GOODS | Campagnolo “Upstairs” On Main St. To Launch Brunch Service This Weekend

September 10, 2014 

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | ‘Upstairs’ at Campagnolo, a late night oasis for cocktail aficionados, is setting their alarm clock early in order to open on weekend mornings for brunch. Starting Saturday, September 13 brunch will be served on weekends and holidays from 10:30AM until 2:00PM.

Chef Nathan Lowey of the award-winning Campagnolo Restaurant, first expanded his menu to coincide with the opening of the bar located above Campagnolo, appropriately referred to as ‘Upstairs’, in February of 2014. Upstairs does not adhere to the strict dedication to Italian cuisine as Campagnolo but does honour the same ideology that respects British Columbia’s bounty and the culinary skill required to make the most of it all year round. “Our brunch menu offers the style of brunch I like to eat,” says Lowey. “I want quality ingredients prepared with love by professional chefs, but I don’t want to feel like I have to get dressed to the nines to enjoy it.”

Lowey’s brunch menu boasts hearty comfort foods with an emphasis on fresh baked pastries and bread, house made sausage and bacon, and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. A sampling of the many brunch dishes on offer include dangerously addictive sticky buns, fresh made brioche and honey butter, heirloom tomato salad, free range fried chicken and biscuits, baked eggs with pimento cheese and basil, house smoked wild BC salmon Benedict, blueberry flapjacks, and the infamous ‘Dirty Burger’.

The brunch beverage list created by Barman Peter Van de Reep, showcases simple yet thoughtfully created cocktails, local craft beer, fresh squeezed juices, fruit smoothies, plus cold pressed and drip 49th Parallel Ethiopia Chelelektu coffee.

The door to Upstairs is located to the right of Campagnolo’s front entrance at 1020 Main St. and will officially open for the first time during the light of day this coming Saturday. Read more

GOODS | “Campagnolo” To Celebrate Peak Season Bounty With Big Feast On August 6

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | The few weeks of harvest between late July and early August are what dreams are made of for most Vancouver chefs. There is an incredible variety of fresh local produce available inspiring an endless amount of breathtakingly beautiful and delicious dishes.

On Wednesday, August 6, Campagnolo Restaurant is partnering with Masi wine to present a Midsummer Night: a family-style feast spotlighting peak-of-the-season produce. This annual dinner celebrates the season’s freshest ingredients sourced that day from the Main Street Station Farmers Market as well as a variety of small farms and producers unique to Campagnolo. Guests will be lavished with summer produce newly picked from small artisanal farms and refreshing wines from Masi.

Guests will be seated at communal tables and will share over a dozen dishes including antipasti, pasta, primi, contorni and dolci. Guests can anticipate a plethora of summer vegetables plus fresh fish, poultry and meat dishes paired with Masi’s Mondello Delle Venezie, Rosa dei Masi and Serego Alighieri Possessioni Rosso. Details after the jump… Read more

GOODS | Barman Rob Scope Set For Guest Stint “Upstairs” At Campagnolo This Sunday

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | Peter Van de Reep will be joined by Rob Scope, bar manager of Main Street’s Cascade Room on Sunday, July 13 “Upstairs” at Campagnolo. This dynamic duo will collaborate on a variety of innovative cocktail features. Knowing Rob, there will be bourbon involved.

Rob Scope was born in Bedford, England but spent much of his childhood in sunny Bermuda. When he moved back to England in 2001, Rob found work behind the bar at his local pub and honed his skills in other bars, hotels and restaurants. He found his passion in food-based establishments and developed his skill for pairing food and drink.

He later made his home in Vancouver, British Columbia where he held bartending positions at The Reef, C Restaurant, NU Restaurant, Cassis Bistro, Campagnolo, Refuel, and Calabash. He is currently holding court as bar manager of the renowned Cascade Room. Read more

GOODS | “Campagnolo” Rejoins Main Street Farmers Market With Pasta Stall & Specials

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | It has been two weeks since the farmers and purveyors of The Main Street Station Farmers Market set up their stalls for a new season. Wednesday, June 4 marked opening day for the mid-week farmers market located at Thornton Park. The Main Street Station Farmers Market runs from 3pm until 7pm every Wednesday until October 1, and is located just steps away from Campagnolo Restaurant.

