OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: “Old Vines” Eatery At Quail’s Gate Seeking Assistant Manager

Quail's Gate is located at 3303 Boucherie Road in West Kelowna, BC | 250.769.4451 | 1.800.420.9463 | quailsgate.com

The GOODS from Quail’s Gate Winery

West Kelowna, BC | Quails’ Gate Winery is nestled in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in the southern interior of British Columbia. Our 125 acre estate winery, located on the shores of Lake Okanagan, is owned and operated by the Stewart Family, pioneering horticulturists since the turn of the 20th century. Members of our Quails’ Gate team are well respected and viewed as some of the most talented in the wine and hospitality industry. Quails’ Gate fosters a positive and supportive work environment, ensuring each team member has the tools needed to succeed.

We are seeking a full time Assistant Manager in the Old Vines’ Restaurant. This individual will assist with the direct supervision of the OVR team and ensure the restaurant is operating in a professional, customer-focused and effective manner. As a key member of the leadership team, you will be responsible to meet financial and service standard goals. In addition, you will also be responsible for daily administrative tasks and overseeing the beverage & tableware inventory program within the restaurant.

The ideal candidate will be flexible to work a combination of days, evenings and weekends, as required. In this fast-paced environment, we are looking for someone that will work well under pressure, has the ability to multi-task and takes initiative with a hands-on approach to problem solving. In addition, the ideal candidate will possess a positive ‘can do’ attitude when working with our guests and staff. Read more

Cannery Brewing Company

December 1, 2012 


112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. | Penticton, BC | V2A 7W5
Telephone: 250-493-2723
Email: info@CanneryBrewing.com
Web: www.CanneryBrewing.com | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube



Owners: Patt and Ron Dyck
Brew Team: A passionate group of beer crazy souls.


Located amidst the breath taking scenery of Penticton, British Columbia, our micro-brewery produces individually hand-crafted fine ales and lagers of unmistakable complexity and balance.  This flavour is the result of wonderful combinations of premium quality malted grains and carefully chosen Pacific Northwest hops. Cannery Brewing is the Small Brewery with Big Flavour!

All of our beers are created with carefully selected and scrutinized ingredients.  We use the finest hops and malted barleys and only the finest yeast strains.  Our brews are all natural.  They contain no preservatives and are not pasteurized.  You get a fresh, crisp taste every time.

We brewed our first batch of beer in the Old Aylmer Fruit and Vegetable Cannery in Penticton on April Fool’s Day, 2001.  It did seem like an auspicious day for the start of a brewery that would be dedicated to enjoyment (not to mention the odd practical joke!). In the beginning, we brewed and sold beer in kegs for local restaurants, pubs and clubs.  After that came the wonderful 8.5 litre Party Pigs of beer that flew out our doors. (Our pigs do fly!)

In 2011, we celebrated our 10th anniversary and our 1000th brew! Today we sell our beers in 650ml bottles, 355ml cans, on tap, in Party Pigs and we recently launched a new Growler program. A Growler is a reusable, glass 2L bottle that can be filled at our brewery.


Over the years, we have been fortunate to receive a number of different awards at various beer festivals throughout the country. We were thrilled when we won a Gold Medal for our Squire Scotch Ale and a Silver Medal for our Naramata Nut Brown Ale as part of the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards.

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VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #193: Someone Made Desk Tops Shaped Like BC

We recently came across these cool wooden desk tops by San Francisco-based furniture maker and artist Jared Rusten and they gave us an idea. They’re shaped like the state of California, which is fine enough, but we thought they’d be much better if they were modeled on the shape of British Columbia instead. The outline of BC is similar to California’s, only ours is significantly fatter, which is to say it would make for a far more stable table. What’s more, two people could dine upon it comfortably with room for share plates and bottles of wine (Haida Gwaii would make a great hook for a dangling ice bucket). To our dearest woodworking readers, we hope one among you will give it a try. Please show us when you’re done!


