Cocktails In The Kitchen At Kelowna’s Raudz Regional Table

RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

News from Scout supporter RauDZ Regional Table

Kelowna, BC | Muddlers, infused spirits and blenders replace textbooks, calculators and #2 pencils in a cocktail classroom launching January 16th at RauDZ© Regional Table. Led by award winning mixologist Liquid Chef Gerry Jobe these “Liquid Sundays” have taken the traditional concept of a cooking class and the non-traditional curriculum of cocktails to develop an eight week program.

No prerequisites required other than an interest in the cocktail culture and to have some serious fun! Liquid Sundays begin January 16 with a look at the “field to glass” philosophy of the restaurant and the use of locally farmed ingredients in cocktails. Throughout the term subjects covered also include Whiskeys & Bourbons and the appreciation of raw spirits, a look into Artisan Beers and a creative session called The X-Factor with Matt Majid, who is currently third in the world for flair bartending where he’ll demonstrate some trade secrets to entertain your guests. In a kitschy kind of mood? Try out Tiki Night where class will be in session with Okanagan interpretations of the classic beach & boat drinks! Read more

Chef Rod Butters Of “Raudz” On Preserving Okanagan Flavours

November 24, 2010 


RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

News from Scout supporter RauDZ Regional Table

Kelowna, BC | BC Restaurant Hall of Fame chef Rod Butters of Kelowna’s RauDZ Regional Table has released his 2010 edition of rjb preserves and canning. He has created over a dozen products this season. Each jar and bottle features local produce canned and preserved at its peak freshness. Taking traditional ketchup and giving it an Okanagan twist, rjb’s “Blackberry Ketchup” is made with organic blackberries & tomatoes and is delicious on fries and sandwiches, “Drunken Cherries” showcase the valley’s cherry harvest with the added flavour of Sandhill Merlot. New this season is rjb’s line of salts and seasonings. Terrace Mountain Morel Salt to sprinkle on steaks, pork chops & lamb, or Peach & Cinnamon Sugar made from dried organic Okanagan peaches, cinnamon and raw sugar to create a unique cinnamon toast or sprinkled in your tea. Read more

Bar Crew At Kelowna’s “Raudz” Flush With Fresh Accolades…

September 25, 2010 

RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

News from Scout supporter RauDZ Regional Table

Kelowna, BC | Since opening in spring 2009, Raudz has earned a reputation for not only their seasonal local menu but also for their fresh fruit cocktails & extensive BC-based wine list. Recently, two members of the bar team, known as Liquid Chefs, have been nationally and internationally recognized for their skills.

RauDZ Bar Manager, Gerry Jobe is traveling to Jamaica next month to represent Canada in the Appleton Estate Bartender Challenge. Jobe was one of three Canadian finalists who traveled to Toronto for the big national “mix-off” and emerged the winner with his Spiced Cherry Hemingway. He’ll now take his expertise & his Canadian flag to Jamaica to compete against mixologists from around the globe for the Appleton Estate Jamaican Rum International Bartender Showcase. The good news is that we don’t need to travel to Jamaica to taste test the winner; you can sample his creative cocktail at RauDZ anytime. Read more

Kelowna’s RauDZ Regional Table Celebrates Asparagus Season…

    RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

News from Scout supporter RauDZ Regional Table

Kelowna, BC | Spring and asparagus are an inseparable pair and it appears a cause for real celebration. If you Google ‘asparagus recipes’, a whopping 3,230,000 recipes are at your fingertips. Poems are written about it, grown men dress up in asparagus costumes to signal the season and there is even a Kick “ass”pargus fun/run held in Michigan. Asparagus is celebrated around the world with festivals in Qatar, South Africa, California, Germany and now Chef Butters at RauDZ Regional Table in Kelowna is honouring this inspirational sign of spring with an Asparagus Celebration of his own. Read more

Chef Butters of RauDZ Regional Table Launches New Food Line

December 21, 2009 

    RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

RauDZ Regional Table is located at 1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | 250-868-8805 |

News from Scout supporter RauDZ Regional Table

Kelowna, BC | Award winning chef Rod Butters of Kelowna’s RauDZ Regional Table, has recently launched
his rjb line of preserves and canning. This BC Restaurant Hall of Fame chef with a love for the plentiful fresh and local ingredients of the Okanagan has recently completed his first food line of products to be sold exclusively through the restaurant. Read more

Kelowna’s RauDZ Regional Table Joins The Scout Community…

November 9, 2009 


Chef Rod Butters and his team at Kelowna’s RauDZ Regional Table are now proud member supporters of Scout. We will be publishing their news and press releases on our front page as we receive them and hosting an individual page for them in our list of recommended restaurants. Click ahead to be introduced or jump to their Scout page here. Read more

Obama Inspires Change At Kelowna Restaurant

This may well be the oddest restaurant press release that has ever crossed our Okanagan desk. It is well written yet totally bizarre, and easily breaks through “the clutter” like a hot knife through foie gras.

Chef Rod Butters, the opening chef de cuisine at The Wick in Tofino and long the co-proprietor of Kelowna’s Fresco, is rebranding and renovating his restaurant together with partner Audrey Surrao, saying the new concept was inspired by Barack Obama’s ascendancy to the American throne.

But they’re calling it RauDZ.

This is a play – I’m guessing – on the letters of their first names (RoD, auDREY, and “Rod’s”), so the Obama thing I just don’t get. Are they trying to trick Obama-crazed journalists to cover the change, or were they actually so sincerely moved by his election that they decided to limit his message to a press release?

Oops, I just used the word “change”. Damn. It’s totally working. Must. Eat. At. RauDZ.