Each year, Campagnolo celebrates the return of the market with unique features, events and promotions—this year is no exception. The chefs of Campagnolo will be at the market every week picking the freshest daily ingredients to create Market Wednesday features, available for dinner service at Campagnolo Restaurant starting at 5pm.

In addition to the restaurant’s weekly Market Wednesday features, the Campagnolo market stall is open every Wednesday offering shoppers house-made dried pasta from Campagnolo and pizza spice from Campagnolo ROMA. All proceeds from the pasta and pizza spice sales directly benefit Thunderbird Elementary School’s food program. There is no set price for these products, allowing market shoppers to make a donation in exchange for a bag of pasta or packet of pizza spice.

Campagnolo is also celebrating peak season at the market with a Midsummer Night Dinner, and honouring the market’s final day with Cerelia, an Italian feast commemorating the harvest. Get all the details after the jump… Read more

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | Campagnolo Is On The Lookout For Ambitious Kitchen Staffers

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | Campagnolo Restaurants – an award-winning restaurant group – is hiring cooks from all experience levels. Campagnolo and Campagnolo ROMA restaurants are teaching kitchens, places to continue an education and have hands on experience doing the things that cooks only touch on in school. Bread baking, pastry, whole animal butchery, utilizing local and seasonal products, working all stations in the kitchen, and learning to think and act like a Chef, not just a cook, are what makes these restaurants unique. They offer competitive wages, meals and tips for monetary compensation but the real reward is knowledge. Please forward your cover letter and resume to robertbelcham [at] Read more

GOODS | “Campagnolo” Lines Up Homestyle Suppers For Every Tuesday Evening In June

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | The month of June marks the end of spring and the beginning of summer, providing just a hint of the incredible bounty still to come. Chef Nathan Lowey of Campagnolo Restaurant is determined to end the season with a sweet finish by bringing back the popular supper series: Just Like Dinner at Nonna’s. Every Tuesday night in June, Campagnolo Restaurant will serve up a hearty, classic Italian meal paired with a R&B Brewing Co. draught beer for the easy-to-swallow price of $22. Each dish is lovingly prepared with seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers and purveyors. Get the details after the jump… Read more

GOODS | Both Campagnolos To Dish Family-Style BC Spot Prawn Feasts (On A Budget)

1020 Main St | 604-484-6018 | | 1944 West 4th | 604-288-7905 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo & CAMPAGNOLO ROMA

Vancouver, BC | Vancouver diners in the know eagerly anticipate the beginning of BC Spot Prawn season every spring. These succulent, sustainable crustaceans are indigenous to local waters, and they’re only available to the city’s seafood lovers each year from early May until early July. Beginning May 13 and running until the end of Spot Prawn season, Chefs Nathan Lowey and Joachim Hayward will pay culinary homage to this sustainable delicacy.

For the first time ever, Campagnolo ROMA proudly joins Campagnolo in celebrating BC Spot Prawns by highlighting them as the delectable lead-in to a four-course Alla Famiglia feast. Dinner begins with an indulgent BC Spot Prawn boil of spot prawns with house-made sausage and seasonal vegetables. Three more family-style courses follow suit: pizzas, pastas, and then desserts for a sweet finish.

Guests can partake in this decadent feasting for the wallet-friendly price of just $49 per person (plus tax and gratuity). Both restaurants are currently taking reservations for tables of four or more from May 13 through to the end of BC Spot Prawn season. Details after the jump… Read more

AWESOME THING WE ATE #922 | A Perfect Spaghetti Pomodoro At Main’s Campagnolo


by Andrew Morrison | I was raised, so to speak, on “Spag Pomo”, the ubiquitous Neapolitan bowl of pasta with tomato sauce. My mom co-founded an Italian delicatessen that made fresh pasta for restaurants (my first job), and in my late teens (and again in my 20′s) I worked in a well known Toronto eatery where the kitchen was run by (now) celebrity chef Massimo Capra – he of the immaculate moustache. Spaghetti Pomodoro wasn’t on the menu, but Massimo would table massive hotel pans of the stuff for our staff meal, which was served alla famiglia at the end of the night. Those late suppers with the staff – one third Bengali, one third Italian, one third “mangiacake” (that’s me) – remain my favourite memories of working in the restaurant business. We’d talk shit/shop about the night’s customers, pool a percentage of our tips to buy/share bottles of wine, and refuel the hell out of our exhausted selves with this very particular pasta. It’s the most nostalgic food I know of.