SMOKE BREAK #994: On Bumping Into A Grizzly Bear While On A Run In The Woods

A man having a nice relaxing run somewhere in eastern British Columbia this summer shat a brick (at 3:10) when he unexpectedly came across a grizzly bear. He captions his video thusly:

This creature was in fact so social that it came over to greet me. I was not very impressed with its assertive display at hello and left quickly.

Yeah you did.


RIP James “Jamer” Lindsay, Who Had About Him All The Airs And Manners Of A Man…

by Andrew Morrison | With last night went James Lindsay, aka Jamer; one of the greatest, most naturally gifted skateboarders and artists of his generation in British Columbia.

We first met while at a summer party on Willows Beach at some point in the mid-80′s. We were both 13 or 14 years old and part of a crew of about 10 to 15 kids who were more interested in skateboarding than anything else. Jamer was the wildest among us, and the most talented by far. I can still vividly remember his skateboard being an absolute piece of chipped up, water-logged shit (he was nicknamed “Jamer” because the graphic on the bottom of it said “Jammer”), but of course it didn’t matter. He could have been riding a donkey and his style still would have eclipsed ours. He was one of a kind in that respect. Read more

The View From Your Window #113

December 12, 2011 

Reader “L.A.” | Willow’s Beach | Victoria, BC | 4:30pm | SHARE YOUR VIEW

We love posting the photographs that reveal the views from our reader’s windows. Whether it’s a back alley in the fall or a sandy beach in high summer, we’re always stoked to see what you see from home, work or while on the road. Some of our all-time favourite reader submissions below… Read more

The “Best Of The Bench” Dinner At Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa


Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa is located at 3625 First St in Naramata, BC | 1.866.617.1188 | naramatainn.com

News from Scout supporter Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa

Naramata, BC | As the sun beats down longer and the ground warms, so does our desire to showcase all we can accomplish here on the bench. Get out of the ordinary for a spell and join us for our tenth annual Best of the Bench multi-course dinner this Friday, April 30th. Executive Chef Thomas Render and Wine Bar Manager Quentin Kayne have created a memorable meal paired with select wines from the 2010 Naramata Bench Winery Association’s spring release. Read more

Field Trip: On The Two Best Meals To Be Served This Summer

It’s taken us a couple of days to decompress and find the time to make sense of all the stills and clips taken while attending the two outdoor Outstanding In The Field dinners (previewed in last week’s Westender). There is something to be said for great food, great wine, and great people all tabled in devotion to great atmosphere, especially here in BC during the Awesome season. I hope some of that saying gets said in the video above and Michelle’s photo gallery below…



Scout Field Trip #268: Sidney

December 18, 2008 

We didn’t pick the best weekend, weather-wise, to do our husband and wife disappearing trick, but Michelle and I nevertheless had a splendid time holed up in the new Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa. It’s a sweet spot, jutting out over the water like an ocean liner at port, and being just a quick ferry ride away across the Georgia Strait, it’s wholly accessible without feeling too close.


As I posted “live” a few days ago, we missed the ferry by less than a minute, so after landing at Swartz Bay we had to drive into Victoria and drop the kids off at my mother’s and then turn around and race back up the Pat Bay Highway to check in and make our spa appointments on time.

After an hour long deep tissue massage with hot stones (which I’d never experienced before – awesome) and Michelle’s facial in the spa, followed by some chill out time in their “spa sanctuary”, we did a quick change and slipped into Haro’s, the hotel’s restaurant cheffed by Ray Elrick. It’s a very cleanly laid out space, with modern furnishings and floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the ocean. Elrick (ex-Oak Bay Marina, Abigail’s Hotel), who sources much of his ingredients close to home and is fully Oceanwise compliant, laid out a nice spread of butternut squash risotto, decal steak, scallops with salsa verde, and vegetable tempura, and we drank local Phillips beers and a bottle of 2004 Sandhill Petit Verdot from their Small Lots program. Great food and drink, and a happy development for Sidney, which has always been something of a culinary desert.

