City’s Best Bartenders Sweep The Leg At Chinatown’s “Keefer”

by David Greig | In a dark bar in Chinatown, flecked with some of the first rays of a long overdue summer, a hush fell over the gathered masses. Breaths were held, as two pairs of eyes scanned the bottles lying before them. Years, nay decades, of experience tensed their minds and hands. All was about to be laid on the line in the cause of cash and glory. A judge rose to his feet, ticket in hand…


It was on. The Bar-ate Kid had begun. Read more

Chinese Year Of The Rabbit Soon To Get Hopping At “Wild Rice”

January 10, 2011 


Wild Rice is located at 117 West Pender in Vancouver, BC | 604-642-2882 |

News from Scout supporter Wild Rice

Vancouver, BC | One ancient Chinese axiom states that if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing at least twice. Consider New Year’s for instance. There’s the ‘mainstream’ New Year’s Eve held on December 31st – a rather sedate affair by Chinese standards (elegant champagne, a few little noisemakers, steamers and silly hats). Since the idea of celebrating New Year is essentially a good one, why not do it again? This time hold a party that lasts 15 days and includes parades, dragon and lion dances, tons of noisy firecrackers and food, lots and lots of special food. Now, that’s a celebration worthy of welcoming a new year.

Hippety hoppety into the Chinese Year of the Rabbit (4709 if you’re counting) with a special prix fixe menu at Wild Rice. Proprietor Andrew Wong and Executive Chef Todd Bright have created a four-course dinner for the auspicious price of $38.88 (numeral three meaning ‘ever-growing’ and numeral eight meaning ‘good luck’) which will be available from February 2 to 13, 2011. Don’t worry, as much as many people enjoy the taste of rabbit, you won’t find Thumper on this menu. Instead, Wild Rice will donate 10 percent of the menu’s proceeds to support the Rabbit Rescue Shelter. Read more

New Summer Menu At “Wild Rice” Pays Homage To Hawkers’ Fare…


Wild Rice is located at 117 West Pender in Vancouver, BC | 604-642-2882 |

News from Scout supporter Wild Rice

Vancouver, BC | Summer brings an abundance of fresh-from-the-farm/sea/producer ingredients bursting with flavour. It’s also a time when we naturally prefer to eat lighter fare. In recognition of this, Wild Rice’s new summer menu offers diners several different options to enjoy the season’s bounty.

“After the success of our Asian Heritage Month Platter that contained four ‘snack dishes,’ we thought that people might want to try mixing and matching a variety of flavours. In China there is a tradition of street food called dai pai dong where people wander from stall to stall trying different dishes – dumplings at one, soup at another, noodles in a different location and something sweet at a fourth. Our new summer menu reflects some of that sensibility,” says owner Andrew Wong.

Sharezies is the order of the day for summer dining. As in traditional Chinese restaurants, all dishes are designed to share and come with serving utensils and extra bowls. Food is served ‘family-style’ meaning that it comes out of the kitchen as soon as it is prepared. So if you like, you may roam the menu at will. There’s no set order to the food. It’s like eating at the Night Market but instead of physically moving from stall to stall you just meander through the menu. Read more

Calabash Set For Soft Opening This Week (NEW Photos Inside)


We toured the nearly finished Calabash this morning. They have all their permits and are ready to go this Sunday. For more the restaurant, check our Anticipated Openings page here. Break a leg, fellows. Read more

“Wild Rice” On West Pender Joins The Growing Scout Community


Wild Rice is now a proud member supporter of Scout. We will be publishing the award-winning restaurant’s news and press releases on our front page and hosting a page for them in our recommended list. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. Click ahead to read on or jump directly to their Scout page here. Read more

Calabash Now Only A Few Weeks Away From Opening In Gastown


I checked out the progress at Calabash construction site on Carrall last night and everything appeared to be coming along swimmingly. The kitchen has been tiled and they are starting to move equipment in; the floors have been installed and treated both upstairs and down; and the banquette frames and bars are taking shape. Owner Roger Collins says they’re just about 3 weeks away, give or take.

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We Take A Look Inside Calabash, Coming To Gastown This Spring


Co-owner Roger Collins inspects the ancient original elevator on the lower floor at Calabash, due this Spring.

Researching for an upcoming magazine article I popped my head in to the construction site of Calabash, an upcoming 75 seat, two level, Caribbean-themed restaurant and lounge slated for the redeveloped space at 428 Carrall St. across from the old BC Electric Building on the border of Gastown/Chinatown. Owned by former Chambar staffer Roger Collins (of Foundation Radio) and former Cassis Bistro co-owner Sam Willcocks, the already ten month old project is slated for arrival hopefully as soon as April. The main floor will see a 35 seat restaurant and kitchen cheffed by Cullin David (10+ years as the executive sous at Provence), while the downstairs will sport a 40 seat lounge. While still very much a naked shell, check out that amazing elevator and the purple glass sidewalk skylights!

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Wild Rice




117 West Pender,Vancouver, BC V6B 1S4 | MAP
T: 604-642-2882 | F: 604-642-6778
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Wild Rice is open 7 days a week (for dinner every night, lunch only on Fridays)
Sunday – Thursday: 5 p.m. to at least 11 p.m.
Friday: 11:30 a.m. to midnight
Saturday: 5 p.m. to midnight


The Team


Proprietor: Andrew Wong
Executive Chef: Todd Bright
Dining Room Manager: Kerri Clark

About Wild Rice


Wild Rice began as a simple thought from Andrew Wong. His wish was to create a socially conscious restaurant serving local cuisine with influences from his Chinese heritage.

The space is a blend of yin and yang, east and west, traditional and modern. As in traditional Chinese cuisine, the menu offers numerous dishes for sharing. Where they diverge from tradition is in the ingredients, presentation and style.

As a proud member of OceanWise, Green Table and Shark Truth, Wild Rice is committed to serving ingredients that are local, seasonal and sustainable. The wine list reflects a thoughtful selection of the best from BC and West Coast vineyards.

Yin/yang sensibilities inform every aspect of Wild Rice. Guests receive metal knives and forks (western, yang) along with bamboo chopsticks (asian, yin). The sharp geometric lines (yang) of the room and its furniture are softened by the effect of the curves (yin) in the bar and bolsters. The energy of the loft fire wall is balanced by the calming ice blue resin of the bar. Harmony prevails and guests instantly feel comfortable.