There’s just something so simple and straight-forward about the satisfaction it provides. The balance of sweetness and salt underpinned by licks of spice (chili flakes); the evocative, garden-fresh fragrance of the hand-torn basil; the al dente texture of the noodles; the sharpness of the cheese…I would happily trade a whole lobe of foie gras for one perfect serving of it. And the weird thing is that – despite its seemingly simple assemblage of ingredients – it’s hard to find a good one in Vancouver. A lot of places do a version, but the ones that best approximate the bowls of my dreams are at Lupo in Yaletown and Campagnolo on Main Street.

Chef Julio Gonzalez-Perini and I used to work together many years ago (before he opened Lupo), and he was kind enough to make me Spag Pomo for my staff meals. Unfortunately, you won’t find it on the current menu at Lupo, but sometimes it’s there (if you ask nicely, maybe he’ll make a bowl for you). It’s a guarantee at Campagnolo, where it’s been one of their signature items since they opened back in 2009. Their version is as close to Capra’s (and my own) as I can find. They don’t spice the sauce, but they do provide a little side plate with lines of oregano, dried chili flakes, and parmesan to help yourself with. Use all the cheese, incorporate a pinch of the flakes, and forget the oregano, which would only upset the basil. And buon appetito!

$15 | Campagnolo | 1020 Main St. | 604-484-6018 |


DINER | Campagnolo On Main Street Gets Set To Open Its 32 Seat “Upstairs” Lounge


by Andrew Morrison | Campagnolo on Main Street is launching a new space this week and patrons won’t have to go far to find it as it’s located right above the restaurant. To gain access to the 32 seater (nicknamed “Upstairs”), there’s a separate door to the right of Campagnolo’s entrance. It’s hard to miss as it’s bright green with a piece of brown leather – emblazoned with a hobo-style symbol (the letter “c” surrounded by up/down stairs) by none other than Ken Diamond - nailed to it at head height.

So what’s the upstairs all about? During my walkthrough the other day, I thought it looked a little clubby, like the private reserve of a bunch Spitfire pilots just landed in Malta after a morning spent strafing the shores of Tunis. Everything on the walls has some sort of special significance, whether it be framed awards and glowing accolades or the detritus of enterprises that didn’t exactly work out as planned. To wit, if you look carefully, you’ll find an artwork that used to be at Fuel Restaurant (now Fable in Kitsilano) hanging on one wall, and the beautiful neon Fat Dragon sign hanging on its side over the stairs. My favourite? The old gate from Adega – the restaurant that was in the space for some 30 years before Campagnolo took it over – can be seen hanging above the bar like a Sword of Damocles, reminding everyone of the impermanence of success. So have a drink.

Co-owner Robert Belcham explained that it’s for the regulars. ”We get all kinds of people in the restaurant,” he said, “everyone from bikers and artists to lawyers and CEOs. They’ve always been on equal ground downstairs, and they’ve always supported us. So this is a place for them.” It certainly looked like it was shaping up to be a cool place to go for relaxed, bullshit-free ambiance with unfussy food and some well-made drinks without loud music, cover charge, or pretension. You sort of have to know that it’s up there to patronize it (I like that), and the stretched piece of leather on the door hardly says “welcome”. And yet everyone will be this Thursday (tomorrow) when it opens to the public.

Peter Van de Reep has come down from Campagnolo Roma to run the place (that’s him to the right of co-owner Robert Belcham pictured above), and he’s lined up a sweet-looking selection of casked cocktails and such. For food, Peter will be cutting Belcham’s own prosciutto straight from the bar, and runners will be bringing up items from a short and sweet menu that includes a redux Refuel’s infamous off-menu Dirty Burger . For the uninitiated, that’s a house-made scotch bap bun fried in butter/lard enclosing a patty made with ground, 40 day-aged beef that’s been fried in onions and topped with American cheese and secret sauce. So yeah…see you there.


