GOODS | “Cannery Brewing Co.” Breaks Ground On Brewery In Downtown Penticton

October 25, 2014 

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 |

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 |

The GOODS from Cannery Brewing Company

Penticton, BC | After 14 years in the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton, Cannery Brewing will be moving to a new location. They are building a new brewery at 198 Ellis St. in downtown Penticton. This week, in a special ceremony with dignitaries, media, suppliers, supporters and staff, they broke ground on their new brewery building.

Patt Dyck, co-owner of Cannery Brewing thanked those for attending the groundbreaking ceremony and for being part of their journey. She explained, “Today marks an important milestone for us as we celebrate the groundbreaking of our new brewery. We started this journey in 2000, brewing our first batch of beer on April Fools Day, 2001. We’ve come a long way in the last 14 years, brewing our 1,555th batch of beer this week. We have grown and expanded and as much as we love our current location in the Cannery Trade Centre, we’ve simply outgrown it. We are building a new brewery that will be larger and better suited to our needs. And we are thrilled to be moving to downtown Penticton.”

Patt assured attendees that although the physical location of the brewery will be changing, their name and their commitment to producing premium quality craft beer will remain the same. “We will still be the Cannery Brewing Company. The Cannery Trade Centre was our beginning and our roots. Our name will remain the same to reflect our history. And we’ll continue to produce great craft beer that will make us and Penticton proud.”

The new 12,000 square foot brewery is being designed by local architect Matthew Coady and built by Penticton-based Greyback Construction. Patt continued, “The existing building, previously ANJ Automotive Service, will become our tasting room and retail store. It will also be the location of our Growler filling station and a spot to buy beer merchandise like hats and shirts. Plus we’ll expand to have a more robust food menu than we can currently offer. In our new space, guests will be able to enjoy our beer alongside some great local food selections.” Read more

GOODS | New “Red Dawn Saison” Released By Penticton’s ‘Cannery Brewing Company’

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 |

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 |

The GOODS from Cannery Brewing Company

Penticton, BC | A new dawn is here. It’s a red dawn. A Red Dawn Saison! And it’s the latest limited release in the Artisan Creations series from Penticton’s Cannery Brewing.

French for “season”, Saisons were originally brewed during the cooler temperatures from autumn to early spring in order to be ready for the scorching heat of summer. Jeff Canada, who is part of the brewing team at Cannery Brewing, took the lead on the brewing of this fresh, crisp ale. “We had a great time testing out a variety of different options for the Red Dawn Saison. We wanted to create a saison that was unique in flavour, colour and finish. I think we did just that with this highly individualistic quintessential artisanal brew. Its unique red colour leads to a surprisingly dry finish. At 5.5% alc./vol. and 28 IBU’s, it’s the perfect beer to help quench a major thirst this summer.”

Inspired by pieces of art or photography, the labels for Cannery Brewing’s new Artisan Creations line-up are artistic creations that match the artistry of these beers. Jeff explained, “We looked at a lot of possible images for this label. When we saw this photo (above) from Kaarel Mikkin of, we all fell in love with it instantly! We feel the artistic nature of this image is perfectly paired with the artistic nature of this new beer.”

Cannery Brewing’s Red Dawn Saison is a single batch release that will be available at private liquor stores and restaurants throughout BC until it is gone. It is already sold out at the brewery, so don’t delay. For a list of private liquor stores carrying the Red Dawn Saison, click here. Read more

GOODS: Three Okanagan Breweries Craft A “Collabor’ale” In Honour Of New Beer Book

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 |

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 |

The GOODS from Cannery Brewing Company

Penticton, BC | Join the craft beer revolution at the Kettle Valley Station Pub in Penticton and have a beer with Joe Wiebe, author of the bestselling book, Craft Beer Revolution: The Insider’s Guide to B.C. Breweries (Douglas & McIntyre). Guests are invited to drop by on Wednesday, July 3 between 6pm to 9pm to meet Joe and check out his new book. Hooked on Books will be at the event selling copies for $19.95, which includes a pint of beer and some appetizers.

In Craft Beer Revolution, Wiebe documents the fascinating craft beer movement in B.C., profiling its history, the breweries themselves, the people behind the kegs and casks, and the colourful stories. The book is filled to the brim with recommendations for beer tasting tours around the province, lists of the best brews that B.C. has to offer, and entertaining trivia that will make beer geeks salivate.

To write this book, Joe Wiebe undertook what he called his “Craft Beer Odyssey”—a road trip around the bottom half of the province visiting as many craft beer hubs as possible. On this trip, he found that British Columbians are embracing craft beer like never before. It may, in part, be wrapped up in an ever-growing movement to consume high-quality, local products. However, there is more to craft beer than its superb ingredients. Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, writes that “craft brewing universally involves boldly flavoured beers coupled with a defiantly independent spirit.” In Craft Beer Revolution, Wiebe celebrates this independent spirit that has overwhelmingly soaked into B.C.’s brewing scene—one that is embraced by the three Okanagan breweries who have come together to create a special, exclusive, cask-conditioned beer for the event.