The next day the weather had taken a turn for the apocalyptic. After a DIY breakfast in our room (Umbria coffee, bacon, sausages, and pancakes) and a tour of the kitchen courtesy of Elrick (who seemed a very solid, locally-minded guy), we took to the road and traveled 15 minutes south to Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse (the winds were so strong that it felt as if our Westfalia – not a very aerodynamic vehicle – would tip over on the highway). The Ciderhouse was a very cool retreat. We sampled four different ciders, from the clean, crisp, and dry to the hot and buttered, together with a plate of cheeses, breads, charcuterie, and smoked salmon. It was a wonderful little getaway, and we had it all to ourselves.

Back in Sidney we stayed close to home, touring several bookstores (the best place to shop for books in BC) and shopping in the hotel’s eclectic gallery featuring the work of what seemed like dozens of local artists (I bought Michelle a silver salmon ring by Chris Paul). Mineral world is right next door to the hotel, so I got my paleo-wonk on and had a jolly time with Cambrian crinoids, ammonites, and various bits of dinosaur coprolite (fossilised poop). We stayed in that night as the weather had become particularly forbidding. The hotel has a pretty extensive DVD collection and big flat-screen TVs in the rooms (side-loading), so we curled up and watched Sideways, Gosford Park, the waves wind-whipped over the pier, and the first flakes of snow fall.

The next morning saw us not a little concerned about the roads. Westy just got new tires, but she’s still a bit of a disaster in snowy and icy conditions. Still, the heater works (thank God), and we had to pick up our kids from grandma’s and then catch the ferry home. So, after a breakfast with a brace of locals in the hotel’s Georgia Café & Deli (first pain au chocolat in years), we started slowly down the highway. There were plenty of cars skidding all over the place, and we saw many that had spun off into ditches. Thankfully, we arrived in my old James Bay neighbourhood and my mother’s house without incident, and were glad to be reunited with our kids.

It was a very relaxing weekend with plenty of sleeping in and lounging. I like the idea of being able to escape the city for a weekend away without having to drive too much or fly. The ferry, in this sense, becomes more like a cheap cruise, and because the Sidney Pier Hotel & Spa is just a few minutes from the dock, it shaves the tedium of the full trip into Victoria. And you know what else? Sidney is a cool little town. When I was growing up in Victoria we used to make fun of it as the Land of the Newly Dead and the Nearly Dead (no Newly Weds), but it appears to have evolved into quite a little cultural zone with a pedestrian friendly drag playing host to lots of interesting shops and, as is well known, plenty of well-stocked bookstores.

We’ll be back for sure.

Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa



ZNaramata Heritage Inn

3625 First Street, Box 130 | Naramata, BC, V0H 1N0 | MAP
Telepehone: 1.866.617.1188 | Fax: 250.496.5001
Email: innkeeper@naramatainn.com
Website: www.naramatainn.com


About The Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa

The luxuriously appointed Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa offers the essential elements to nurture you – mind, body and spirit.  Built in 1908, this mission revival 12 room Inn has everything for the discerning traveler.  Sample from the largest selection of Okanagan wines paired with casual savories in the Cobblestone Wine Bar.  Succumb to true relaxation by the professional staff in the AVEDA Concept Heirloom Spa.  Grind out some stress with our complimentary mountain bikes on the Kettle Valley Trail, tour one of many Naramata Bench wineries or just sit back and relax on a nearby beach.  Experience the ambiance today.  Call 1-866-617-1188 or visit us online at www.naramatainn.com.



Nestled in the midst of Okanagan wine country, 19 km north of Penticton, BC, lies the luxurious Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa. Originally built in 1908, the once “Hotel” has been lovingly restored to provide guests an exceptional experience during their visit. After three years of extensive restoration, the Inn opened in Summer 2001.

Extreme effort was taken to preserve as much of the original architecture and furnishings as possible. Guests will enjoy superb service and modern day luxury in an elegant atmosphere of days gone by.

The well appointed 12 room Inn hosts the Rock Oven Dining Room for fine dining, the Cobblestone Wine Bar, the areas only Wine Bar, and the Heirloom Spa, a full service Aveda Concept Spa.