GOODS | Both Campagnolos Ready To Roll In “Alla Famiglia” Style On New Year’s Eve

December 19, 2013 

1020 Main St. | 604-484-6018 | | 2297 East Hastings St. | 604-569-0456 |

1020 Main St. | 604-484-6018 | | 2297 East Hastings St. | 604-569-0456 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo & Campagnolo Roma

Vancouver, BC | Main Street’s Campagnolo and Hastings-Sunrise’s Campagnolo ROMA are both serving up family-style feasts on New Year’s Eve. Alla famiglia groups of 4 or more at Campagnolo will receive multiple dishes of antipasti, primi, pizza, secondi and dolci for $48 per person from 5pm until close. To reserve, call 604-484-6018. At ROMA, it’s a chef’s choice feast of antipasti, primi, pizza and dolci priced at $39 per person for parties of 2 or more with bookings from 5pm until close. Call 604-569-0456 to reserve. Note that a credit card number is required at the time of booking at both restaurants and that reservations are only available for the New Year’s Eve menu. Learn more about both restaurants after the jump… Read more

GOODS | “Campagnolo” On Main Street To Celebrate Its 5th Birthday With Crispy Ceci

December 3, 2013 

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | Campagnolo Restaurant turns 5 years old on Thursday, December 5. To honour the birthday, Campagnolo will be giving away free Crispy Ceci to all tables of 2 or more to complement their order. In 5 years, the Main Street restaurant has sold enough Crispy Ceci to stretch over 40km. That is enough to go around the seawall twice, line the Sun Run 4 times and to reach Crescent Beach from 1020 Main Street. Can’t make it in on Thursday? Don’t worry. You can celebrate at home with our recipe for Crispy Ceci, which you will find after the jump. From our kitchen to yours, grazie… Read more

DINER | The Top 10 Pizzerias In Vancouver #5: The Original “Campagnolo” On Main St.

December 1, 2013 


We’ve been in love with this place since before it was even open. Five years ago, it was just so incredibly exciting to have an Italian restaurant of mentionable calibre open up close to our office on the border of Strathcona (Farina is half a block closer). We were already very familiar with the operators – Tom Doughty, Robert Belcham, Tim Pittman – from their days at Fuel (later Refuel) and well before then at “C” and Nu. We had every reason to be stoked for it…

Like Farina, they make a fennel sausage pizza, but we prefer Campagnolo’s version because it’s simpler, substituting chilies for peppers and therefore not distracting texturally from the sausage. They also do a pie with fresh herbs, ricotta, castelvetrano olives, and basil that knocks our socks off. The oven is gas-fired, but you wouldn’t think it. Bonus: good rear bar area with well-made Italian cocktails and solid but short selection of wines by the glass.

1020 Main Street | Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |


GOODS | Campagnolo Celebrating Season’s Last Main St. Market With Harvest Supper

September 19, 2013 

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | The Main St. Station Farmers Market started in Campagnolo’s first year; it’s held every Wednesday throughout the summer at Thornton Park, and Campagnolo has been visiting ever since that very first day. The season end of the market is bittersweet; the bounty available is breathtaking but it means Campagnolo won’t see some of these market vendors again until next June. In honour of the final Main St. Station Farmers Market of the season, Campagnolo presents Cerelia – an Italian celebration of harvest to be held on Wednesday, October 2. Guests are invited to gather around communal tables, and break bread with old and new friends while indulging in fresh finds, sourced that day, from the Main St. Station Farmers Market and a variety of other incredible suppliers.

Produce will be harvested by local farmers which may include Sapo Bravo Organics, Stoney Paradise Farm, Glorious Organics, UBC Farms, Klippers Organic Acres, Sole Food Street Farms, Crisp Organics, Cropthorne Farm and Icecap Organics. Tickets are $59 plus Eventbrite service charge (tax and gratuity included). Beverages are an additional cost, but guests are invited to bring their own wine and the corkage fee will be waived. Details after the jump… Read more

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | “Campagnolo” On The Hunt For A Sous Chef & Reservationist


Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 |

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | Campagnolo is looking to hire an experienced Sous Chef or a hardworking, passionate cook looking to further their culinary career. At Campagnolo, we work with the finest seasonal ingredients, support local producers, butcher all of our meat in house, and make our salumi, pasta and bread from scratch. If this is an environment you can see yourself working in, please email your resume to the attention of Michael De Grazia at mdegcooks [at]

We are also hiring a reservationist. This is a unique position as you can work from home. The desired candidate is organized, personable and has experience working as a hostess, manager or other guest relations position in the hospitality industry. This is a seasonal position from September through December. You must be available to answer emails and phone messages 8 hours a day, Monday through Friday. If you think you have the chops to manage group bookings for Campagnolo Restaurants, please email your resume to the attention of Tim Pittman at info [at] Read more

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