This revolutionary “Collabor-ale” from Oliver’s Firehall Brewery and Penticton-based Cannery Brewing and Tin Whistle Brewing is called “The 3-Brewers Plot.” Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? It is a Belgian Wit-style beer that takes on a secondary fermentation with Valencia oranges soaked in Cointreau, peppercorns and dark honey. It is finished off with Amarillo hops. This unique beer marks the first time these three Okanagan breweries have worked together on a collaboration ale. Read more

GOODS: Cannery Brewing Makes A Beer To Celebrate Local Band “Pink Mountaintops”


Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 |

The GOODS from Cannery Brewing Company

Penticton, BC | Cannery Brewing, R&B Brewing, Townsite Brewing and Old Yale Brewing have something very exciting brewing and they can’t wait to sing about it from the hilltops. These 4 BC Craft Brewers worked together with CBC Radio 3 and four awesome Canadian bands to launch Canadian Band Beer. It all started with the tweet #CDNbandbeer, from CBC Radio 3 host, Grant Lawrence. From there the hashtag trended on twitter and inspired a flood of replies from followers who submitted beer names based on the names of great Canadian musical acts. Ben Didier of CBC Music designed a set of fake labels and before long Old Yale Brewing Company’s Jeremy Sibley was recruiting members of British Columbia’s vibrant craft beer community to help make them a reality.

Let the legacy of Canadian Band Beer begin! Every Friday, from May 17th until June 7th, a new band beer will hit shelves in BC. Old Yale Brewing Company of Chilliwack, British Columbia is proud to pay homage to the legendary Vancouver punk band D.O.A. and has created the Classic Brown Ale, D.O.Ale. This beer launches first on May 17th. R&B Brewing Company out of Vancouver, British Columbia has created the You Say Barley! We Say Rye! Dark Rye IPA, after the new-wave punk band You Say Party! We Say Die! This launches on May 24th. Townsite Brewing Inc. of Powell River, British Columbia is proud to present the Belgian Pale Ale, Said the Ale. The beer is named after Vancouver indie-rock band Said the Whale. This beer launches May 31st. And finally, Cannery Brewing Company out of Penticton, British Columbia has created the Pink Mountainhops Maibock, a hoppy Maibock named after Vancouver rock ‘n’ roll band Pink Mountaintops. This final beer launches June 7th. Read more

GOODS: New Limited Release “Wildfire IPA” Launched By Penticton’s Cannery Brewing

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 |

The GOODS from Cannery Brewing Company

Penticton, BC | The Okanagan, in the interior of British Columbia, is a wonderful place, filled with beautiful lakes, forests and mountains. It’s dry and hot, making it a perfect holiday destination to soak up the sunshine and play in the lakes, rivers and channels. The dry heat in the summer, however, also means the area is at risk for forest fires.

Every summer, fire fighters and emergency service workers prepare for these fires. During one particularly tough summer with a high risk for fires, Cannery Brewing launched a Limited Release beer called Wildfire IPA as a tribute to those that work so hard to fight these fires. The demand for this unique beer continued year after year, so Cannery Brewing has continued to produce periodic Limited Release batches of this specialty beer, which is known as a dark IPA (India Pale Ale).

This year, the Wildfire IPA has evolved and is now a tribute to the firefighters and emergency service workers who bravely fight wildifires throughout out great nation each year. To further acknowledge the work of these brave men and women, Cannery Brewing has partnered with the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation ( and will provide a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer to the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Read more

WELCOME: “Cannery Brewing Company” Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

December 31, 2012 

We’ve invited Penticton’s Cannery Brewing Company to join our GOODS section as a maker of sublime brews. They are now proud members of Scout, and as such we will be posting their news in addition to hosting a page for them on our awesome, curated list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for their support, and for making BC a better place to drink.



Cannery Brewing Company

December 1, 2012 


112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. | Penticton, BC | V2A 7W5
Telephone: 250-493-2723
Web: | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



Owners: Patt and Ron Dyck
Brew Team: A passionate group of beer crazy souls.


Located amidst the breath taking scenery of Penticton, British Columbia, our micro-brewery produces individually hand-crafted fine ales and lagers of unmistakable complexity and balance.  This flavour is the result of wonderful combinations of premium quality malted grains and carefully chosen Pacific Northwest hops. Cannery Brewing is the Small Brewery with Big Flavour!

All of our beers are created with carefully selected and scrutinized ingredients.  We use the finest hops and malted barleys and only the finest yeast strains.  Our brews are all natural.  They contain no preservatives and are not pasteurized.  You get a fresh, crisp taste every time.

We brewed our first batch of beer in the Old Aylmer Fruit and Vegetable Cannery in Penticton on April Fool’s Day, 2001.  It did seem like an auspicious day for the start of a brewery that would be dedicated to enjoyment (not to mention the odd practical joke!). In the beginning, we brewed and sold beer in kegs for local restaurants, pubs and clubs.  After that came the wonderful 8.5 litre Party Pigs of beer that flew out our doors. (Our pigs do fly!)

In 2011, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and our 1000th brew! Today we sell our beers in 650ml bottles, 355ml cans, on tap, in Party Pigs and we recently launched a new Growler program. A Growler is a reusable, glass 2L bottle that can be filled at our brewery.


Over the years, we have been fortunate to receive a number of different awards at various beer festivals throughout the country. We were thrilled when we won a Gold Medal for our Squire Scotch Ale and a Silver Medal for our Naramata Nut Brown Ale as part of the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards.

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