2011, Danielle won the Southern Comfort Society’s cocktail competition, as well as placing in the top two with the Appleton Rum competition. In the same year, Danielle also generated momentum with the development of the CPBA Ontario Chapter of Bartenders, while tirelessly continuing to develop our chapter here at home. With Directors and Bartender members engaged with all levels of Bartending, from Halifax to Victoria, the CPBA is certainly amongst one of her greatest achievements in 2011. Danielle has won top spots in several local Vancouver cocktail competitions, including Aha Toro and Cabo Wabo equila, as well as an international win in 2010 when she won first place in the World Giffard Iron Mixology Competition.

The Keefer Bar’s incredible success is synonymous with Danielle’s name – she is a true working Bartender and can be seen nightly in the trenches with her staff, building the business from the ground up. Everyday the Keefer bar continues to evolve, record-breaking shifts happen regularly, while the quality of her team’s product and service never suffers.

In July 2012, Danielle will be presenting a Canadian and Asian themed seminar, while co-presenting two other seminars at the famed Tales of the Cocktail Festival in New Orleans. This year marks a milestone 10th anniversary for this world-class festival. Last year showed an impressive attendance of 22,500 people and this year is said to easily top that figure. Read more

GOODS: CPBA Bartenders To Do Battle With Rum For An Opportunity To Compete In Cuba

Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) | #900–555 Burrard | Vancouver, BC |

The GOODS from the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association

Vancouver, BC | The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association is proud to present the Havana Club Rum Grand Prix Competition on March 20th, 2012. All the details you need and all the questions you might have will be answered inside this form. Submissions are due by March 13 2012, so don’t wait to enter your cocktail recipe. There are only 15 spaces available. The bartender that takes the top spot will win a trip to Havana to compete in the 9th edition of the international Havana Club Grand Prix this June, with flights, accommodation, food, beverages, and $500 CAD spending money included (a valid passport is required). Should the number of entries be in excess of 15 by the due date, the judges will narrow down the submissions in a preliminary “blind” round (without names attached). Details about the CPBA after the jump… Read more

“CPBA” (Canadian Professional Bartenders Association) Joins The Scout Community

November 17, 2011 

We’ve invited the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association to join our GOODS section as a recommended organisation that is well worth checking out. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we’ll be posting their news front and center and hosting a page for them on our curated list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for their support of Scout, and for making BC a more discerning (and tipsier) place to live!


Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA)


The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA)
#900–555 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC
Facebook | Twitter | Web:
Established: 2009


Our Committee

President: Danielle Tatarin, The Keefer Bar
Vice-President: Simon Odgen, Veneto Lounge at the Hotel Rialto, Victoria
Vice-President: Brad Stanton, Hawksworth Restaurant
Treasurer: David Wolowidnyk, West Restaurant
Secretary: Robyn Gray, the Hotel Georgia
Director: Lauren Mote, Kale & Nori Culinary Arts Inc.
Director: Jay Jones, Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver
Director: Trevor Kallies, The Donnelly Group
Director: Colin Turner, Cin-Cin Ristorante
Director: Shaun Layton, L’Abattoir
Director: Gerry Jobe, Raudz Regional Table, Kelowna
Director: Cooper Tardivel, Hawksworth Restaurant
Director: Shawn Soole, Clive’s Classic Lounge at the Chateau Victoria, Victoria

(biennial elections process by paid CPBA members)

About The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association

The Canadian Professional Bartender’s Association was formed in 2009 in order to standardize professional Bartending across Canada. Our monthly meetings and events provide our members and supporters with a forum to exchange news, techniques and innovative ideas. We involve liquor brands and other related businesses to help forge lasting connections with the bartending community, using nothing less than passion and cooperation. We are a Non-Profit organization registered in BC (S-55806); all funds received go towards events and educational programs for Bartenders across Canada.

The CPBA is an amplified voice for bartenders. Through national solidarity, our dialogue with provincial liquor licensing agencies becomes more approachable, making the products we need readily available for all bartenders. Our website aims to be a virtual hub to connect bartenders across the country, and provide an educational platform for our members. Through this network we are able to evolve as a community, and become the best ambassadors in our profession.

The CPBA was created to build bonds between Bartending professionals across our nation – working together to raise Bars and Bartending quality in every community. Further to these goals, the CPBA looks to make Canada an active country member of the IBA (International Bartenders Association). Currently, the CPBA has provincial chapters in British Columbia (est. 2009) and Ontario (est. 2011). Alberta, Nova Scotia, and Quebec chapters are in development.

About Our Memberships

Individual Membership:

The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association is a group of Bartenders formed to exchange of news, techniques and ideas between members to encourage high standards and advancement of the profession of Bartending in Canada. We are a Non-Profit organization registered in BC (S-55806) all of the funds we raise go towards events and education for Bartenders across Canada.

Our head office is BC based and we will work to form Provincial chapters. The CPBA is working to become a member of the International Bartenders Association (IBA) with the goal of giving Canada international representation in the global Bartending community. If you are a Bartender in Canada you are an eligible member.

Current Benefits

• Subscription to Imbibe Magazine
• Knowledge, Education & Career Opportunities
• News and Updates from the industry
• Yearly Competition + exclusive competitions throughout the year
• Health / Benefit Plan: Health & Dental, Travel Insurance, Critical Illness
• Apprenticeship program (in the works)
• The opportunity to guide and influence the craft of Bartending in the Canadian community


1 Year Membership: $75 ($0.21/day)
3 Year Membership: $150 ($0.14/day)

Associate Membership:

The Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) invites all interested liquor brands and other companies to join our community of industry professionals as an Associate Member. Associate Membership to the CPBA provides a direct link to the people who sell your product, the bartenders themselves. This partnership will further strengthen relationships between liquor suppliers and purchasers while connecting the people behind bars with the brands and products they pour. Associate Members are given an opportunity to co-host official CPBA events and invite Brand Ambassadors, distillers and company representatives to speak directly to the community of committed bartending professionals.

Current Benefits

• Logo placement on CPBA website, links to your brand website
• Access to the CPBA website resources
• Invitation to monthly CPBA meetings hosted by the CPBA committee and attended by CPBA members, guest speakers and fellow industry professionals
• Opportunity to invite your brand ambassadors, distillers, winemakers to speak at monthly meetings
• Opportunity to showcase products by sponsoring a vendor table at monthly meetings
• Receive monthly newsletter from the CPBA
• Opportunity to participate in the annual CPBA cocktail competition, plus several events & exclusive competitions throughout the year
• Work one-on-one with a CPBA event planner

Fees: $250 Annually per brand for CPBA BC Chapter Associate Membership.