SEEN IN VANCOUVER #422: Eastside Crows Getting Murderous Above Commercial Drive

(via) So the nightly, eastwardly flight of thousands of crows may not be news to any Vancouverite who has ever looked outside and up at dusk, but this particular murder – shot on Commercial Drive just last week – is nevertheless enough to make Alfred Hitchcock’s knees knock together. I mean, Jesus…


SMOKE BREAK #998: New Ocean Wise Vid Has An Octopus Stranded On A Skyscraper

November 7, 2012 

The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program released their newest video today to celebrate Ocean Wise month (aka November). As you can see, it features a giant octopus stuck on a the of a skyscraper in downtown Toronto. Because of course.


Wassup! Eight Years Later

October 25, 2008 

Many of you will remember the Wassup guys from the old Budweiser commercials that were in heavy TV rotation eight years ago. Here’s what they’ve been up to…

I love the disclaimer at the end that says the video is not affiliated with Anheuser Busch at the end. It just so happens that John McCain’s wife, Cindy McCain, owns over $1 million worth of stock in the company.