I make no judgments, as I was inspired as well (to take the day off and drink beer in celebration of his predecessor’s exit). I will, however, say this to the editors, journalists, and bloggers who might be reading this tonight: I will put a penny toward a special pony for you if you can include the word “Obamanagan” in your headline.

Wait, that might be a good name for the restaurant instead of RauDZ. Bring on the extra change! Because RauDZ sort of sounds like something the visiting Albertans would want to put “Hot” in front of, and obtusely naming a restaurant after yourselves is a little 80′s (more Mr. Mikes and Mr. Sub than Daniel, Hawksworth, or Jean-Georges). Maybe retro is still that cool. Who knows if this is change we can believe in?

Either way, Obamanagan is my gift to you.

Click the ad above to enlarge and then read the release below in full:

Inspired by the inauguration speech of President Obama, Chef Rod Butters and Audrey Surrao have embraced the call to action from the Commander in Chief and said “Change…Yes We Can”. Rod and Audrey are changing their own professional world by closing their four-diamond, award winning Fresco Restaurant. But like the rebirth of the United States with Obama taking office, they too have a rebirth in their future with the opening of an exciting new upscale casual restaurant, RauDZ Regional Table.

Just as Rod and Audrey have blended their talents in the successful Fresco venture, RauDZ, a creative amalgamation of the letters in their names, is their latest brainchild. The restaurant will be the perfect place to get together after work for drinks & appetizers or before an evening out in Kelowna for a custom created seasonal fruit martini. There will be local beers on tap, and the regionally focused wine list will enhance Chef Butter’s seasonally inspired, comfort food. The restaurant will continue to focus on fresh, local ingredients, all delivered with the knowledgeable service and attention to detail that everyone has come to expect from the dynamic duo of Butters & Surrao.

Over the next few weeks, the elegant interior of Fresco will be turned upside down & inside out, morphing into a warm and inviting space filled with cozy banquettes and booths. A new eating bar, flat screen televisions and a large chalkboard with favorite quotes from stars of politics, sports and film will lend fun & playfulness.

Butters & Surrao are delighted to make this dramatic transformation while Fresco is at the top of its game. 2008, a year of stellar achievement for this dynamic team of restaurateurs, has included awards from EatBC! (Restaurant of the Year), Vancouver Magazine (Gold – Okanagan), and the Four Diamond Award 2009. On the heels of that success, Rod and Audrey will embrace their next adventure and, like Obama, say “Change…Yes we can” RauDZ Regional Table is the realization of their personal dream to have a contemporary restaurant filled with friends & neighbors enjoying fresh local dishes served in a comfortable, relaxed space.

In the words of food and arts critic Jurgen Gothe, “Butters is the consummate Canadian-born, Canadian-trained, Canadian chef, the kind that will… create what we’ll come to call Canadian cuisine.” And Rod is doing just that, one restaurant at a time.

Yes You Can.


Andrew Morrison is a west coast boy who studied history and classics at the Universities of Cape Town and Toronto after an adolescence spent riding skateboards and working in restaurants. He is the editor of Scout Magazine, the weekly food and restaurant columnist for the Westender newspaper, a contributor to Vancouver and Western Living magazines, and a proud board member of the Chef’s Table Society of BC. He lives and works by the beach in Vancouver.


RauDZ Regional Table


1560 Water Street, Kelowna, BC | MAP
Telephone: 250-868-8805
Twitter: @raudz and
Facebook: raudzregionaltable
‘Home Plate’ Podcasts available on itunes
Open seven days a week from 5:00pm – close
Reservations accepted for parties of 8 or larger.



Chef/Owner:  Rod Butters,  WCC
Owner/WSET Certified:  Audrey Surrao
Chef de Cuisine:  James Hanna



Our philosophy is simple…support local, buy local, eat and drink local.  We are committed to our community, our suppliers, our environment and to you, our friends and neighbours.

BC Restaurant Hall of Fame inductee Chef Rod Butters’ menu focuses on fresh, local, seasonal and organic produce with an amazing 80% regionally based.  He feels so strongly that the producers are a major ingredient in the success of his menu, framed photographic portraits of the suppliers and their colourful produce are featured around the entire restaurant.  Guests can literally feel a connection to the food on their plate with this artwork.

The focal point of the restaurant is a beautiful 21-foot table in 120 year old reclaimed Midnight Pine. This table was custom made by local woodworker, Will Brundula, and features no nails or screws but uses a mortise, dowel and tenon construction.  The table sits on a trestle base reminiscent of the Kettle Valley Railway trestles. Comfortable banquettes and booths surround the entire space that features the brick from the original 106 year old heritage building,

RauDZ Liquid Chefs host guests at the expansive 28-foot, 15 seat fir bar where you can create your own fruit martini from fresh fruit purees made in house, enjoy a locally crafted beer or a glass of award winning Okanagan wine.

In the words of food and arts critic Jurgen Gothe, “Butters is the consummate Canadian-born, Canadian trained, Canadian chef, the kind that eventually….create what we’ll come to call Canadian cusine.”



Chef Rod Butters – BC Restaurant Hall of Fame Inductee

Chef Rod Butters – Okanagan Life Rainmaker 2008/2009

“I liked it so much I wished I could stay longer for a second visit to try more dishes.”  Mia Stainsby, Vancouver Sun

“It’s a commitment to local organic ingredients that make RauDZ Regional Table the unique and flavourful dining experience it is.” Wine Trails

“The table is so much more than just a cool Euro-style share table—it stands for community and that is what Rod and Audrey are all about. Huge supporters of the eat local movement; they even have beautifully framed photographs of their suppliers dotting the walls in tribute—love that. Nice to look up and see the smiling familiar faces of these suppliers knowing that the food I am eating is also supporting their businesses—this is community.”  Kelowna Capital News