DINER: New “La Taqueria” Held Hostage On Commercial By Missing Electrical Upgrade

You may have already heard that the La Taqueria crew are opening another location. This time around we can expect an old school Mexican diner and Oaxacan-style Mezcaleria featuring everything from tostadas and enchilidas to cold beer and hard-to-find find Mezcals (consulting chef Tina Fineza is doing the menu). It’s going into the old Wazubees location on The Drive, a lovely old spot with garage frontage, high ceilings, and lots of natural light (much of which is provided by a huge skylight). It’s been near completion for a while now, and by that I mean the kitchen is installed, the floor has been laid with imported gorgeous Guadalajara green tiles and the 55 seats (including 35 at the lengthy bar) are ready for their first bums. “Once we get the electricity we need,” co-owner Marcelo Romero says with a shrug, “we should be ready in 15 days.”

And therein lies the trouble. The space has insufficient electricity, and they’ve been waiting to have it upgraded for nearly nine months. Romero claims – with no small amount of frustration in his voice – that his phone calls to City Hall and BC Hydro aren’t being returned. “The Mayor, he loves our tacos. Maybe I have to go knock on his door? I don’t know.” As it stands today (when these pictures were taken), Romero and his partners don’t even have a clue as to when they’ll get their electrical insufficiency sorted, and while they’re grateful that they have an understanding landlord (they aren’t paying full rent at the moment), the cost is nevertheless crippling since there’s absolutely no revenue coming in.

So if any one of our readers has the ear of the right person at City Hall and/or BC Hydro, we kindly ask they they do every food lover on The Drive a solid by asking him/her to follow up for Romero et al. For reference, the would-be restaurant’s address is 1622 Commercial Drive, and the company is called La Taqueria. These guys are keen to get cooking (dinner only, until 1am), but since they can’t even flip a switch yet, opening day remains a total mystery.


Over 100 Local Restaurants To Play Host To BC Hydro’s Candlelight Conservation Dinner

October 17, 2011 

For the third year in a row, BC Hydro is getting set to present its most delicious initiative, the Candlelight Conservation Dinner. The province-wide supper falls on October 27th, when 100 restaurants from across British Columbia will be eschewing their regular dining room lights in favour of old fashioned candles. It’s a pretty cool idea, not only showing those hosting the suppers that ambiance thrives without electricity, but also reminding those doing the supping that they can achieve the same magical atmospherics at home.


This year, each participating restaurant is sweetening the pot in one way or another, offering discounted prices, free parking for hybrids, ghost stories (at Victoria’s Penny Farthing Pub!), free appetisers or desserts, two-for-one deals and more. I’ve made my list of local targets, and know that at The Observatory and Bacchus the desserts are free; at Fraiche it’s a complimentary canape and sparkling wine; at The Reef it’s an appetiser at no charge; and at Wild Rice and Sanafir – both of which will likely be more beautiful than they already are with candlelight – it’s a full 15% off. The only trouble is the choosing. There are, as mentioned, over 100 restaurants that are playing along, so no matter where you live in this province, you probably have an attractive option (even in little Lund, where The Boardwalk is doing a three courser that includes an appetiser, poached halibut with blackberry cordial and a dessert for only $29). Check out the full list here.